The Common Cold – Describing the Metaphysical



Using the Common Cold as an example, this may be one of the

best ways of describing the difference between how we view

medicine on a physical level and how our diseases and illnesses

are so much more than a collection of physical symptoms, in

other words the difference between the physical and the meta

(beyond) the physical.


Dis-ease, illness, condition – they are not just physical

manifestations. Long before they appear, our thoughts, attitudes,

behaviours, lifestyles are all playing their part. If we think doom

and gloom we are unlikely to look after ourselves well; that alone

can set the scene for illness.


If those nearest and dearest die, our resultant feelings of loneliness, the void felt inside, all can create space for illness to take up residence. If you are tired, overworked, stressed, and given to readymade processed meals, the stress, the food products, are all conspiring to harm you. 


Disease is not simply about a physical symptom. Which is why our reductionist medical model, treating the symptom, is set up to fail.


For most people, catching cold is simply that – something that happens regularly every year or surprisingly, something that just happens every now and then.


Some talk too of a virus doing the rounds. But why does it latch on to you and not your neighbour? Could it actually have something to do with you?


Have you ever stopped to consider, if it is doing the rounds, why do some catch it, and others not? Is it just the roll of a dice? Is it just bad luck? Or is there something deeper going on.


Conventional medicine so often focuses on the physical – there is a physical symptom ie the cold, let’s eradicate it. There is cancer – let’s get rid of it. There is diabetes – let’s just treat the symptoms for there is nothing we can do about it.


Whatever the dis-ease let’s just medicate it and hopefully get rid of it.


Let’s not remotely consider that any condition, dis-ease, illness, is in fact a messenger, an awakening, a flashing red light telling us we need to change our lifestyle, our thoughts, our attitudes, our beliefs, our ways. No, no, let’s not listen – let’s just try and get rid of it as quickly as possible so that I can go back to “normal” – to whatever it was I was doing that caused it in the first place, setting the scene for reoccurrence. 


Conventional medicine pays little attention to causation – why do we “catch” the cold, why “suddenly” do we get cancer – when in fact it has been building in the body after years of lifestyle mal-living? What are the deeper underlying causes that give rise to our physical symptoms? To what extent are they grounded in our mental, emotional nutritional, spiritual world – the way we run our lives?


But no, we would rather have the quick fix, the little pill for every ill.


Often we are our own worst enemy.


We suffer from ignorance, laziness, and a faulty thinking system, and increasingly, an unwillingness to take responsibility for the level of health and well-being we create.



The Common Cold


The conventional physical approach to the common cold; let’s look at the NHS website


“A cold is a mild viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways. It's very common (once a year is not common!) and usually clears up on its own within a week or two.


The main symptoms of a cold include:


•a sore throat

•a blocked or runny nose


•a cough


More severe symptoms, including a high temperature (fever), headache and aching muscles can also occur, although these tend to be associated more with flu.



What to do


There's no cure for a cold, but you can look after yourself at home by:


•resting, drinking plenty of fluids and eating healthily

•taking over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to reduce any fever or discomfort

•using decongestant sprays or tablets to relieve a blocked nose

•trying remedies such as gargling salt water and sucking on menthol sweets”


All of those are palliative physical approaches.


And yet again form the NHS, the words are of no hope – there is no cure. Yet there is so much can be done if we treat this from a spiritual /metaphysical perspective.


The Metaphysical / Spiritual Implications of Illness and Dysfunction - The Common 'Cold'


General overview


There are many factors that contribute to the descent down into illness and dysfunction.


Stress and fatigue are two factors that have a detrimental effect on physical health and overall well-being. They create repercussions that can be mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual in nature. How stress and fatigue impact on well-being will directly relate to the individual’s ability to cope with life’s challenges. In short how the individual responds to stress is crucial.


Feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness interfere with clarity of thought and the ability to accomplish a task. But without the ability to follow through with a positive intention for wellness, it cannot be achieved – and then the resulting stress and fatigue open the doorway for illness.


It is knowledge that changes how we respond to the What Is in life – and equips us with the skills to cope in new, meaningful ways. It requires an open mind, open to different ways of seeing how things are, how things can be done, and developing a new toolbox.


In the top-down Spirit-Body approach to wellness, the illness is recognised as actually beginning in the spiritual body caused by a break in Trust, Truth, Faith and/or unconditional Love.


The common ‘cold’ because it is a major stressor worldwide as the seasons change, is being used as the main dis-ease or illness with which to describe the more metaphysical / spiritual approach to lack of wellness.

Why Do We Catch ‘Colds?’ and do WE indeed do the catching?


