Conscious Living

Living fully is to wake up each morning and consciously decide, that is decide with awareness,

that today will be the best day of your life so far.

It begins with just that one thought.

Rev. Andrew Hunter B.Msc

I have a belief that most of us, organisations included, are asleep

and need to wake up or better put, awaken to a higher level of

consciousness, where we live life less from the everyday grind of

fear, worry and anxiety, argument and conflict, dishonesty and

greed, corruption and lack of integrity, and live more from a

heightened state of respect, compassion, Love, and peace.

This website is my contribution to a global movement among the

silent, but growing, many, which is helping people raise their

awareness, raise their consciousness, and live from a more Loving

state, respectful of the spiritual laws which govern not just our

planet, but the wider world beyond.




A practice of daily meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, prayer helps us gain peace.


So too does having a personal philosophy or precepts, teachings  for life.


Ways of living peacefully  based on The Five Buddhist precepts


The Five Buddhist precepts (or teachings) are one of the most foundational ways to practice an aware way of living, or mindfulness for a more peace-filled and healthy way of life.


The precepts are true practices of compassion and understanding, their nature is universal, and they are non-sectarian, non-religious. Anyway, at the level of ethics, of right-living, it could be said that all religions teach the same basic human values and the “Universal Way” appears in some form in every religion. In different ways, all faiths urge people to be more loving, altruistic, morally upright, and courageously truthful. One wonders why, instead, humanity with its free-will has chosen to live in warfare, struggle, judgement, bullying, and such negativity that we witness.


The Five Precepts or Trainings – which implies skills or ways we learn, are taught, or practise


1 … protect life, to decrease violence in one’s self, in the family and in society.

2 … practise social justice, generosity, by giving back to community, not stealing and not exploiting other living beings.

3 … practise responsible sexual behaviour in order to protect individuals, couples, families and children.

4 … practise deep listening and loving speech to restore communication, compassionate understanding, and reconcile.

5 … practise mindful consumption, to help us not bring toxins and poisons into our body or mind; this means not just food but         our daily diet of media, news, what thoughts and spoutings of others we allow to invade our mind.


These Mindfulness Trainings are based on the precepts developed during the time of the Buddha, born some 2,600 years ago. They were to become the foundation of practice for the entire lay (everyday public) community. They are non religious; Buddhism is not a religion in the sense in which that word is commonly understood, for it is not "a system of faith and worship owing any allegiance to a supernatural being, a God. Buddhism does not demand blind faith from its adherents.


In mindfulness, we become aware of what is going on in our bodies, aware of our feelings, our minds and the world around us, and we avoid doing harm to ourselves, other sentient beings, and to the planet.


This is not an imposed doctrine, but mindful ways of living in right livelihood, right consciousness. For many young children today there are alas no such basic values training on which to found their ethical compass.


Incorporating the teachings into wakeful living, helps us be calmer, at peace, centred and concentrated, reveals to us more insight and enlightenment, and has a beneficial effect on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

A selection of other-faith teachings


The Five Buddhist Mindfulness Trainings (See Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices

 by Thich Nhat Hanh.)

The Ten Christian Commandments

The Five Reiki Precepts - in video and song form, first in Japanese then English

The Five Principles and Ten Disciplines of Hinduism

From the Humanity’s Team website  



Humanity's Team is a global spiritual movement whose purpose is to embody the timeless truth of Oneness, which is essential for responding to the world's most chronic and acute challenges, and vital for creating a sustainable world of peace and harmony. We believe Oneness is the energy of love that lies within and connects all of life, allowing us to recognize ourselves in everything. Supported by our profound respect for cultural diversity and responsibility for all of life, we pledge to transform the face of humanity in one generation through living our lives with purpose, each being a loving presence, developing heart-centered personal transformation and leadership programs, and the mindful use of the 5 Steps to Peace. Come and join us in co-creating a world where we care for each other and the planet through the vibrant activities of Humanity's Team's local and global communities.


We in Humanity’s Team see a healing truth in who we are — a truth that heals ourselves, our relationships, our communities and our world. We see that we are all part of the Divine and one with all of life.


This is not a new idea. Prophets, messengers, saints and sages have shared

this message since the beginning of time. It is shared in the Indian Vedas,

in the Old and New Testaments, in most other sacred texts.  Oneness is

also a hypothesis by quantum physicists and other scientists who say

life is a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing

the other.

We Are All One is the one idea that truly changes everything .

When we see the Divine and Self in each other, we cannot help but nurture,

love and support the other. When we embrace and embody our Oneness, we

naturally care for the other person, place or thing. The Divine and Self are in

all of the other, so nothing is left out.


This is the invitation Humanity’s Team is extending — to embrace and embody our Oneness and to extend the invitation to others. This is why we were formed as a movement.


We in Humanity’s Team have set our intention to awaken the world to Oneness in a generation, so children will grow up in a very different world. Many of us are dedicating our lives to this objective and we intend to do this. Then, like other movements before us, we will disband when our objective is met.”



Dr Carol Barnes

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To begin to raise your consciousness : -

  • shift your focus from the negative to the positive

  • when feeling down,  choose thoughts to uplift

  • shift from the destructive to the constructive

  • when thinking "can't"  - think "can"

  • go from the darkness to the light

  • shed light on the dark

  • from the old ways to the new

                                                   ... and see what happens.

Developing a Conscious Mind - A Life of Heightened Awareness


German theologian, philosopher and mystic, Meister Eckhart, once said, “ A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox’s or a bear’s, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.”


Below the superficial levels of the mind – beneath the thoughts and emotions we are ordinarily aware of – lie layer upon layer of the unconscious mind, the land of thoughts and beliefs you are yet to be aware of. Psychologically, it is sometimes called the “cloud of unknowing,” where ancient instincts, fears, and urges cover our conscious understanding.


The deepest flaw in the mind is what Einstein called the “kind of optical delusion of consciousness” that makes us see ourselves as separate from the rest of life, separate from the Source of life – or God -of the name you give that higher consciousness; it makes us think what we see is reality, but it is only real in our minds. Nonetheless we make our lives all about me, it’s all about me.  “I” versus “not-I” runs through everything we see.


Imagine a barrel filled with rainwater and fallen leaves. As you stir the water to remove the leaves, those leaves on top are easy to see and remove but it is difficult to see to the depths of the barrel to see and remove the detritus lying there.


So it is with our mind, every day we have thousands of thoughts stirring around like leaves in the barrel.


To see life as it is, the mind our thinking, must be purified: everything that distorts must be quieted or removed. When the mind is completely still, unstirred even in its depths, we see straight through to the core of our being, which is divine peace.

To raise your consciousness

You can sign and enact the Conscious Business Declaration here.


     Conscious Business



The Conscious Business Declaration

A New Standard for Business in the 21st Century


As a global community of business leaders we are committed to developing the awareness and skills needed to consciously evolve our organizations in alignment with these principles:

  1. We Are One with humanity and all of life.  Business and all institutions of the human community are integral parts of a single reality — interrelated, interconnected and interdependent.

  2. In line with this reality, the purpose of Business is to increase economic prosperity while contributing to a healthy environment and improving human wellbeing.

  3. Business must go beyond sustainability and the philosophy of “do no harm” to restoring the self-renewing integrity of the Earth.

  4. Business must operate with economic, social, and ecological transparency.

  5. Business must behave as a positive and proactive member of the local and global communities in which it operates.

  6. Business that sees, honors, and celebrates the essential interconnected nature of all human beings and all life maximizes human potential and helps create a world that works for all.

  7. When aligned with Oneness, Business is the most powerful engine on Earth for creating prosperity and flourishing for all.