A new beginning

“If you do not change direction,

you may end up where you are heading”.
Lao Tzu

For some reason today you have alighted on this page.


It could simply be, as some would think, because you clicked all the right search engines and buttons.


Perhaps you knew exactly what you were looking for and entered the right search words to get you here.


But what if there were a deeper motivation that even caused you to search in the first place?


What if there were a deeper meaning to all of this? What if there were a Divine Source that is guiding you, nudging you, watching out for you and that day on day puts people and circumstances and events in front of you that you are simply meant to pay attention to?


What if this were no accident? Nothing boogaloo or woo woo but just something that no words can explain? Something that reflects the natural world?


What if today, right now, you were really meant to experience a new beginning, being offered a fresh slate, a clean start, your chance to start over again?


                      The Radical Healer can help. So please, take its hand. Come on the journey.

                          Let the Radical Healer be your guide and companion.


                           With the Radical Healer by your side, you can blaze new trails into the unknown,  into places of great delight.

                           You can explore your desires, without doubts and fear  and  stray into uncertain territory!

                           It’s time to be healed, healthy, wealthy, whole, and complete.


Yes, it may be risky; these are the times when you need to have heart, be courageous, be bold and radical. Life is easy when things are flowing simply.


There will be times when you know when to say “no” and times when a “yes” is really the right thing to say – to others, to yourself, and to life. To stop saying “I can’t” to life and “yes, I can and I will and I now do!” Start now. Nothing will change until you start acting differently.


You may have to reset your boundaries or even for the first time set boundaries you needed to set years ago. You need to define lines in the sand – beyond this, others cannot go, up with this you will not put.


You will begin to really notice opportunities, Divine moments waiting for you to say “I do!” and doors you’re longing to push open, portals to new ways.


You will need an openness to new attitudes, new ways of thinking, new things to try, new things to do, letting go of old thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and ways that no longer serve you.


It’s time too to free yourself from others’ expectations and judgements and give yourself permission to live in truth and authenticity, to be unapologetically who you really are. Which is Love.


It’s time to be aware, to be open, radical, and fearless, to choose love and create miracles in this world.  To be healthy and happy. 



Are you ready?  


Then fly.

A New Script


Ready to re-edit the story of your life? Ready to create the new movie to take your life forward?

Here are some foundational steps to help you edit and re-edit.

1. Become aware of the story you’re telling yourself, about yourself.

  • We all have one if not many stories we tell about ourselves. We recite them daily, sometimes in our minds, sometimes out loud. Sometimes we are aware of the story, sometimes it is playing in the background. Let’s call this your mental movie, or computer programme, a feature film or programme that plays on repeats in your mind.

  • Your movie is about you: I am too fat, too thin, I’m not good enough, I am always lacking confidence, I love food, I’m clumsy and dumb, I’m not loveable …and that’s the script. Start to pay attention when your movie plays—all these automatic beliefs, or life scripts, start to play especially when you are stressed or feel anxious about being who you are.

  • Know and really get that this is just a movie, it isn’t real, it isn’t true, it’s a script you have made up over the years and it isn’t you. It’s just a script, a train of thought and it can be stopped, re-edited, and a new one written.

2. Rewrite the script, or tear it up and write a new one.

  • It’s time to create a storyline that works for you, not against you.

  • Your new script will replace the one currently playing.  And this time you will consciously create it.

  • Begin by acknowledging there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You are a good person who is always learning and working on growing and improving.

  • Ask people you respect and trust and who love you to tell you why you’re lovable. What is it about you they love? And why? Weave their stories into scenes in your new movie script.

  • Identify all in your life that you are grateful for, things, people and events that you enjoy being around. Identify the easy at first, then identify the things you don’t honour or celebrate enough, perhaps take for granted, and the things you don’t give yourself enough credit for.

  • Script done.

3. Learn your new lines.


  • And be aware of the old script automatically butting in and stop it. You are changing a habit and a new habit takes a month or so of regular rehearsal to bed in.  Whenever you catch yourself saying lines or acting out from your old script (“I am fat / no good / I’m not loveable….”), stop, replace those lines with lines from your new movie script. As an ex-actor I know this takes lots of practice, but it’s worth it. Acknowledge that this will happen and don’t give yourself a hard time over it. Unlearning is part of learning.



4. Shine your mirror, put up your shield – and deflect negativity from others.


  • As you run the new script comments from family, social media posts, colleagues and friends, (”You’ll never change. That new behaviour doesn’t suit you.” Etc…) can get at you. But whilst they are not changing, growing and developing, YOU are.  

  • When you sense negativity coming your way, imagine you have a mirror and it simply sends that negativity back whence it came. And as you do, to yourself, just say, “That remark is more about them, it’s not really about me.”

  • As you change, others are not always willing to accommodate the changes; they prefer you the way you were. But this is your life and you get to write your own script.

5. Run the new movie