About this site

Focus on your dreams and visions, not just on your present circumstances, and live your life accordingly.

Imagine wholeness - not illness


This website exists for five main reasons: -


1.  To educate, to inform, to influence a raising of human consciousness and conscience

2. To broaden perspectives on healing, health and well-being – to include conventional, integrative, functional , complimentary and alternative, and metaphysical approaches

3. To influence a change to a new paradigm of health, to a model of health that is not just about the bio-medical model offered by our Scottish National Health Service, confined to surgery, medication, and radiation and the focus on symptoms and not sufficiently on causes,  but one which, as functional medicine does, explores and treats causes not just symptoms, integrating complementary and alternative health approaches, the best of all healing modalities and approaches, including metaphysics, taking account of the emotional and mental causes or creation of health imbalance and dis-ease

4.  To encourage and empower people to take full responsibility for their health and wellbeing even if that means turning on its head every way they have considered health and well-being to date

5. To empower people to become advocates for a new paradigm, the medicine we do and the way we do medicine.










I was motivated to create this site after my younger sister died from stage four lung cancer in 2015.

I experienced how poorly her case was managed by our conventional medicine system in Scotland (the NHS) and how she was given such bad advice and, at times, no advice whatsoever, unless we asked, or time for staff to give it. It was simply - diagnosis and we were left to find out about cancer by ourselves. That experience inspired me to start researching and teaching myself on cancer, nutrition, cannabidiol, metaphysics, energy medicine, diabetes and various other conditions. At the time, my own health took a nose-dive.

Yes, I know this site is huge and flies in the face of websites which offer brevity and soundbites. But this wider perspective approach is deliberate and still it is not comprehensive; I’ve stuck to areas where I have had personal experience, or family and clients have had experiences of certain health conditions. Back then, with  my sister, I would have given anything to have someone point me, quickly, in right directions, without having to spend evenings and weekends overwhelmed by mountains of research. Hopefully this site, may just point you in directions for you to do your own research, explore things you may never have thought about, considered a more holistic perspective instead of going down the narrow conventional medical route.

What shocked me most in that initial deep dive into the scientific literature was just how far out of step current clinical guidelines are from what researchers are publishing, how little doctors knew about nutrition, or how lacking their interest in lifestyle connections to health,  let alone the emotions of the patient, or indeed how suspect and biased some of the research is. It seemed the patient was a machine, the only interest was in symptoms and signs. And even though the NHS boasted being patient centred, most staff did not know the meaning of the term, let alone demonstrate it. Many were the occasions we found my sister in a ward with other patients, sitting near naked on her bed, waiting for hours (yes, hours) to go to the toilet then on one occasion being shouted at by a nurse in the toilet, a nurse who the following week verbally attacked me for reporting her for her abusive behaviour.

There was so much in mainstream media about cancer, about modern treatments, about the power of nutrition in cancer, reports of excellent results gained in Germany using non-conventional treatments. And there was the groundbreaking work being done in America by Ty Bollinger and his the Truth About Cancer campaign.  and yet, not only did my sister’s doctors seem unaware of current approaches, they did everything possible not to discuss it with us, seemed hugely to dislike any sense of having their paradigm challenged , and instead hold fast to their status quo which seemed some 15 years out of date. 

Since then, I’ve discovered that this is true not only for cancer, or diet and cardiovascular health, and in my own case diabetes where nutritional advice and the benefits of low carbs not just any old carbs is almost 25 years out of date, it’s also true for screening procedures for cancer, including mammograms for breast cancer, PSA for prostate cancer, and colonoscopies for colon cancer.

Why spend vast sums of money on tests that are unreliable? We need to stop this system of treatments of suspect value, or work minimally (the only drug offered to my sister for cancer had a 5% effectiveness rate)  living in the past and find quicker ways to embrace more radical approaches. We cannot always wait for the official juggernaut of evidence to appear.

Sometimes, the research and experience which the patient and / or the patient's family produces needs to be the facts on which the way to proceed is founded.



Get your facts


If you were seeking a car mechanic to run your latest annual car effectiveness check,  in the UK the MOT, chances are you would do some searching around, where are the best mechanics located, how much do they charge, what exists on line about feedback on their performance and so on. If you were looking for a counsellor with whom to work to explore life’s challenges, chances are you would do some research – on what field of counselling is on offer, how experienced your prospective counsellor is, where did they train, what are their terms and conditions, what services do they offer in emergencies, what testimonials do they have versus on line forums comment.


When it comes to health, unless we can afford private health, we have little choice but use the NHS. Or so we think.


