Blessings, health  and well-being

A careless word may kindle strife; A cruel word may wreck a life; A timely word may level stress;

A loving word may heal and bless.


Blessing - A Definition


To some, the word blessing often has religious connotations so they shy away from it. But it is more than just a spiritual or religious concept.


So let’s begin with some clarity




A blessing is ...


God's favour and protection

a prayer asking for divine favour and protection –

eg blessing of a new house, launching a ship

grace or prayer said before or after a meal, for health

a form of thanksgiving

a form or expression of gratitude

a beneficial thing for which one is grateful

a benefit

a help

a boon

a godsend

a stroke of luck (or synchronicity)

a windfall

a gain

a person's sanction or support

an endorsement


 “When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love, prosperity, happiness... all the good things.”
Maya Angelou


“Blessings sometimes show up in unrecognizable disguises. ”
 Janette Oke

Blessings are to be found mostly in our relationships.

Our relationships are special because they offer the potential for us to both give and receive blessings, often as an exchange of love and respect, sometimes in word, often in thought and deed.


Whether it is blessings given to a new born child, well-wishes given just before an exam, prayers for someone who is not well, wishes for success as someone begins a new career or business, or blessings on any special occasion, even saying “bon voyage” as someone moves abroad, we have all experienced the power of blessings.


This exchange of pure loving vibration from another empowers us and fills us with good-feeling,  energy and enthusiasm. Each of us will have experienced the blessings of saints and angels, parents, teachers, bosses, family and friends, strangers and good Samaritans who have helped create miracles in our lives. We call such people a blessing in our life. It is because their energy and deed is a blessing for us and gives us the power to be happy and enthusiastic each time we recall their blessing, to work tirelessly and face challenges with ease.


Blessings are not only specific thoughts and words created on special occasions, like weddings and birthdays; every pure thought, word and deed, well intentioned, is a blessing.


How we bless

Blessing is a high power pure energy vibration which begins with our thoughts and then is expressed in words, attitudes, and our actions.


Blessing means we are creating thoughts of happiness, health, harmony and success. Even if we do not express them to another, at the level of thought energy, they impact the other person and they make us feel good and charge our health.


We can send blessings to organisations, groups, and the world. Imagine what would happen if we all did that? In that cumulative world field, nothing  but pure blessing energy - what changes we could see.

Our thoughts and their vibrations influence the state of mind of those to whom we direct our blessings, even as our prayers do, and when their thoughts become pure and powerful, the result is nothing short of a miracle.

Experiment today ... can your every thought and word be a blessing? And then, can you make your every action also be a blessing? OK, to begin with, some of you may stumble if you are new to blessing but your intention to bless is all powerful too. Or you could ask God, your angels, your spirit team etc., "Show me in this moment how to bless. Who or what would you have me bless and in what way." Then listen out for the subtle signs that nudge you into action.

It may be doing something like escorting someone across the road or offering a kindly word. Our words have great influence in the lives of those around us, and spoken affirmations or “blessings” can bring hope, encouragement, and direction to our families, friends, and others. (Words can also squash, disempower, and badly influence others too but they are not blessings..)
If you can, find the DVD of the BBC film, Stranger on the Bridge, how one guy (Jonny Benjamin) persuaded another  (Neil Laybourn) (through presence and words) to not commit suicide by jumping off a London bridge. Years later, after the campaign  #findmike, the men met and eventually co-founded the charity Rethink Mental Illness. Out of one blessing came many others.

Opportunities to bless


Opportunities to genuinely affirm, or bless others, are numerous but we seem to pass them by every day!


There are the occasions when we have noticed someone who looked especially attractive or who had put great effort into something and we just let it go unremarked when we could have blessed with compliment, not knowing what they may have had to sacrifice to achieve what they did. Most of us know first-hand how deflating it can be to have accomplished something to have it go unnoticed.


Or we have gone out of our way for someone – only to have it overlooked or for them to express not one iota of gratitude.


Yet, if someone takes notice and says, “Wow, great job! Thank you so much,” we feel warm, appreciated and validated. We feel good about ourselves and toward the other person. Positive affirmations empower us to risk and take chances and to be and do our very best…and to keep on aspiring.


