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An introduction


This page is a brief introduction to what you can find, and the purposes behind, this menu item called Be Bold and Radical



Be bold

By being bold you are being asked to be open and receptive to new ideas, to the possibility

that things are not the way you have typically perceived them. You may be asked to challenge

fiercely held ideas and thoughts. You may need to make pretty bold adjustments in your 

thoughts,  attitudes, values, and beliefs.

You are being asked to think about how you think, not just dismiss an idea because you gave

it a cursory glance.




We have been so used to, and grown up with, a medical system that sees things primarily

through a bio-medical model lens with three primary methods of care and treatment –

surgery, radiation, and medication.


According to Wikipedia, and many other sources, it is generally agreed that  “The biomedical

model of medicine has been around since the mid-19th century as the predominant model

used by physicians in diagnosing diseases….. The biomedical model of health focuses on

purely biological factors and excludes psychological, environmental, and social influences.

It is considered to be the leading modern way for health care professionals to diagnose and

treat a condition in most Western countries.”


The Biomedical model of psychological treatment is mainly through medication (with many serious side effects) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) but CBT does not suit all people, especially people with complex mental health needs influenced by complicated and oft times traumatic childhood experiences.


And so the practice of both the biomedical model and CBT come with serious disadvantages .


  1. If all that can be offered someone with a mental health issue is medication or CBT, that is severely limiting. Watch the seven part video series on Depression and Anxiety and have yours eyes opened by what is possible outside conventional medicine but which should become part of it.

  2. The main model or paradigm offered by the NHS, primarily the bio-medical model, is also limiting, with a focus on symptoms and their elimination and seldom on finding and dealing with the root cause; it is about the management of symptoms rather than the creation of health. It ignores the view that health and illness are relative and are socially constructed ie they are holistic -  and ignores the social factors which can cause illness.

  3. My diabetes is seen primarily as counting sugar in my blood. Annual consultations take no account of the wider factors of why diabetes happened in the first place and so it focuses too much on treatment, giving medication (with side effects) and perhaps insulin (which contributes to weight gain) rather than prevention or reversal (which is possible with a change in lifestyle).

  4. The biomedical model gives too much power to medical professionals. The NHS talks about being patient centred but I have yet to meet a professional who knows what that means. It takes time to be patient centred, time professionals often do not have. Another reason the system must change.

  5. Iatrogenesis could also be claimed as a disadvantage because it states that an illness is actually brought on by the physician. Oddly searching the NHS website for iatrogenesis results in no results.





When we explore the metaphysics of health, we explore the root causes and this involves serious consideration of lifestyles, environment, and particularly thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. Numerous examples are given on this website, in the Be Bold and Radical section and for some people it may take a bold leap to understand the links  eg how could diabetes be triggered by a loss of joy in one's life.


But if you need evidence of how our mind affects our health then read Mind Over Medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin, MD  


Being bold sometimes calls for us to do things we would never normally consider; we may need to advocate for change, for different services, become political and challenge how finances are spent. We may need to be bold to even just be noticed. Because we are stepping out of the perceived norm.


Make no mistake the need for a new medical paradigm has arrived, some in authority still need convincing, the nature of the new paradigm is being debated. It may be worth remembering the words of Arnold Schopenhauer, German Philosopher, who said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” So I suspect we are on the dawn of a new medical age where we begin to bring the best of conventional, alternative, complementary, functional, integrative etc medicine together.


Your thinking may be provoked into making your own case for deciding to be bold in your changes. The extent to which you can bring about change depends on where all the small steps lead, being willing to step out of your comfort zone, taking risks, and trying the unfamiliar. What is one tiny step for one person may be a gigantic leap for someone else. This is about you - no one else. You and change.


Be Radical

Being radical may seem like the same as being bold. But whilst being bold is more about a shift or change in thinking, attitudes and beliefs, Being Radical is about the decision to act, to move forward, to the creation of health not just passively managing symptoms.


It is when you step into the archetype of the Radical Healer.


You, the Radical Healer


So in the pages in this column, Be Bold and Radical, you’ll find key medical conditions with a brief explanation about how they are viewed and treated within mainstream medicine, ie the NHS, and then an overview of how we can look at their causes from a metaphysical, spiritual perspective, going beyond just symptoms to the deep-down causes.


These pages offer an additional perspective (based on metaphysics – beyond just the physical signs and symptom) on your condition(s) and guidance on how to figure out what changes you must make at a mental (thoughts and beliefs), emotional (based on thoughts and beliefs), spiritual, soul and lifestyle level to bring about material in your life, your health and well-being. Most illness has a deep spiritual underpinning – see our page on Atherosclerosis – and it is there that major shifts can take place. Spiritual is not necessarily religious.


What we expect of mainstream medicine is to go to the doctor and hopefully get a pill and our symptom disappears. I simplify of course. But that approach simply keeps the doors open for the condition to return because it has not necessarily been dealt with at its root cause. And more medication means more money for pharmaceutical companies. And sometimes, in only treating the symptom, such as diabetes, with its medications and insulin treatments, life becomes one of monitoring and managing the condition until death. The present paradigm is not about the reversal of diabetes (though in 2018 there are hopeful signs that that may soon change.)



Not every medical condition can be covered here, so I have confined myself to what I have faced, am facing, and what I have  helped clients work through. Some topics are quite in depth; those are the ones which will have touched me deeply.


For you, you too may need to take radical steps and stances in pursuit of your health, not just in the management of condition(s).


The challenge is – will you keep on keeping on with status quo, with the familiar on the journey to premature death (a life restricted by serious conditions or multiple morbidity) or will you take and demand radical actions in pursuit of a high level of wellness?

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Whatever you can do,

or dream you can,

begin it.
Boldness has genius, power,

and magic in it!”

W Goethe