We do have choice in how much we inform ourselves in advance and are prepared to ask our physicians, consultants, nurses questions, answers to which seriously impact our health, well-being and possible treatments.


So this website encourages you to


  • Become better informed in equipping yourself to take back control over your health and well-being

  • Empower yourself to be more confident in meeting your health practitioners to have your needs met

  • Be willing to influence a change to bring about the services patients need, not just the ones government and NHS decree we should be given

  • Be Bold and Radical


Breadth of information


The website aims to address things on many levels – the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the metaphysical. Metaphysical is the acceptance that the cause of our conditions often lies way beyond physical symptoms and are often triggered by the way we think and in particular our emotions, especially the way we respond to stressful triggers and events.


If you have physical symptoms, their causes are likely to have deeper, underlying causes which need treated. These can exist at a deeper mental, emotional, spiritual, soul, and metaphysical level.


Keep it simple


Whilst things, at times, regarding our health and well-being can become confusing, complicated,

and overwhelming, the website invites you to approach your health by the KISS principle –

Keep It Simply Soulful    Simple but profound, with a deep understanding, beyond just the physical

Be inspired

The site aims to inspire YOU to do your own research and fact finding. It is not intended to be factually

exhaustive on every aspect of health; we are not running a five year medical programme here.

We are simply signposting; if something resonates, rings a bell, strikes a chord, take that as your sign to go off and

research – honour your intuition. The world wide web is awash with all kinds of very good information. Yes, there is the rubbish, the charlatans, but learn to discern! Check and double check! And listen to your inner ding, your intuition, your inner voice that tells you, you are on to something!)


At a minimum, if a message strikes any nerve at all, take a few seconds to become aware of what nerve was struck, what it means to you, and what action you then intend to take. It is too easy to have intention without attention.


No research references


In the trust that you will take responsibility and do your own research, the site is not into referencing lots of research papers and projects. For each piece of research I could offer that would testify to one way, you could find other pieces that testify to that or to other ways or even discount it.  And research is ever changing, much of it is biased, paid for by big pharmaceutical companies who have vested interests in the outcomes that will fit their profit margins and so the “evidence” is provided in a steered way. So always do your own research and, if you can, research a number of sources.




As a reminder, though covered elsewhere on the site, this website arose out of the many negative experiences of my younger sister, my elder sister, myself, and friends and clients in our experiences of the National Health Service in Scotland. You’ll find more of our respective stories scattered throughout the website.  But this is not about condemning the NHS, there is much it does that it is good, and with the skills, talents, and dedication of many well-meaning staff. But at base, its systems are cumbersome, inefficient, tired, its medical model outdated, NOT an efficient or effective good use of public funds, its paradigm too narrow, its attitude to complimentary and functional medicine arrogant and dismissive and so we need a radical change in the medical model it uses. Tinkering at the edges and ploughing in yet more money is not the answer.


This view also comes from my many years working in the field of health, and a time spent establishing and as CEO of a major heath charity in Scotland. But basically I write as a concerned human being.


I strongly believe the NHS in its present incarnation particular is dying, it is after all 70 years old. Its systems are archaic, at times non- user friendly, are narrow and constricted, and there is sufficient evidence to show that much of what it offers simply does not work. This is not about individual staff but the systems and the medical paradigm.  It mass medicates using drugs known to have a small success rate so one HAS to question public expenditure on this.  One in three hundred people receiving statins is likely to be helped so why mass medicate the nation with statins when one size clearly does not fit all? Similarly with anti-depressants, and diabetic drugs. How irresponsible and what a waste of money and resource.




You may find a lot of repetition on the site. This is deliberate.


This is because so much is covered and people would get quite ticked off being referred to lots of different pages. That said, the repetition of a fact is often in relation to a different context.


Sometimes to avoid repetition, however, you will find a link to information so, eg, rather than repeat information about “self-responsibility” you will find a link to that particular topic appearing elsewhere.


But above all, repetition is how we learned the (bad) habits that we have developed over the years. To bring in new ways, we need constant reminders and constant repetition of new habits and actions.


Knowledge versus experience - take action


Our world now offers us a smorgasbord of opportunities; in the nutritional, personal growth and self-healing fields alone, there is a myriad of books, products, DVDs, programmes and therapists all promising relief from whatever ails us. But it’s so easy to flip flop from this approach to that, from one programme to another, to what’s the “in” thing of the moment whenever something new gets our attention or captures our imagination.

However, if what you seek is everlasting change in your life, or mastery over what ails you, then you need to do more than simply dwell at the level of the surface of the iceberg, treating things superficially, skimming the surface like conventional medicine by treating the symptom that appears on the surface and not delving deeper to the root cause, then you need to make time and take time to both ground yourself in new approaches and then -- most importantly -- to apply what you've learned. If you become a Jack of all trades, you are master of none, if like a frog you jump around from this lily leaf to another, keep switching to new techniques too rapidly, you can hardly be surprised if you end up feeling that nothing is working.


