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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 

                                                 Pablo Picasso

Welcome to the Radical Healer


So many of us live with poor health and unnecessary suffering, living

lives with which we are unhappy, thinking ourselves powerless to change.


But what if  it didn't have to be like that? What if you could give yourself

different choices? What if everything you had ever come to believe about

your health, your life, about how things work in the world – your ideas of parenting, working, earning, relating, loving, learning, living, - your

spirituality, and happiness – were simply based on stories that got made

up through others' beliefs and hand-me-down life conventions and got

passed down from generation to generation until one day you realise in an

aha moment that these rules and beliefs are not your own; you are suddenly awakened to the realisation that you have been running your life on

outdated beliefs of others that are well past their use-by date. You realise

that it's time to take a different level of responsibility for your life.


Radical Healing means Radical Living = Changing Habits


This site encourages you to take a radical look at your life and the rules by which you live it.

It recommends you start, more than ever before, to question, challenge, research, inform yourself,

and create bold new rules for YOUR life, to break free of any long-held, disempowering and

self-sabotaging “rules and beliefs” you run your life by.


Most of what we do we do through conditioning as a child and then habit, through repetition of a thought or an action. 

There’s the story, you’ve probably heard of it, of a newly married couple preparing for their

first Sunday roast meal. The new wife began preparing a wonderful roast of beef while husband

helped with the vegetables preparation. As they worked happily together, the young husband

noticed his wife sliced off both ends of the roast before rolling it in seasoned flour. Curious, the

husband asked, “Why did you do it that way?” “Do what?” “Slice the ends off the roast,” he

responded, “Does that make it tastier or something?”


“Well, I don’t really know,” said the now puzzled wife. "My mother always did it that way when she did the Sunday joint.” So the couple called her mother and were surprised to learn that she didn’t know either. Her reply was similar. “Your Grandmother always did it that way and I just copied what she did.”


Grandmother was called and when asked “Why did you always cut the ends off the Sunday joint before cooking it?” she began to laugh and when she had finished, she replied, “I can’t believe you young ones are continuing the habit! The only reason I did it that way was because your Grandfather and I had only one small roasting pan and it was far too small for a roast big enough to feed us all. But look, you have a vast modern cooking range, a whole selection of various sized pans, and all the space you could ever need to create the perfect meal.”


Imagine the feeling of liberation when the couple realised there was no reason to follow family convention!

Breaking free brings choices and consequences


What would you feel like if you too could choose to remove any shackles and start anew? How would your life look and be if you could let-go the rules, habits, values, and beliefs of your yesterdays, and, today, envision and create a future life of your choosing?  Well you too have all the vastness and space you could ever need. The only thing stopping you, is your thinking.


Questioning how things have been and how your thinking may have contributed to your health, your relationships, your finances, all your life situations, will not necessarily be easy and can be uncomfortable when we face life truths. Your ego mind will resist and be the voice that says to stay how you are.


And, loved ones, special friends and colleagues, might not like the new, healthier, more

empowered you that at last is blossoming– some may even have a vested interest in you remaining the

same, they have their expectations of how you are “meant” to behave according to them.


You may realise an interest in the divine does not mean after all that you have to convert to a particular religion, but that you can draw great sustenance and inspiration by creating your own form of religious

and perhaps spiritual practices drawn of many approaches.


That may inform how you choose now to raise any children, and they may encounter adverse reactions

in their communities because of the way you as a family choose to live in a deep and meaningful way instead of just reacting to life.


Your priorities in life are likely to change, it may be more important to be healthy than to complain about systems, more important to be happy than to always be right, more exciting and nourishing to go with a divine flow rather than be tied to unrealistic and formulaic goals and targets.


You may find that it becomes apparent that living life through Love, compassion, and forgiveness, rather than selfishness and judgement are to be your new norm.


You may explore meaning and purpose in your life to the extent that you may feel called to give up a well-paid job and risk setting out on some form of entrepreneurial adventure.


You will more than likely decide to give energy only to those things, people and projects that are in alignment with your mission and purpose and values, values which are your own and not societal, cultural, religious, or familial hand-me downs.


You might develop a new way of experiencing Love, you may fall out of love with someone and fall in love with yourself for the first time ever, you may fall in love with the Divine, with life, in a way never before experienced.