Although there is an abundance of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to ease symptoms, nobody has yet found a way to prevent colds. They just seem to happen and we say weird things like, “They’re doing the rounds this year.” But we can’t see “them” and stories of their abounding are all based in legend and myth.


Still, when we “catch” the “common” cold, the first thing we want to do is get rid of it….that’s certainly what’s common, with drugs or, heaven forfend, a vaccination. That’s not what’s recommended here. Unkess you wish to further compromise your body’s ability to fend of foe’s and fiends.


The Cold as The Messenger


The cold, as with any illness, is a sign to take heed. It is the body’s way of saying, “you need to change your thinking, your lifestyle.” It will tell you once (a wee cold) tell you twice (a bigger cold) and if you just don’t wake up and listen, it gives you the big whammy and something more serious, starting in the lungs, to contend with.


There is Divine Inspiration behind ‘colds’ which means there is something being communicated to us when we get sick.


So what is the Divine nagging for us to hear and to learn?


How a ‘Cold’ Begins


You actually do catch ‘colds’ in as much as, if the conditions are right, as its energy passes through your energy, it will attach itself to you.  The energy dynamic that creates a ‘cold’ is always around you but to actually succumb to its possibilities (sneezing, coughing, sore throat, congestion, fever, headache), you have to literally catch that ‘cold’ or it has to stick to you as it passes by or through your life.


If your life is filled to full and flowing with meaning, there is nothing for the cold to get caught in – it will just roll on by for it will only settle where there I a nice vacuum, a space, a hole, somewhere in your body in which to settle. Your vacuums are life’s empty spaces where you literally feel empty, where you have disconnected (mostly unconsciously) from that which brings you comfort or Inner Peace. As you lose your connection to that which is meaningful and purposeful in life, you create spaces, you dig holes, spaces in which a virus can plant itself.


And how might you do that?


By going through life constantly self-doubting, thinking negatively, judging yourself or others or indeed life, unduly, certainly harshly. It starts out as the common life mantras of:-


What a fool I am.

Life is pointless. I am not going anywhere. I dislike my life.

I hate my life. It’s meaningless and pointless.

Why did I do that. Silly me. What was I thinking about when I did / said that?

And on and on….


Every time you think such a thought, you dig another hole.


Your thoughts tend to create stress in your body, perhaps long before you notice an illness manifest in life.


Your thoughts and the effects stress have on your immune system affect its ability to tolerate the introduction of a viral, bacterial or fungal bombardment on your physical body …that crazy little common cold just passing through your energy field; stress weakens your body, creates vacuums, the cold comes and finds a nice vacuum into which to settle.


So first signs, start tracking your stinkin-thinkin and where YOU are creating stress in your life…and know that such thoughts are cumulative over time.


When you disconnect from life, even fleetingly, with your “oh what’s the points”  and “Och, I can’t be bothereds”- you run the risk of inviting those same agents of misfortunate health consequences to set up camp. Your physical body registers that “what’s the point” or other disconnecting thought and creates biochemical changes in about 1/100 of a second! (It’s raised your cortisol levels, knocked your immune system in a nano second.) So even before you consciously recognise your stinkin thinknin your physical body has already responded. Now one thought, one knock, not much harm done. Just a wee dent. But a small dent on your car, left unattended can lead to rust and rot!


If you go on to think, “there’ absolutely no point. I can’t be bothered” then you’ve just doubled the dose. And so you create more comfy little corners in which the invader can settle and eat away at you.


BUT you CAN in any moment decide to counter your stinkin thinknin and instead align with higher more powerful thoughts and rectify what has happened.  It’s never too late. There is always a thought or an intention that can bring you back into balance. Andit requires not just thought but thought plus new action.


But, imagine, you plough on with more of the same – why does this always happen to me, why do I always get a cold when I’m about to go out and enjoy myself, what a load of garbage this stinkin-thinkin malarkey is.


Did you not hear? You can quit with the negativity in a nano-second by changing your thoughts.


Punishing self-talk and doubt create fertile ground for a ‘cold’ to take hold. They are negative expressions of potential that become manifest in your energy system when you create a vacuum. Negative expression resonates with a vacuum. The vacuum opens the door to the most simple, negative energy in your vicinity, just passing through, as Charlies Landsborough would sing. This will be a ‘cold’ or any other dynamic that creates poor health. (i.e. strep throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia – all just passing through but give them a cosy bed for a moment, and they’ll linger a while.)


Productive, enriching thoughts and self-talk align you with good, physical health. This is just the way energy works. Like attracts like. (This is true unless an agreement on the Soul level is creating the dysfunction.)

And the opposite is true.