The problem with amassing lots of knowledge and information is that it does us little good unless we action or implement the knowledge. Throughout this site you will find exercises, activities, and even just simple questions to help you think about what you are learning and to convert your learning into action. Until you do something differently, you cannot expect your health and well-being to improve. You can sit in a garage as much as you like but it won't convert you into a car.


If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.


Your own thinking, map and paradigm


The website also invites you to re-consider how you think about dis-ease and illness, health and well-being and in particular the part you can and will play in turning around anything in your life that is not working in order to create what does work. The present NHS medical model seems to be about fixing and managing dis-ease. The preference here is to enable people to create optimal health and well-being.


It does not take the simplistic and often held spiritual view that you attract every condition into your life. Whilst much of what we think consciously and sub-consciously influences our state of health and well-being , other factors are at play; the environment (I currently live near a petro chemical refinery – can I control the air that I breathe on bad wind days when the fumes are spread my way? Another option might be to relocate.) I can’t control other people and sometimes their behaviour directly impacts my health. So whilst my decisions to move here and have these people in my life are indeed down to me, it isn’t all about me. We live in an environmental context.


Choosing to move from either situation is not always easy nor practicable.


A lot of spiritual teachings are about what we “should” do or be. But should implies we are wrong and that is what can be so “wrong” about some spiritual teachings or perhaps better said, the manner in which they are handed down: -


‘You should be kind.’

‘You should be selfless.’

‘You should be positive.’

“You should exercise more.” – without first asking how much exercise I already do.


And of course when we are not doing as others think we should, or compare ourselves to them, we feel guilt! Guilt equals stress. Stress leads to disease.


These "shoulds" and utterances by secular medical staff and spiritual self-confessed healers are often abusive. They create an unconscious judgment that we are not the way we are supposed to be, according to them. We could be doing with a large injection of hope.


Bit by bit we deny our truth, our true experience, and we hide

away underneath a pile of  spiritual and societal pretences and

thus separate ourselves from the very peace and wholeness,

healing, we are yearning for in the first place. We deny our

natural being because society tries to tell us otherwise. And we

are daily bombarded with titbits of the latest research that conflicts

with yesterday’s counsel.


So here we simply invite you to be aware or what isn’t working

in your life….from your perspective. Heed what others say - but

do not swallow it as truth. If something isn't working …


 consider your part in that


inform yourself –  on how to live more healthily,

more authentically, sometimes specifically on specific conditions.


It may mean considering the metaphysical causes of your condition and instead of medication considering physical exercises, or spiritual practices such as meditation, changes in attitude or nutrition.

It would be best if you could work in partnership with your key medical practitioners, but their time is limited, what they have to offer seems limited, (that happens in a state run medical system) - practitioners only know what they only know and their training gave them. But time after time I have experienced that my doctors dislike the fact that I research, often have no idea of therapeutic approaches outside the conventional medical model, often scoff at anything alternative and complimentary, so working in partnership can be difficult and energy draining when you face brick walls. None of which is good for your health and well-being. But then the NHS is about treating and managing disease, it is not a health service about creating optimal health.

So there may come a point when you have to be willing to take matters into your own hands.


It is your choice what you do.


So, the site invites you to seriously ask yourself, “If what I am doing is not working, when will I give up keeping on doing the same thing but expecting different results?”


You must choose to do only the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual practices not that are comfortable for you, but that over time reap rewards. Give them a chance to work for you. If you sew a seed today, it has to bloom in its own season, not yours.


In using this website, you are constantly called to be aware - awareness is the full allowing of this moment to be, and to teach you.


So finally, how to use:-


You can come to this website to use it in many ways:- here are just some



Resources – you may be looking for resources and here you will find many from the general to quite specific -  exercises, evaluation ways, programmes to try, video talks and demonstrations.


Your state of health - you may have a specific condition and want to explore it not just from the physical perspective, but from a more metaphysical perspective, its deeper meaning, and aim to treat the cause. Not all health conditions are covered but hopefully this can signpost you in the right direction and urge you to do your own digging.


Been there – done that. You have tried all conventional medicine has to offer and it has failed you.


To that end, you will find general ways to look at things metaphysically, but you will also find certain, specific conditions with which I have wrestled and how to look at their deeper meaning and ways of approaching their treatment. Hopefully this will inspire you to do your own research and realise the cause of your condition may not be what you thought and that self-help is possible.