The Way Ahead


This website aims to support you io ways in which you can become an agent of change for your life, your health and well-being and, if you so choose, become an agent for change more widely in the fields of healing, health and wellness for others.


Some of the most common problems we each face are to do with life’s beginnings and life’s endings, and in between, myriad challenges which bring anxiety, depression, fear, financial ill-health, relationship dysfunction, spiritual crises, stress, and perhaps, greatest of all, the complexities of health, illness, dis-ease and general lack of well-being.


The problem isn’t necessarily the trials and tests we face themselves but our thinking, what we think and how we think, the choices we make and those we avoid in responding to our situations, the stories we spin and believe to be true, the excuses we make, the illusions we buy into — and in the area of our health failing to challenge the belief that our obstacles cannot be overcome, there is nothing can be done, and our only fount of knowledge is our medical practitioner.


And so not only do we feel disempowered, through our thoughts and beliefs, we continue to disempower ourselves by refusing to believe just how much power we each have when we tap into our inner wisdom and resources and take the time for a change to owning responsibility (The T Factor - The Time For a Change to Own Responsibility) for our health, for every aspect of life.


Over the years I’ve seen this play out time and time again with family, friends, and clients. One such had a favourite expression which summed it all up. Whenever she was ill and would ask for help, when offered that help (either through giving information or the possibility of practical assistance) if it required her input and her own co-operation in her own health she would simply pout her lip, shrug and say, “Ach!” – a handy Scottish word short for, “What’s the point, can’t be bothered, I’ll see what the doctor says (then never went to the doctor till one day it was too late!), it is what it is.”


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Sure, some days it rains and it’s wet outside but there’s not a lot we can do to turn off the rain.

But we can do much to decide whether we go out in the rain, how do we wrap up, how do we

protect ourselves, or do we wait till the rain has passed. Rain is neither good nor bad; thinking

makes it so.


And so with our health, it doesn’t have to be what it is, especially if conventional medicine is only

treating symptoms. We can make additional choices, go exploring the causes, seek to remedy those,

learn to live more ably with any dis-ease, be open to the latest research and other ways of healing and

not rely solely on the limited range of treatment options available through our official health services.


Many have exhausted themselves exhausting conventional medicine's ways and when they and their

doctors are stumped, they have to consider other ways. This is not a case for either this way or that,

but a call to a more integrated, holistic approach to health and well-being wherein we consider the

best of all there is from the many ways possible, natural, spiritual, and scientific.


Our NHS sees life but through one paradigm of health, the bio-medical model, one which focuses on symptoms and not causes, a system which is pushed for time, and processes people as separate bits rather than as whole human beings. It is not integrative as it excludes so many healing modalities , citing lack of evidence, yet many of its drugs we are offered have long lists of side effects, have poor evidence rates, poor success rates (eg 1 in 300 patients taking statins is likely to benefit, some cancer drugs have a 5% effectiveness rate.) If you adopt the “it is what it is” philosophy then nothing will change and you will be condemned to simply managing and maintaining your illness and a premature end rather than journey towards healing, perhaps cure, vitality, and certainly better health.


This website is a call to action, a call to open your eyes, mind and heart, to take responsibility for your life in ways you perhaps had never imagined, to place the management, healing, and control of your life back into your own hands and not deliver them over to health professionals and a health and social care system that is in itself in need of healing.


It's a call for you to blossom.


If you want to know how this website came about, please go here


And if you simply want to know how best to make use of it, read here.


For now, welcome once more. I hope you find these pages useful.


Here’s to your abundant health and well-being.







Our path of healing begins with our acceptance of what is and then with awareness that things can be different. We may not be able always to change a physical given, but we can still make changes to our thoughts, feelings, and circumstances and to living well even with infirmity.

Great benefits come from remaining willing to open to the potential, the possibility for change.

We also need to acknowledge that we are not in this experience alone, without support. The Divine Power of Love is here for all of us, not just the religiously inclined, if we are but willing to open to receive it.

Sincerely asking for help and loving support of others as well as praying and connecting to the Divine Power of Love will manifest your life in both mundane and magical ways.

"The healthy, the strong individual, is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he has an abscess on his knee or in his soul."  Rona Barrett

If you always do

what you've always done,

you'll always  get

what you've always had.

Time to blossom

We can judge the rain -

or change the way we view it.

Only believe this

if you try it and it works (Adapted)

Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself.

A Course in Miracles