Manifesting a ‘Cold’


If the descent into negative expression continues, the fertile ground of doubt becomes fear, trust is broken, faith wavers, and the still point where your own Wisdom would normally guide you, is lost in the fog of the approaching ‘cold’ or other virus. In short, you officially become ill and go down for a count of 7-10 days. And at any moment you could have chosen otherwise. What is not now needed is medi-care, what is needed is self-care.


In general, doubt and fear and un-belief are the initial, negative expressions that create pockets of vacuum in your energy system. Unless you stop the process of destructions, ie of digging those holes in your energy system, you will get sick in direct relationship to the depth and configuration of the holes ie big holes, big dis-ease, wee hole, wee ill-ness..


A ‘Cold’ – Energetically Speaking


A ‘cold’ passing through your energy field looks like a fog, a dense grey, vapor, which first appears in your lungs then travels to the weakest point in you, it seeks out those energy vacuums, those places where you give away your power by th way you think and believe.


Imagine your present life experiences require of you to be trusting, to have confidence, to be open and believing in what is your project of the day.


If you primarily have thoughts that are misaligned from those requirements, you will probably start out getting a head cold, more than likely with congestion directly in proportion to the depth of your lack of trust, lack of confidence (in self, others, or the situation,) or instead of believing in the process of what is happening, doubting and fearing it. In other words, your thoughts are mis-aligned.


If in this process you start bossing people around, saying things you deeply regret, a sore throat (or strep throat) is likely to manifest.   NB – so far, these are all signs to you, if you are willing to read them, that you need to change (a) your thinking and (b) your ways.


But you continue on, ignoring the signs, as most would do, and end up feeling there was something radically going wrong in your life, it’s life’s fault now, you experience feelings of depression and then you support them by thinking you really are depressed, you now feel stuck and trapped, the situation is deepening, your fear of life will likely manifest in your lungs themselves. Depending on the depth of your fear, the vacuum may even fill with the dynamics of viral or bacterial pneumonia. What started out as a small sign, with a small cold, has deepened, to a deeper sign, now in a deep, common cold but which if you were to be physically diagnosed, would probably be classed as pneumonia.


Your doctor may offer you medication. So tempting. The easy way out. But that way you are not required to learn what your part is in the manifestation of a cold.


As you created this dynamic, by disconnecting from life, not believing in yourself etc etc, as described above, you can also uncreate a dis-ease.


Plan of Action:


With conscious awareness, you can make different, more productive thoughts, options, and choices. For instance:


  1. Even though the process of descent begins immediately, ie the body responds to your very first negative thought, even one said in gest eg “OMG, what an idiot I am!” you will have to add to that first thought and continue to think quite a number of self-doubting, harsh judgments before you manifest a ‘cold.’  However, that is not license to be your own free radical and think you have a share of negative thoughts to get through before the cold manifests. It starts building potentially at that first thought.

  2. So, that being said, as soon as you catch yourself thinking negatively – STOP!


• Relax.

• Sit down.

• Make it your primary new intention to come back to a more meaningful, purposeful, and positive thought. If necessary, ask yourself, what would Love have me say in this moment? What am I not seeing or hearing?”

    3. If you have said something you regret, or feel guilty about then forgive yourself, make amends as soon as possible!


    4.  If you feel your life is radically misaligned, get help! because a cold is the least of your possible health manifestations.


                       Seek out professional help or begin to restructure your life as soon as possible.


For instance, if you want to be vibrant and accomplished and you are working a job where your abilities are ignored, get yourself fully on track with vibrancy and move towards accomplishment.


If you want to live an active, healthy, lifestyle and eat poorly and are overweight then make new, strong commitments to yourself and create a support system that keeps you on track.


If you desire a close, intimate relationship then become the best person you can be, first. If the relationship you are in is not healthy, do something about it.

In Conclusion


If you get frequent ‘colds’ or low grade infections, you probably know exactly where your life is out of sync with your desires because your illness will hi-light them.


If you believe ‘colds’ build your immune system then you will be gifted many ‘colds’ and a degenerating immune system – but by all means immerse yourself in your beliefs! Don’t let me stop you. You are simply making way for your immune system to be overburdened. It is YOUR C H O I C E.


If you do not believe in the inevitability of “colds’ then choose otherwise. Don’t subscribe to the myth that we all get one cold every winter! A ‘cold’ is a mild indicator that we are out of alignment with our intentions. It is a messenger. From a ‘cold’ it is a relatively easy way back to fulfilment – if you consider the other, more dire health consequences are possible. I won’t say inevitable. A guardian angel may be looking over you but if you don’t listen, in time your body most definitely will tell you.