A new medical paradigm - you may already know that you want to play your part to influence a new paradigm of the way we do medicine and the medicine we do, you just know change is needed. How can you be an agent of change?



References to nature and music


Throughout this website to help explain some of the key messages you will find references and metaphors of nature and to gardening and to nurturing a pet, to music and its healing power. Why, you may ask?




I was raised in the north east of Scotland, on a vast private estate, with a castle and nearby, a huge Victorian walled garden.


My father was the gardener and general factotum for the estate, the only employee who did all kinds of work: not just the gardening, the planting, the growing, the harvesting, but also the chauffeur, the woodsman who felled trees and cut them into standard sized logs for burning in the great castle fireplaces.


My father taught me much about nature, about the life of plants large and small, protecting tubers over winter, carefully tending seedlings in the spring, about the seasons and the pace of growth of life, and the need for nurture. And from an early age, five as it happens, I would be required to spend Saturdays with him, and all holidays, accompanying him learning to till the soil, saw, chop and pile logs, pack plants for over-wintering, plant them in the spring, nurture them and harvest in due season. We worked the land in all seasons, in the most bitter of winters, the frostiest and whitest of days, and hottest and driest of summers. At times I found it hard, but looking back I would not have swapped it for anything. I learned about animal husbandry from the farmers, I walked two miles a day to collect the milk, and I was rewarded with the most awesome skies, sunrises and sunsets, and magical of autumns and winters, of starlit skies and aurora borealis, and sledging on moonlit, star-filled nights down a crisp and twinkling snow-capped field.


Nature teaches us to be fit, adaptable, and flexible - a very important lesson, if you want to succeed in life. It teaches us how to face the elements, adversity, and that things come in cycles, to never give up, to feel towards a new season.


Above all, nature teaches us, well it did me, about Love – because, as my father never tired answering my question, “What makes it all happen?” he’d simply answer Love, the essence of life and living, the most powerful life force that never gives up on us but daily offers the beauty of design and shapes, of magical sights and feelings. Without love, things withered and died. With Love, things not only survived, they thrived, and blessed us with astounding beauty, from the abundance and richness of the taste and colour of food to magical designs when Jack Frost painted winter's window panes.


Nature’s love brought people together at harvest thanks giving, round the table for seasonal suppers, and in the castle for grand banquets.


And then there were the animals, our own chickens, and ducks, pet rabbits, pet dogs, and the animals of the forest, the reindeer, the squirrels, the frogs, and of the land on local farms – the cows, the sheep, the goats, the lambs.


What I quickly learned was that unless we tended the plants and animals, they pretty soon felt neglected and died.


I now have a small tree in a tub in the back garden; it is a reminder that I am in that tree and it in me. And every day, whether it is just sending it a possible vibe, or watering it, or feeding it natural plant food, it reminds me that as I care for it I am also to care for myself.




I have had three pet dogs in my life, one as a child, one as a teenager, and one, a cocker spaniel, Aloysious, that was with me for 14 years mostly in my 30s. The latter saw me through tough times, but he knew too that no matter how tough, I was always there for him, feeding him, walking him, grooming him, playing with him. We never exchanged cross words. Joy abounded. Health for both was good.


I also had a pet pony, Peggy. And the cows and sheep in the nearby fields became constant companions. All teaching me about fear, acceptance, compassion and even telepathic communication.




Due to the needs of the castle kitchen, my father was great at producing a vast array of produce all year round. His huge Victorian greenhouse was his pride and joy, his grape vine and vast supply of tomatoes used in all sorts of recipes from chutneys to casseroles, even more so.


One day, when it was pouring rain, we retreated to the green house and me being inquisitive wanted to know where tomato plants came from. This was long before I asked where babies came from! Dad coped better with questions on tomatoes!


Patiently he picked me up and sat me on the work bench. He explained, as he pointed at the tomato plants, cut one open and showed me the seeds, that inside each seed was the life force, the essence of tomato-ness. (Now he didn’t speak in that language, in fact I don’t recall what language but he got the point across beautifully and magically.) All that seed wanted to be was realise its purpose, its potential, bring its essence to the fore by creating more tomatoes. But first it had to almost wither and die, at least dry. If ever there was a message about passing over, there it was.


Then he explained that before planting, the soil had to be just right.


Then, once the seed was covered, the conditions had to be right; we didn’t just ignore the plant but would tend it through proper temperature, watering it, feeding it (in this case natural horse manure) then exercise some patience. As days and weeks went by I’d look out for the tiniest shoots to appear, and bit by bit the plant would grow, requiring tethering to a stake, and still more water, nourishment, and just the right temperature. At a certain point in its growth dad would then teach me about side shoots, which bits to remove when the plants are growing.