It’s not always the most natural response to speak aloud the good thoughts we have about others. But by not doing so we are denying them our blessings. In fact, what we are more likely to do is voice our judgments and criticisms instead. When we adjust our attitudes, however, and focus on the positive traits in others, we will discover the truth in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words:


The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him.”


So today, let’s make it a point to speak words that bless, encourage, inspire and uplift. Let’s focus on the positive qualities in our friends and praise them for their strengths, affirming the character traits that we appreciate so much and so often take for granted.


In that spirit, we hope that YOU feel appreciated, and blessed today in all your endeavours.




A practical way to be a blessing


Blessings begin with our thoughts which then direct what we go on to say or do. But they begin with that intention to be a blessing.


So how therefore can we make sure we are blessing others? Here is a practical way to bless.

Blessing People And Situation

First realise that repeated thinking and talking of a present situation or of a person  creates  energetic vibrations which strengthens habits (negative or positive) and escalates problems.  Thoughts are energy and even if unspoken, go out into the world. In short, what you focus on, or give attention to, grows. If you keep thinking, “I don’t feel well. I think I may have cancer” and keep thinking that thought without doing anything about it, the chances are you are creating your own illness. As you think, so you get.  Same with grief, if you keep thinking of your loss, and this is not to diminish the significance of your loss, then loss and void is what you will feel, and energetically you are creating a hole or space, a harbour for disease to set in – possibly depression but physical illnesses too, like the “common” cold.


So to highlight and repeat – what you focus on has consequences.


When we see family, friends or colleagues, or even strangers behave in ways we feel are not right for them, we can feel unhappy, disturbed, sad, concerned. In those emotional states, states of worry, anxiety or fear, we will ruminate on what we see and feel, we keep thinking about their habits and ways, and possibly go on to talk about them to others. In doing so, even if we say nothing, our thoughts are energy and are transmitting all that negativity out into the universe as well as into our own body system.


The same happens with problems and situations in our lives – we worry and over think. What goes out comes back to you, multiplied. Think solutions, not problems. Think health, not illness. Think wholeness, not incompleteness. Focus on Love not Fear.


We do have the power to influence change; we have the power to change the course of our lives - through the power of blessings.

Notice what is happening. What are the ways and habits you see in others that are not, in your opinion, working.


Visualise the reality you want … eg visualise how you would like the other to behave, to experience their life in a better way. And then create the thought, the belief, that this new reality already exists.

As you cannot control the other and their situation, ask the Universe that whatever you visualise and think, be for the greater good of ALL concerned. (If the other in time makes changes, their changes will affect others. There is a cascade effect.)


Think and talk only that what you want should happen, believing that it has already happened. These are blessings for their habits or for the problem.

Cease from buying into their negativity.


Previously, unaware, we were creating negative thoughts and now we are aware we create positive thoughts. This change of visions, thoughts and words all shift the vibrational energy, the world consciousness, and a new reality begins to emerge, to manifest.


Imagine this scenario. Your child is a fussy eater and does not eat well. He or she refuses to study and instead spends time on their computer. You confront them with what they are not doing right. They then just ignore you and speak back to you and go on as before. You are at your wits end, angry, annoyed, don’t know what to do.


You are likely to think, My child isn’t eating, s/he is such a fussy eater, I know what they’re eating is not healthy, it can’t be doing them any good, I hope it doesn’t affect their health. What if s/he gets ill? And as for not studying, this will affect her/his future. S/he’ll fail their exams and then not get to University and they’ll end up in a dead end job.


What a negative “blessing” or spell to wish upon the child. As you think, so you create.


When you create such thoughts, or worse still talk them out to others, you are reaffirming the situation, strengthening it, and allowing it to magnify. What you give attention to, grows.


To influence a change in the situation, you need to change your thoughts, the story you keep re- telling. A new way of thinking, of positive blessings, could be:-


My child is aware, wise, honest and obedient. S/he loves and respects everyone including himself/herself and so s/he eats wisely and studies well.  S/he is sincere and hard working, and so s/he will be successful in all s/he does and be healthy and happy.


Now just thinking that will not make it happen overnight. You have to think it and act as if it were true, over and over.