Other considerations


The person who gets the common cold is likely the person who holds particular beliefs which will centre round some or all of the following –




Confusion – I don’t know where to go or what to do

Constancy – oh I always get sick three times a year,  every winter, when my relatives come visiting

Danger – in expressing emotions, it’s not safe for me to express my anger

Excuses – being sick gets me attention, gives me permission to rest (rather than authentically saying – I need to rest), I never have time to care for myself

Grudges – I hold a grudge against



Martyrdom – I never get what I want

Negativity – negative world view,

Repression – it’s not safe to express my emotions

Self-esteem (poor) – I’m not good enough, I’m no good, I’m not worthy

Time – I never have time to look after myself, this always happens to me


More specifically beliefs can be phrased as :-


I always come last

I feel I am going to die

I get everything going

I have to meet everyone else’s needs first before meeting mine

I only manage a day off if I am sick

Who me, a martyr?

I only see the bad things in life, glass half empty

I’m not worthy of love

I was rejected by my mother / my father, by …

My father has/had no time for me

My mother has / had no time for me

I am rejecting me

My needs are not met – and I feel sorry for myself, feel angry

Being sick is a way of getting love

The virus is triggered every time I feel angry, unloved, unworthy

The virus is triggered every time I feel worthy (ie I don’t expect to feel worthy!)


What this person most needs to learn


Forgiveness (of self and others)
How to let go – mentally, emotionally, and yes, physically

Letting go of bitterness, resentment, anger

How to lighten up, have fun, to love himself /herself

How to genuinely meet their needs – without needing to be sick, get attention

How to feel and be healthy, while and complete

How to do energy healing focus on the area of support ie the spine


Look at recurring themes of


Accepting and dealing with what is instead of getting stuck in self-pity or fighting it

Creativity – not expressing it ie letting YOUR light SHINE

Dealing with unfinished business

Esteeming the self – without seeking external validation

Frustration that recurs and goes unresolved

Grief – unresolved issues of anything to do with loss

Letting go

Loving the self

Meeting unmet needs

Respecting the self

Valuing the self

Attend to


The Respiratory Tract -metaphysical causes of the following ailments


ALLERGIES: Rejection of people, places, events and objects. Who or what is annoying or aggravating you? Deal with them or if you can’t, let it go. Allergic to yourself and aggravated with what you’re doing or not doing to yourself or for yourself. Only you can heal.


ASTHMA: Inability to inhale, have inspiration for life. Inability to breathe for one’s self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying. Can’t breathe – can’t enjoy life because you are not satisfied with yourself, you keep doing things that are not in your best interest, you’re there for others but not yourself. Frustration of not finding a way of pleasing your parents. Doing things the way others want you to and not expressing your own creativity.


BRONCHITIS (Bronchii bring air to the lungs & take used air back again, therefore, communicate between the inside & outside the world): Needing to get something off your chest. Needing to release & let go. Feeling smothered by someone. Coughing & bringing up mucus rather than sharing your feelings. Something irritating you that you need to externalise. Thinking that you’re not doing things your way.


COMMON COLD: Virus attacks you because of negative attitudes. Leaving yourself out and not being in control of yourself. Crying or grieving that is being repressed. Unshed tears. This can follow the death of a loved one or an emotional shock. Something emotionally you have not dealt with or grieved over. A common cold is called common because it is common not to express how we feel. But it is not natural!


COUGH: Wanting to get rid of the emotions of not being your own master or mistress.


EMPHYSEMA: Not doing things your way. Not being yourself. Can’t give expression to your creativity. Someone has taken the wind out your sail. Can’t exhale, so can’t get enough life.


INFLUENZA: (means to come under the influence of): Not wanting to do what someone else has told you to do & feeling guilty. You need to be giving expression to your own wishes and desires and creativity. Someone or something is having a strong influence on you, therefore, creating doubt & undermining sense of identity or purpose or meaning. You need to legitimately take time to build your inner strength.


LUNG: Frustration, grief, not being able to do things your way


NOSE BLEEDS: Damage to a blood vessel because not satisfied with yourself, therefore, pushing yourself too hard to show that you can do things just as well as others.


PHENUMONIA (INFLAMMATION OF THE LUNGS): An issue inflaming your feeling about breathing – taking in the breath and all of life. Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by burdens of having to cope. Longing to stop and take time out. Needing help but unable to ask for it.  


SINUS: Irritation at one person in particular. Feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Frightened about the future. Low self-worth and low self-esteem. Unable, perhaps unwilling, to break free of old patterns. Don’t know which way to go to solve the issue of perhaps unwilling to accept there is a way. Repressed grief and unshed tears. Need to release blockage to become unstuck.

Describing the common cold ...