And in time, there was the reward of picking, and trying to eat without getting caught, some rather juicy and deliciously tasting tomatoes.


Tending our health and growing and developing is like that.


The seeds represent our thoughts – and everything begins with a thought.


The soil represents our belief system, our attitude and most of them direct

our daily living, mostly out of our conscious awareness. So what lurks away

in the sub-conscious, underground? Is it ripe for planting? If we plant a positive

thought (I am healthy) and our belief system is (I’ll never amount to much)

then the more negative will win hands down.


Just as we would care for the tomato plant, nurturing it, maybe talking some

nice words to it, sending it positive affirmations, we can engage in self-care,

self-love. You would never dream of looking at that little tomato sprout,

wag the finger, and shout, “Grow you bastard, grow!” So why would you keep

repeating you are a bad mother, or won’t amount to much, or are the clumsiest

oaf around?

Music - Let Your Heart Sing

If you are not into gardening and nature metaphors, perhaps another of my interests, music, may resonate.


I often like to think there is a similarity between the body’s functioning and that of a symphony orchestra.


To play music exactly as the composer intended, the orchestra requires that the most delicate movements of all members of the orchestra are in harmony with each other, following the composer’s pre-determined musical score and notation, responding sensitively to the direction of the conductor. Each instrument must play its part, in perfect timing. If even one is out of sync or tune, the whole piece will suffer.

And so it is with our body, each organ and each bodily system (the endocrine system, the nervous system, the skeletal system and so on) must play its role and together they synchronise in unison, as one bodily union, to create harmony and health in the human body, keeping it at its optimal functioning level. Each organ or system plays its role, but they are all following the one rhythm, one autonomous control, and you can be seen as the conductor. You get to decide what to bring in, what to leave out.
One instrument or one musician playing out of tune or out of time may not

initially be noticed. However if this one instrument or musician continues to

play out of sync or out of tune, very soon musicians close to them will become

distracted and may attend less to the conductor and more to the neighbouring

cacophony. In time, a complete section of the orchestra goes out of sync and out

of tune. Many musicians playing out of tune and out of sync will soon be noticed

by even an untrained ear.
This analogy or metaphor can be applied to the working of the body, the human

anatomy systems.


Sometimes a health condition begins as a small localised disturbance, a rash, a mole, a migraine etc. This may have been diagnosed by a GP or health care practitioner and they are more than likely to treat the symptom.


However, if this can be detected at an early stage, and the root cause of the dysfunction is found, eg in the orchestra analogy it is one violinist who plays off key, out of time, then his or her neighbour picks up, it may prevent a more serious health condition from manifesting later on.


As long as all systems and organs are working in harmony, in unison, following the same programme, when all systems are in balance, the body is at its optimal functioning level.


When one “instrument” goes out of tune, in time it influences the whole system to go out of harmony and balance.


As we individually become out of tune, out of sync, we also affect others – partners worry, families become concerned, we may transmit our dysfunction on to others. Untreated, as complications set in, we are a greater burden and cost to an already overstretched health care system.


In closing this page


Be patient with yourself, especially in tough times, be respectful, water yourself – literally and metaphorically – let your heart sing, sing your own song, no-one else's, and you too in right season will blossom and bear great fruit, make great music.


And if this website can help,  then use it to its fullest potential. Use what works for you, and just let go the bits that don’t. Everything has its due season, it's due note or lyric.

The website does not have the answer to all of life's maladies and all of human behaviour; it is intended to lay sufficient groundwork to and signposts in order for you to find ways to research, create and live a healthier life of vibrancy and well-being.



Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~Albert Einstein

Hope begins in knowing ...

...there is another world of possibilities


This website does not make individual diagnosis.

It does  not offer individualised prescriptions. 

It is not a substitute for qualified medical advice.

It is here to educate, inform, raise awareness and empower.

I created this website to the memory


of my younger sister whose dying and untimely death to lung cancer


robbed the world


of a wonderful human being.


 Requiescat in Pace


Rest in Peace Nancy






I also dedicate it to those


who seek always to Love, honour and respect their body, mind, spirit, and soul


who trust in the body’s wisdom and infinite intelligence to heal itself  


who work with the body and it’s ways and not against it


who seek to learn from their illnesses, dis-eases, and misfortunes of life


 who blame no-one, not even themselves or some divine or external force, for their illness or misfortune


 who are willing to perceive everything that happens to them as their teacher, as something useful, regardless of how threatening, dreadful, or painful it may initially seem to be




who never doubt their body’s innate ability to heal.

Think balance and harmony