Blessings on yourself

How could you bless yourself? Some will say take a treat, take time out, stop negative self-thinking, self-berating.

And it is more than that.

We can give blessings to our self – for any unhelpful thoughts and ways we want to change, for the health of our body, for our relationships and work, our finances.


Blessing first means creating a vision of what we want our new reality to be, even though it is not reality at present. we then support that vision with words, thoughts, and deeds which radiate energy, the vibration of which creates the reality. In other words, act as if the vision is now occurring.


We may presently be sick. We can give all our attention to the awfulness of being sick. Or we can turn our attention to holding a vision of what it is to be healthy, of becoming well, to being well, to living a healthy life.


How do you do it?

1. To change a trait of anger
… create thoughts along the lines of – I am now a peaceful soul. I now accept everyone as they are. I now express my opinion, with calmness, respect for others, and dignity. I get work done with love and discipline. Understanding, compassion, peace and patience are my nature.

2. To bless for good health …I am happy, healthy, wealthy, healed, whole and complete. I am a pure soul. Every cell of my body is filled with love and happiness. I have released all past hurt. My body and mind is perfect and healthy.
3. To heal a relationship …  I am a love-filled soul. I create all my relationships. All my relationships are happy, healthy, whole and complete. My relationship with a particular person is a perfect relationship. All past negative emotions are released. We now exchange only love and acceptance for each other.

4. To bless at work… I am happy at my work. My work is good and productive. I am a successful employee. I am grateful to be in a job I enjoy and which is productive and successful for all concerned.

5. To bless finances …I honour and respect my finances. I use money wisely. I tithe appropriately. I always have money enough to meet my needs. I always pay my dues.

Every morning call to mind the key area to be blessed; create the blessing and visualise it at least 5 times. Talk about it positively.  Repeat throughout the day whenever you can. And above all, FEEL what it is like to experience the new reality.


Before going to sleep let your blessings on your chosen topic be the last of the evening.


“Life is short. Things can change very suddenly. Make the best of every situation. Look for the silver lining. Maintain a positive mindset. Remain optimistic. Never give up hope. Savor every day you are given. Live with gratitude.

Appreciate even the smallest things. Genuinely do the best you can, and once you do, don't diminish this by undermining your efforts by whatever limitations you face.

Acceptance can be hard at times, but it is necessary to keep moving forward.

In order to deal with situations as they come in the best manner possible, we must let go of things we have no control over.

Energy must go towards the here and now.

Be cognizant of your blessings, of how precious life is.

Live with gratitude and appreciate every moment.” 

Akiroq Brost

A blessing for you

May you be surrounded in comfort.
May you be filled with love.
May you feel the healing presence of those who hold you in their thoughts and prayers.
May these positive thoughts and blessings provide you with strength.
May you be sustained in health as you continue your healing journey.

May you relax.
May you be calm.
May you be serene. 

May you be at peace.
May you rest as your body heals in your safe cocoon of comfort, love and strength.
May your body be transformed into one filled with love, happiness, joy and health.
May you continue to heal

moment by moment
hour by hour
day by day
                      knowing that so many love you and wait to welcome you.

May you feel loved.
May you be safe.
May you be protected.

May you be strong.

May you be healed.


“Don't wish...DO! Don't try...BE! Don't think...KNOW! And above all: Bless a stranger with a small, yet powerful, random act of kindness. You feel me?”

T.F. Hodge



A Daily Affirmation


As I grow, as I accumulate – in knowledge, experience, wealth, health and myriad other ways, I choose to share and bless others with my good fortune.

Each day as I awake, I bless the world and decide to make this another day of blessings.

I choose to leave behind thoughts of fear and doubt and “I can’t” and replace them with thoughts of Love and possibility and gratitude.

I am here to serve and so today I pray to my Highest Power and Source to use me to serve in whichever way my Divine plan would have me do.

Once more, a new day, a day to be used as a channel of Love and Peace and for miracles.

What I give out returns to me in some form, multiplied.

Today I bless the world.

As I bless, I too am blessed.

The more I am blessed, the more I bless.


Are you open to being blessed?

How well do you accept a compliment?

Are you willing to bless, to be kind – without condition or judgement, just because to bless is natural.



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