Change and you


Change is not just identifying that something is broken in your life and trying to mend it.


It is not about identifying how bad or awful you are and trying to be different. You were born perfect; it’s just that years of life’s bruises and conditioning have made you believe otherwise. You are like a diamond with years of dust and decay. But blow them away, get rid of the masks you have created, and the real you, the true you is revealed.


Neither is change Self-development. The True Self  is already healthy, whole, and complete.


Change is not about trying at all, and certainly not trying harder and harder. For the harder you try to break free, to be different, to change, the more you are likely to stay stuck.


There are many natural Laws of life – some you may have heard of eg:-


  • The Law of Attraction – like attracts like, good attracts good, negative attracts more negative

  • The Law of Thinking – as you think, so you get

  • The Law of Receiving – get out and be open, throw your hands in the air and be receptive to all good

  • The Law of Non-Resistance – what you resist, persists, surrender

  • The Laws of Increase of Gratitude - whatever you are truly grateful for, you will attract more


There’s also the Law of Emergence (and many others.)


Think of the butterfly, the symbol of transformation.  The pupa is the stage in a

butterfly's life when it is encased in a chrysalis and undergoing transformation.

It doesn’t eat – it simply waits. It’s not in its encasement trying hard, telling itself to change, berating itself when it doesn’t – at all or quickly enough.

It is surrendering to a natural process (which can take from days to weeks to months)

which allows it to go through transformation and ultimately emergence as a butterfly.

All that it has become, is already within it.


Patience – transformation – allowance - emergence.


When we fight the natural process, we are resisting. When we are thinking negatively we can create nothing positive. And if we are ungrateful why should the universe give us more?


So if there is something in your life you wish would change, be patient, think carefully what that would be, allow the transformation process to do what IT needs to do, not what YOU will it to do, surrender and emerge just as you are.


Don’t seek answers outside yourself. Stop, be silent, listen (same letters in those words but two different meanings) and in time you will hear the vibration of your own inner wisdom.