Is it Time for a New Beginning?

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

Albert Einstein

This is a call for you – you know who you are – to step up and cease being the bystander of

your life, an onlooker, an observer, and become more active in taking responsibility for it.

We have become accustomed, in the nanny state, to having things done for us, to passing

responsibility to others, to blaming others when things don’t go right for us.

But it is YOUR life and it requires YOU to be in the driver’s seat, on the conductor’s

podium, at the helm, in the saddle.

It is YOUR life and if it isn’t working the way you want – in any aspect – health, relationships,

finances, employment, leisure, whatever – it is down to YOU to make the changes necessary.

Life’s ship sets sail in a new direction when you plot a new course.

You can’t reach the shores of a new land ...

until you  leave the shores of the present one behind.

It’s said that if you are someone with a real passion for sea-faring and being a

team leader, and can handle any challenges that are thrown at you, then you

could succeed as a ship’s captain. The role involves being in charge of all the

activities related to a vessel and responsible for all of its crew members and the

passengers’ wellbeing at all times.

Well that could be the metaphor for our own personal journey. Your crew

members all the cells and organs and systems within your mind-body-spirit


Do you have a passion for journeying through your life and leading it

where you desire (rather than just reacting and responding to daily things

that happen and ending up where you never wished?)

How do you handle the challenges along life’s way? Are you in charge of all

your thinking and processes involved in your own vessel, your body, and

responsible for the well-being of all your bodily parts, your cells and neural

pathways, at all times. Or do you only think of such things when you become ill?

Many complain it is all too much, that life is hard, that they just “can’t!”  Or they are too lazy. Today’s social standard is one of mediocrity. The status quo rarely challenges our individual creative powers.


So, whatever brought you to this website, could this be your call to create a brand new world for yourself, one that meets your deepest needs. By accepting the call, the challenge, you will help raise the quality of consciousness of the entire world.

Ultimately it is our life and how it pans out is mainly down to the choices and decisions we make.

So maybe it’s time to let go the lament, time to stop with the "would have done this if only", "could have done that but" "I'll begin this week" and never do or [enter the excuse] or "should have done that" but (enter excuse.) Ditch with the mantras of comparison, that “they” have it better than you. Quit with projecting responsibility on to others in statements like “But what would the neighbour’s say?” It doesn’t matter a jot what they think. It is YOUR life. It is what YOU think that matters, the stories you tell.

Is it time to take back the reins?

Did you know that when you're brave enough to turn away from the Gremlins in your mind, that nagging voice of doubt and negativity (we call it here the lower self voice, or the voice of the ego personality)  and listen to your Higher Mind instead, you calm down the scaredy-cat amygdala (the bit in your brain that  performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions) then your nervous system relaxes, the chronic "fight-or-flight" stress responses in your body turn off, and the relaxation response flips on. And life gets easier to navigate. Less ego-mind thinking, more listening to your Higher Mind.

When you get that nagging ego voice calmed down (you can’t do surgery and remove it!) then the body knows how to heal itself. Your body is creatively and divinely equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms; it is working 24/7 to keep you in balance but it is YOU with your ego thinking, nagging and criticising, and doing, that gets in the way. Your body is constantly trying to repair broken proteins, fight cancer cells, prevent aging, calm inflammation and resist infection. But when you are regularly in negative mode, or engaging in unhealthy lifestyles, eating toxic processed foods or copious amounts of alcohol, or your  Gremlin is in charge and your nervous system stressed, then the body’s self-repair mechanisms find it hard to work in your best interests.  

Help your body keep you healthy

This website is about helping you be aware of your thinking and behaving, about when your thinking and behaving on health and other aspects of life need redefining and through that redefining can allow the body to heal.

And that means listening, listening to your body, listening to your divine Higher Wisdom and heeding it. It means facing feedback from the Universe when it says, “This way is closed” “This way is open.”

Listen to your body when it says – I need no alcohol, I want clean, fresh food tonight, I'm not hungry, I need clean water, I need you to address emotional issues, and so on

When your body says, “I’m full” stop eating.

When you see food and you feel slightly “revolted” – then your body is giving a message. Stop eating.

If your body is saying, “You should go see a doctor” then heed its advice instead of arguing, “It’ll be alright” or “the doctor is busy.” Don’t blame the doctor.

Quit with the, “these things just happen.” No they don’t. Something way back when, in your experience, your thinking, your belief making, or your attitude, will have triggered some imbalance in your life.

Quit with succumbing to peer pressure. Just because your friend wants a slap up meal does not mean you can't sit there and have something small, fresh, and nutritious.

Don’t hand over responsibility for your health to professionals – until you, yourself, have really thought about your part in everything, have taken responsibility for your health and well-being, have  become aware of your habits that are working against you, have informed yourself on what would help instead. And that includes small things like not just saying "yes" to medications because the doctor says so – self-responsibility requires of you to do your own research, to find out about a prescribed medication, what it does and how it may affect you, to take charge of any conversation with your doctor. So often I hear, "My doctor keeps giving me (repeat prescription)" -.. probably because you keep accepting them. People will treat us the way we let them. If we are unsure about a medication or know it can do us more harm than good, it is up to us to do out research, to initiate that conversation.


And instead of succumbing to just the management of your dis-ease or illness, could your focus be better spent on encouraging the creation of good health, perhaps, too, looking for the gift in your illness, what is it calling you to change, and remembering, all change begins with a thought, changing your thinking. With change comes change!

Is it the time for a change to owning more responsibility for your health?


Is it time for

Is it time?

For a new beginning?  To ask, "What does my body need to heal?"


To ask yourself,  "What’s my vision of me as a happy, healthy, prosperous, contented being, living life to my fullest?"


To reform, to transform, to  be radical, to be whole and well?


The first wealth is health

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you regard your life as precious, as something entrusted to you, you realise that the first resource you have to take care of is your own body, for it houses your spirit, your soul, and without which you cannot play your part in this world.


This can be a startling realisation for it is seldom something we are taught or told at an early age. A pianist soon learns to look after their hands and fingers, a singer looks after their lungs and throat, the rugby player cares for their whole body, the parents the whole body and life of their new born child.


Your body belongs to life, it isn't even your own, it is a cog in a wheel playing its part, and it is your responsibility to take care of it. You cannot afford to do anything that injures, poisons or prejudices your body, because the body is the instrument you need for selfless action, service to yourself, to your family, your community,  and to wider humanity. That is the fine print of the trust contract we made before we decided to incarnate this time round: when we drink alcohol, when we smoke, when we overeat and eat all the wrong types of food, when we don’t get enough exercise, when we hold bad attitudes and engage in harmful behaviours, then we are violating the terms of the contract and we are likely to be rewarded by poor health or serious illness or disease. Or have the contract terminated.

If you want to live life at its fullest, in the most robust state of well-being possible, commit to doing everything possible to keep your body in vibrant health in order to give back to life a little of what it gives you. Life will treat you as well as you decide to consciously treat it.

What you give out, comes back to you, multiplied.

Be radical and be respectful.

What does your soul whisper to you that you need to do in order to heal?

Symbol of Transformation

Q What does it take to become a healed, whole, healthy human being?

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