How do you feel about anger, in yourself and in others?

What is your inner reaction?


And your external reactions, how do you deal with it?

Anger is powerful energy. If we are afraid of it, we may attempt to deny or hide it or seek to avoid it. And when we lack control of the energy of anger, we impose it on other people or things. If we have suppressed our feelings of or towards anger for years, at some point, like a volcano, it comes out, directed at people who don't really deserve your anger.

The ways we react to anger usually reflect how we experienced anger as children and how our own anger when we were young was handled by the adults at the time. I was always told it was bad, should never be shown, I was told it showed I was ungrateful - all without anyone exploring with my why I was angry. But I then learned to keep my anger stuffed down, because it was bad.  So I let the bullies at school bully me, I let others do what they wanted, because I could never express my anger.

In reality, anger, like any emotion, brings us information. It tells us how we feel about what is being experienced. If we receive anger's message and learn more about ourselves, the energy will pass.