Make your voice heard

Friends are asking why I bother to run this website; why not lead a quiet life? Most claim to be

on a spiritual path and suggest living in peace and calm; love and light is the way to go, bro!


But only up to a point. Of what good are these philosophies and spiritual practices, daily

meditations, so-called mindful living, living sustainably, healthy eating, cultivating a spiritual

life, if only the individual benefits?


There is a difference between ohming and breathing into transcendence and denial. You don't

need a faux spiritual excuse to not be involved.


Whilst I honour each person’s right to live in their way, I have a deeply held belief that we are

here to serve with peace and calm, serve with love and light. We are here to play our part in

making the world a better place.


That said, many wonder what theycan do, when the world seems to be spinning out of control.

Many things are happening right now that many wish were not, from greed to corruption, 

pollution to toxifying the environment, a dishonest health system, denial of truth to fraud at

the highest levels of our financial, health, and political systems.

Yet you came here with your own unique gift.  You're here because you have a gift. Chances are you're reading this, because there is something inside you that knows it's time to let your light shine and offer your gift to the world.

But where do you start? 

As you may know, there are online trainings that can help you develop your hidden talents and skills, and bring to the world your most powerful abilities...

We all have  different gifts, strengths and weaknesses.


And instead of hiding away, we can each take a stand, we can each be a voice for change, we can each be a change-agent.


What about you specifically?


How well do your spiritual practices, your lifestyle, buying organically, your yoga breathing, your passions and causes and so forth contribute to public issues such as justice, poverty, healthcare – both the medicine we do and the way we do medicine, global transformation, and politics?


“Oh I don’t do politics,” I hear you protest. Well every time you decide you “don’t do” or decide not to vote – you are doing politics!


So this is a call to action to those who are involved in personal growth, raising your consciousness, into healing and well-being; you know what it takes to change one life!  Then why not share that with others, teach, advocate, protest, mediate – and do something to contribute to the greater good?


In the UK, as we approach a referendum on whether to stay in or pull out of Europe, we hear glib phrases that would indicate that politics is currently ruled by speeches to create fear, and in America by personal slandering and attack , ego massaging and self-promotion, that it is hard to discern the real issues and what the proposed strategies for dealing with them could be.


But the public are beginning to awaken, and unless we do so quickly enough, we shall stay asleep and not heed the uprising that is on its way.

So, in addition to your peace chants and feeling bliss, I urge you to consider that that is no longer enough. We each need to take personal responsibility on at least two fronts: -


  1. How do we through ignorance, arrogance, laziness and selfishness let this happen? It’s not all down to “others!” Passive or active, we are involved. When we become aware of what we are individualy doing we can take steps to make a healing contribution.

  2. How can we wake up, inform ourselves, get off our butts, be selfless and help deal with the with decaying structures and fabrics of our societies, the grossly expensive, abusive, inefficient, ineffective systems of public and corporate bodies, the corruption that is Government, the meaningless stimuli, the kind that passes for popular culture and expecting us to passively accept that “this is how it is so put up and shut up!”


By doing nothing we are simply colluding with this useless, meaningless, trap we are falling into…and through taxation THEY get US to pay for our own demise.


I’m not advocating you take up placards and sit on grand committees; committees and review bodies are the death knell of our societies. Mostly always backward looking. In your own way you can articulate meaningful principles for a better way — love, tolerance and inclusivity.


  • Instead of mindlessly reading your latest texts and tweets, if you have a Facebook or Twitter page use it to campaign, to spread a better word, to influence a more highly conscious society.

  • Speak your truth, be authentic – when at a dinner party, do not enter into gossip, judging, condemning and being critical. Draw attention to others by asking how it benefits anyone to sit and slag others off.  Most people limit themselves and try to suggest limitation to others. Don’t let others limit you.

  • Speak your truth at work; sure it may be risky, but no one promised us a risk free ride.

  • Find your passion and your best way to express it.

  • Set up a social enterprise, a charity. Or even just a campaigning website.

  • Be the highest expression of your best self.


We have no excuse to do nothing. Unless perhaps we would prefer going to the grave knowing that life had counted for little.


Speak up and speak out


When I was first ordained as a Minister and developed my healing minsitry, friends somehow expected that suddenly I would be speaking in “holier than thou” terms to others, always turning the other cheek (as they understood that term) being nicey-nice and never raising my voice.


Now it is true that the more I develop my spiritual walk, I do so more in a state of peace, calm and composure and mostly communicate wisdom to another person calmly on a level which they may understand.


But as I’ve also learned, in extreme instances, my GOD-EMPOWERED-SELF asks me to face societal issues often through direct personal experience and has me raise my voice and seem angry or indignant in order to make a point on a level that may wake someone up or speak to another person’s level of evolvement through which they may understand.


Did our well-known activists all achieve greatness and success in their fields because they were meek and humble? In their own way, some silently others vociferously, they challenged convention, health issues, injustice, unfairness, poverty, warfare – they spoke out. Think of


  • Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

  • Gordon Aikman - Scottish Motor Neurone Disease campaigner

  • Joan Baez

  • Dalai Lama

  • Ghandi

  • Mikhail Gorbachev

  • Helen Keller

  • Martin Luther King

  • John  Lennon

  • Nelson Mandela

  • Chico Mendes

  • Peace Pilgrim

  • Marshall Rosenberg

  • Abert Schweizer

  • Mother Theresa

  • Josh Quigley - Scottish Mental Health Campaigner



What can you do to develop your role as a conscious citizen?


  • Wake up. Shake up. Be aware of what is really going on in the world and around you and it is not always what you think it is.

  • Make your voice heard - complain when official services fall short, praise when they do

  • Make representation to your Member of Parliament, your Member of Scottish Parliament, your Member of European Parliament

  • If you must watch TV, watch meaningful programmes.

  • Spend time on the Internet in a mindful, not mindless, way.

  • Know that signing petitions is the easy bit; getting involved takes awareness, information, courage and boldness.

  • Confront bad service, poor customer relations, inefficient systems.  Give your feedback.

  • Quit complaining, influence what you want to happen instead.

  • Develop backbone, not wishbone.

  • Create your own petitions

  • Bring your own passionate causes into public awareness

  • Speak up and speak out.


This is not just about campaigning for better politics and systems for Scotland, Britain, the world; vitally it is about advocating for our individual souls and the souls of our nations and bringing back human meaning before it is too late.

On 27th october 2016, run the Mike Adams, the

Health Ranger, stated, " It's time to break the cycle of complacency and

servitude so that we can move humanity forward. We must move past

the age of centralized government corruption and control. We must take

responsibility for our lives and the repercussions of our actions. It's time

for humanity to end the age of servitude and proclaim our independence

from all the systems of manipulation, deceit and control that try to

dominate our minds (the media, the government, false science, false

social narratives, etc).

In my newest documentary-style video, I reveal how we can all break

the cycle of human complacency and servitude by raising our s

elf-awareness about all the ways we are being systematically

manipulated or deceived."

From the video: "One of the hardest things in the world is to introduce someone to the real world they've never seen. Because they've never lived in it. They've lived in a fictional construct inside their own head. They've been swimming in fictional delusions and belief systems and cultural narratives that simply aren't true. And yet they think that's reality."

Learn how to question your beliefs, question your senses and preempt the social engineering mechanisms that have turned your brain into a puppet of the corrupt establishment.


Make a difference
Change          Agent   

Mike Adams