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About The Radical Healer aka  Andrew Hunter BMsc

If the world is to be brought to order,

my nation must first be changed.

If my nation must first be changed,

my hometown must be made over.

If my hometown is to be reordered,

my family must first be set right.

If my family is to be regenerated,

I, myself, must first be .....”  


Ancient Chinese General




I am Rev. Andrew Hunter, an experienced interfaith minister , healer, and skilled intra and interpersonal process facilitator. After many years of offering pastoral support to many couples and individuals during key life moments such as marriage, death, grief, birth, I now welcome you to my private practice via my virtual consulting rooms. My services are for you if you are seeking a unique place to help you flourish in these challenging socio-economic times; this could be about your health and well-being, your work, about relationship, about your personal development within the wider framework of a spiritual and mystical life. I offer a number of services but above all a skilled dialogue space to listen beyond our small ego demands and find ways to be of service to individuals, our community and the larger system however we understand it.




I have trod many paths – broadcaster, careers and higher education adviser,

counsellor, Governmental industrial relations mediator, healer, health charity

founder and CEO, hotel owner, inter-faith minister, life coach, Personal and

relationship development coach, radio producer and presenter, Reiki Master

Teacher, spiritual counsellor, teacher and tutor (in counselling, inter-personal

skills, personal effectiveness, managing relationships, personal and spiritual

development) certified Master Mindfulness Practitioner, and  Certified

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner.


But titles do not impress me; “I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same

thing as making a ‘life.’” So said Maya Angelou. The title “doctor” does not tell

me where my doctor trained, how long ago, how current his knowledge and experience

are, how he is as a being, what he aspires to as a doctor, does he specialise, and if so why?

Is he simply paying his bills or ruthlessly climbing the career ladder with little interest in

his work or his patients. And you?


Mind and heart


In my mind and heart, I am a creator, an inspirer, a bit of a rebel, an advocate, a seeker after truth, justice and fairness, a support, someone who views the world through an irregular prism, an avid explorer of the mystical side of life. And you? Remind yourself that, at the very least, you are a planner, an achiever, and can be courageous enough to do what has to be done to make sure your dreams happen.




In my being, I am a mystic, a word almost impossible to define by the intellect. The mystic sees all of life as a constant opportunity to discover, realise, and be an expression of the Divine, or God, the Source, and not in any specific religious sense. A mystic looks beyond this physical world, goes beyond a preoccupied focus on surviving life and manifesting desires to something greater, always seeking to discover the deepest truth of our being as souls incarnated in a physical body; to understanding our Highest potential as reflections of God as we come to understand God; to realise and dedicate our wholeness within the “ground of Being-Itself”. What is the core of your being?


Life and living

Life laid before me a smorgasbord, a whole panoply of experiences, from my early days raised in north East Scotland, studying and working in the Scottish Highlands, the Western and Northern Islands, to careers which had me live in South East England, France, Germany, Zimbabwe, and Spain, and to travel opportunities in over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America  - opportunities to meet and live with indigenous peoples, to learn of their cultures, their faith and religious practices, their food and approaches to leisure and health, conventional and natural.  Life also has given a panoply of challenges, life tests, dark nights of the soul. And you? How has life treated you, and you it?




​But, I am a human being like any other, doing my best to bring awareness, inspiration, compassion, and Love (with a capital L) to a world which in recent years seems to be transforming rapidly, and not always, in my humble view, for the greater good of all concerned, as we toxify the oceans and technological “advances” designed for communication seem to make us connect more but communicate less.


But I hold on to hope and faith that we can rise above personal, political, and corporate greed and fear, and allow a sense of proportion and balance to evolve, to a day when, as human beings, we can finally see the truth of our Higher selves, increase our awareness and consciousness, and embrace the infinite Higher vibration found in transcending the five senses and finding a hidden consciousness or reality – the “ground of Being-Itself” which is beyond the perceivable world.


I have a trust in humanity; if we begin in this moment to acknowledge it is time for a changed to owned responsibility, then more of us will let our lights shine and make the world a brighter place, acknowledging that this life is not all about "me" but how I can best serve.





My Services (Summary)

      Personal Development Coaching

      1:Radical Healing Sessions

      Intuitive Readings

Awareness is the first step in healing.

Dean Ornish


Joyce Meyer

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Lesson 1 - A Course in Miracles

Ask each day ...

What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom