Cannabis for health

Cannabis, Health and Well-Being


How can we be against something that comes from the earth?


Cannabis is a naturally-occurring substance, a medicinal herb

that has brought health, healing and happiness to a lot of people

for thousands of years.

Sure it can be abused. Sure. But so can anything else in this world.

That doesn’t mean we should place a ban on it, or fear it without

ever educating ourselves.

Over 40 people every day die from prescribed drugs in the USA;

I don’t have that figure for the UK.

Marijuana is much more than a simple party drug for people to

experiment with in college.

In the UK we need a bold and radical shift – and whether politicians like it or not, change is on the way. The fact they currently stigmatise cannabis and deny patients its use and therefore good health and a better life is nothing short of criminal.


On Thursday, 28th September 2017, the Royal College of GPs gave a huge boost to the Campaign For Medicinal Cannabis.  The Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) approved a proposal from CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform to publish guidance on the use of cannabis for specified medical conditions.

According to the e-mail announcing this news, “This flies in the face of continued government intransigence on the subject but recognises that there is a huge wave of reform rolling out across the world and that up to one million people in the UK are already using cannabis for medical purposes.”

A recent poll showed 68% of the public supported medical usage and only 12% were actively against. A similar number of GPs also supported the concept in a poll published alongside the Parliamentary report.


When my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, we, as a family, had many intense debates about the use of cannabis for medical purposes, how to use it, where to get it – knowing it was illegal. To stay within the law, the best option we could find was cannabidiol. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, unlike medical marijuana products, which are usually made from plants with high concentrations of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, these hemp oil products are non-psychoactive and now available to purchase legally in the UK

Spain and Cannabis

I go back to my time in Spain; there, you can walk into any farmacia (chemist) and buy most medicines over the counter. There are only a few for which a doctor’s prescription are required. Viagra being one!

Not so in UK. Still unenlightened.

When it comes to legal cannabis usage in Europe, Spain is way out there, coming third in the countries whose populations have legal  access to medicinal cannabis (figure in millions)


Germany             80.62

Italy                      59.83

Spain                    47.27

Netherlands       16.8

Belgium               11.2

Czech Republic 10.52

Portugal              10.46

Austria                 8.47

Finland                5.43


In Britain Cannabis per se is still illegal, yet the evidence for its efficacy is now well documented, in particular in the following illnesses : -

a) Alzheimer’s Disease

b) Cancer

c) Chronic Pain

d) Crohn’s Disease 

e) Multiple Sclerosis

f) and other illnesses besides.  For more information read Medical Cannabis – The Evidence   

One can buy CBD oil but learn about it first. Do your research. Start here.


Back to Spain. Despite its rather authoritarian and extreme conservative ways (remember, I lived there for 12 years)  it has allowed a new approach to cannabis use to take root and flourish across the north of the country, one which, some have suggested, is turning Barcelona into the Amsterdam of southern Europe.

A network of cannabis clubs has sprung up across Barcelona, Valencia and the Basque Country, providing venues for marijuana smokers to gather and smoke without fear of arrest or confiscation. The clubs are allowed to grow and distribute marijuana among their members, who are, in turn, required to pay for the upkeep of the club and the cost of growing the cannabis.


These new clubs owe their sudden emergence to a legal loophole, which allows marijuana to be grown privately for personal use, and the widespread tolerance of 'shared consumption.' As long as the clubs maintain a strict membership system, and restrict each member to a specific allocation, there is currently no law against this form of assembly.

According to some estimates, the number of clubs in Spain has jumped from 40 in 2010 to 700 today. Some clubs are nothing more than basements; others are palatial apartments with all the paraphernalia a smoker could wish for.

In Britain we continue to lag behind, as always, in medical matters…not because of medical staff but because of politics. That said, we have organisations that are working to promote the legalisation of cannabis for medical use. Two such are

CLEAR and   



Across the world laws are changing rapidly favouring a more evidence-based policy than the one currently in place in the UK. Medical cannabis is now available in Canada, Israel and Uruguay, 23 states of the U.S.A, and its use has been decriminalised in many countries across Europe.


There is an urgent need, not just in Britain, but for governments worldwide to recognise the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and cannabis extracts. In the UK, those fighting for a brighter future, are calling for politicians, our lawmakers, to reschedule cannabis and cannabis extracts from a Schedule 1 Class B drug to a Schedule 4 controlled substance, enabling doctors to prescribe, to encourage research and in particular to aid access to those that need it without fear of criminalisation and confiscation.

Laws have been changed and are changing because public opinion has changed. Information, research, media, government lobbying and grass roots activism are breaking the taboo around cannabis and advancing its medical recognition.


CLEAR is an unincorporated membership association owned and controlled by its members and managed by its executive committee. It exists to bring about change in the laws regarding the use of cannabis for medical purposes and to do so through legitimate means.

CLEAR has some pretty clear aims and objectives:-  

1. To end the prohibition of cannabis

2. To promote as a matter of urgency and compassion the prescription of medicinal cannabis by doctors

3. To introduce a system of regulation for the production and supply of cannabis based on facts and evidence

4. To encourage the production and use of industrial hemp

5. To educate and inform about the uses and benefits of cannabis



MMJ are one of the largest online resources for information on medical Marijuana. They provide breaking news, information, research, personal testaments and discussion on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, cannabis oil, and other cannabis extracts.




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