Daily Blessings

You and your Higher Power

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.”

Henry Ward Beecher


Be a daily blessing on yourself through the metaphysical powers of

your mental thinking, the ways of your heart, the spark of your spirit.


Create your own daily positive self-talk routine – print it out, then

read it daily, as often as you need, in times of stress; out loud is best if

you can.


Adapt the following to your own purposes: -



I am blessed


I am blessed with my connection to my Highest Power - (or use the name you call it eg God, Spirit, Nature, Universe etc)


I am blessed with the supernatural wisdom and energy of my Highest Power – (or use the name you call it eg God, Spirit, Nature, Universe etc)


I am blessed with great family, great friends, good health, excellent colleagues, and with faith, favour, grace, and fulfilment.


I am blessed with a clear direction, purpose and meaning for my life.


I am blessed with creativity, courage, compassion, abilities, and abundance.


I am blessed with strong will, self-control, and self-discipline. 


I am blessed with success, supernatural strength, and divine protection.


I am blessed with an obedient heart and a positive outlook on life.


I declare that any curse on my life, any negativity over me, is now broken and withdrawn.


I am blessed, guided, and protected wherever I go, wherever I am


Everything to which I apply myself, my mind, my hands, my being, is blessed.


I claim these blessings in gratitude and in the name of (eg Jesus, God, The Divine One etc)



If as you read any of the above and they do not make sense, take that as your cue to do some research. What does “grace” mean, what does “curse” mean to you, do you have a name for your Higher Power?


If, as you read any of the above, you feel an aspect of life to be lacking eg meaning and purpose, then take that as your nudge to do something about it.


Defining Your Own Higher Power


For many people, faith in a higher power is at the core of their life, their healing, their recoveries - from an addiction, a behavioural problem, a mental health issue and so on.


There are many ways to name a power greater than yourself… God, Buddha, Mother Nature, Nature, Energy, Universe, Spirit, Wakan Tanka, The Great Spirit, White Eagle, The Great Mystery, Jesus, Mohamed, I AM, etc


If you are someone with deep religious convictions, hearing how helpful it is to believe in a power greater than yourself can make a lot of sense. And it is what it means to you that is important; this is not about organisational theology.


But if you are an atheist or agnostic, or if your faith has been shaken by tragedy or loss or other serious event, you may (and it may be momentarily) not want to hear that you should not only believe in but could usefully also rely on a power greater than yourself.  Such people and newcomers who don’t have strong religious convictions are sometimes turned off when they hear people talk about a higher power.


For many, a 12-step recovery programme is a religious programme and for that reason probably it won’t work for them. But although some people are comfortable bringing their religious beliefs into their recoveries, it isn’t imperative that you have strong religious convictions in order to use the 12 steps. A twelve-step programme is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioural problems. To see a copy of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous click here.   Bear in mind the 12 steps are not just about alcohol.


The Freedom to Choose Your Higher Power


You have complete freedom to define your own higher power. You don’t have to follow the path of traditional religions and you don’t have to believe in anything in particular just because other people may want you to. My own understanding and definitions have changed over time given the deepening of life’s experiences.


You can choose to believe in anything that makes sense to you and gives you strength, courage and something to hold onto.


Some people do sense a power greater than themselves when in nature. I was brought up in the country and so have a real affinity with the sun and the stars, the aurora borealis, the changing seasons in Scotland, bright, colourful, beautiful and powerful. As a child, I marvelled at the wind, an ever-strong reminder that there is a commanding force moving through the universe. I would often witness the power of nature in storms, in ocean waves, the tiny and the crashing large, in the transformations that occur in every season. You could choose Mother Nature or the universe itself as your higher power.


Belief in community


We learn most when in relationship and for people who feel resistant or reluctant to turn their lives over to any kind of God or even to the power of nature or the universe, consider simply believing in the unity of community, of any group to which you belong.  Many people in recovery, eg people with alcohol problems, often say that God stands for Group of Drunks, and that it is God that has the power to keep them sober and to heal their lives. Metaphysically I believe that people look for the spirit in the bottle as their substitute for seeking Spirit.


Wayne Dyer, spiritual teacher, often referred to the EGO as Edging God Out – and if you think about it, it is our EGO, our thinking, that keeps us separate from (the notion of a) God.


There is something transformative and healing when a group of alcoholics or addicts gets together and shares experiences, strengths and hopes. As you get to know the people at the meetings you attend, you will be able to witness amazing changes in other people that are nothing short of miraculous. It’s often easier to recognize change and growth in other people than it is to see changes in yourself. As you see people make incredible transformations in their lives, you may come to believe that there really is a power greater than yourself, and it is in the group itself.


Other Forms of Faith


When you attend healing, support and development meetings of any kind with an open mind, you will hear many interpretations of what God is, or what kind of power people rely on as part of their journeys. The key thing is to accept that what is true for one person, may not be so to you. Offer your definition, but do not fight that others HAVE TO accept your definition. The definitions of a higher power are probably as varied as the number of people in the world.


When you are open minded, you may not agree with some of what you hear, but you may also hear perspectives that you never considered before. Seeds may be planted.


What I find is that people find it difficult to be comfortable with the concept of God that you learn about in any church or other religious establishment. It is difficult to distinguish between God per se, and the God of the Church. So many will rush to tell me , “I believe in something, in God perhaps, but not in organised religion.” I can understand that, for many have witnessed the harm that comes from organised religion. In my own cases, in those moments where most needed God and the fellowship of Church, were the moments it was most withheld from me. In the end it was about me and the God of my understanding, just between us.


You may believe that the power can’t be defined or described but that you know is just there. Or faith may be as simple as recognising that there is some kind of higher power and that it isn’t you.


Your definition may evolve as time goes by. When I felt rejected by my Church, my convictions were shattered and broken; over the years they now feel strong and unwavering.


You have the freedom to define your own higher power in whatever way works for you. Believe that there is some sort of power that works to keep you away from a drink or a drug one day at a time. If all else fails, simply believe that others believe and wonder, just wonder what makes them believe, wonder what it would be like to believe, wonder how your life might be different if you did, wonder how it might be if you could ditch all your pre-conceived ideas of a God and just be open…notice the synchronicities of life, follow the trail of breadcrumbs life leaves and see where they lead.