Wake up to a more vibrant life ...

... a more holistic, integrative, functional way of healing, health and living well

Become aware

Become aware

Be bold and radical

Be bold and radical

Be informed

Be informed

Be blessed and happy

Be blessed and happy

Become aware 


Wake up! And face life right in the eyes!

Take stock of your health, your life

Take responsibility

Commit to change where needed

Be your own best teacher

Free Resources to help you


Be bold & radical


Realise when the status quo no longer serves you

Remove what doesn't work

Think big, dream big - be bold

Let go ways of thinking, being, and doing that no longer serve you

Embrace new ways - be radical, be bold


Be informed


Be open - to receiving ….







Be open - to giving ….

Share with others

Advocate for others  

Be blessed & happy


Wellness comes when body, mind, emotions, and spirit are aligned, are at peace

Be your own Divine Healer



Wellness comes when we serve others

Focus on wellness - not illness


This site will close in the Autumn  of 2021

Thank you to the many of you who have visited, often several times; I hope you found here something of value.

And thank you to those who have written to me.

My apologies to those who did not receive a reply.


Begins with you - your awareness, your openness, your desire to be well.

How is your life?
How is your life?

How is your life right now?

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Ignite your flame
Ignite your flame
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Be radical and bold
Be radical and bold
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How is your life right now?
Be open to the new
         Be radical
Be Well   Be Happy
          Be Love

Is it time to be well?


   ... to think differently about health and well-being

   ... to take back ownership of and responsibility for           your health care

   ... to be your own Divine Healer.

Dr Lissa Rankin MD

Be aware of your life as it is right now; mostly it is the result of all the decisions and attitudes you have ever made and held till now.


If your health, finances, relationships, work, your spirituality – any aspect of life, is not as you would wish, then quit just accepting it, putting up with it, making do, grizzling about it; DO something about it. 


If your world is not as you would wish, commit to making your contributions to grow a better one.


You don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. 

In this moment, you are creating your future. If you are thinking, “This is rubbish,” then you will create more rubbish. Nothing changes till you change; it all begins with a change of attitude and belief, then with genuine desire,  plus commitment, passion, and action.


And, before you say you can’t,        YOU CAN                 You can begin to build a positive future NOW by the power of your own thoughts, intentions, attitudes and actions.  You can live a better future NOW by standing in this future NOW and seeing your new life, the new world, the new paradigms , unfolding towards you.

Or go for gold, and focus on wholeness, on you as

healthy whole and complete.


Thus you co-create the positive world we all long for in our heart, regardless of the deck of cards you feel you have been dealt. Don't just polish over the old cards. Throw out the old pack, go get a new pack.


Whatever your current situation,  YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES!


                   Step by step,  bit by bit, thought by thought.

How is your life right now?
Health, relationships, work, finances, leisure, faith, meaning?

The Radical Healer


The RH process

Be aware Be conscious.

Be mindful. Meditate. Listen to

your body. Read its signs and symptoms.


Be Bold Be prepared to take bold action in the pursuit of your health. If you always do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always had.


Be Radical View illness, disease, and health differently - if your way isn't working, try something new. Be a voice for change.

Be Informed Do your research. Empower yourself. Be a knowledgeable patient. Use this site's free resources.

Be Blessed and Happy Practise gratitude. Be a blessing to others.  Share.  Advocate for change.  Be your own Divine Healer.


The conventional health paradigm and the need for change in philosophy and systems


The emerging paradigm - integrative, functional, holistic medicine approach


The T-Factor The Radical Healing Plan

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Metaphysical Health and Healing

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Keys for healthy living


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ALISS  A Local Information System for Scotland

Connecting Communities

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In no way are any pages on this website intended to replace the need for, or any advice you may receive from a medical professional. They exist for the purpose of informing, educating, and inspiring on matters health, healing, well-being and spirituality.

The website seeks to help you become more aware, widen your perspective, deepen your understanding, and to support you in having more informed and empowered discussions with medical staff.

Through this website you may realise the limits to the help offered from conventional / orthodox medicine, such as through the NHS, and when it is time, difficult though it can sometimes be, to explore sources which offer a more integrative, functional, complementary, natural medicine approach.

One system is not advocated over another; what is encouraged is to make the best use of all that is available, even if at times that still means you may have to pay privately.

The website does not offer personal diagnosis or prescription and is unable to address anyone's personal situation. Please always consult with your own health professionals before acting on any information contained herein. But bear in mind, your national health care medical practitioner  may not be trained in, versed in, or even interested in many of the topics raised here concerning a holistic, functional, integrative, nutritional, spiritual approach to medicine and health.

Reserve the right to inform yourself and make your own conclusions.