Do you seek more dynamic health and well-being?

Do you desire to  become healthier?


Ready to make some changes?


If so, let me partner with you.


I witness so many people who are in poor health, who talk negatively of their

well-being, their life, their circumstances….and I feel sad that they think that

this is how it has to be. What is perhaps sadder, is they seldom realise their

need for help, or if they do, have little idea where to begin to seek help.




With the National Health Service in the UK less and less able to offer us what we

need, especially when it comes to so many illnesses it simply cannot diagnose,

many of us are finding that we must look beyond conventional medicine

for support. But to where, and with whom? There's so much out there.

More of us are interested in finding new insights into life's issues, to finding ways to

grow and develop, to become healthier...across life's varying aspects such as our

emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, success and prosperity, leisure

and recreation, relationships, fulfilment, and personal and spiritual development.

Taking self-responsibility  is the first step


In working with clients, I first invite them to reflect on how responsible they are willing to be for their health and well-being. My experience is that those who take responsibility for the changes they need to make, beginning with changes in their thinking,  are the ones who will ultimately succeed. Your  time, like mine, is perhaps limited, and so I work only with those who are serious about doing, quite honestly, the deep work of putting into effect the actions they will need to take to change their lives. I love to work with people who have some fire in their belly for creating a new life, a way of better health, better being, better wellness. I have no quick pills. No magic wands. It is you who do the healing. You have to do the work asked of you.


My ways often mean ignoring what conventional wisdom says about what we all should do and, instead, focus on the fact that you, your life, your body, are so unique and different to anyone else’s on the planet and that what you need to heal, to feel and think and be your best every day, will be completely different to anyone else.


I can help you 

I work holistically, spiritually, intuitively, and metaphysically by drawing from the philosophies of : -

Functional medicine (which addresses cause, not just symptom)

Integrative medicine - bridging the gap between the allopathic (ie conventional medicine) and holistic (eg complimentary, alternative, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Shamanic approaches)

Intuitive medicine – whilst a conventional doctor focusses on symptoms, relies completely on logic and physical tests to make a diagnosis and treat the patient, a medical intuitive relies on his “reading” of the patient’s energy, as well as his understanding of the mind-body connection.

Lifestyle medicine 

Metaphysics – simplistically, how thoughts and attitudes influence our bodies—for both health and illness.

Nutritional medicine - which is at the root of so many health challenges and conditions

Psychoneuroimmunology – lovely big word which simply means the influence of emotional states (such as stress) and your nervous system activities and how they affect your immune function especially in relation to the onset and progression of disease ie simplistically, what’s going on in your mind affects what’s going on in your body

Spirituality – yours, not mine – meditation, prayer and guidance from the sacred source! I encourage you to find your way!


In short, I am here to help you find the root of your issue- whether that be mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. There's always a reason as to why something is not right, and I help you figure it out, help you find the signposts that will take you to relevant healing modalities, move your life forward. This is beyond counselling so if it counselling per se that you know you want, I am not likely to be the right fit for you.

Some of the more common aspects I help with:

Health issues



Diabetes Type 2

Fatigue – CFS/ME



Multiple morbidity




Suicidal feelings


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SERVICES with the Radical Healer

Other life issues



Leisure and recreation



Movement and exercise

Personal and Spiritual Development


Skills for life


Success and prosperity

Let's work together

There are, currently, six ways through which The Radical Healer may offer you support, challenge and guidance.


  1. Web wisdom

  2. Web videos

  3. Radical (Metaphysical) Healing 

  4. Personal Development  

  5. Personal life coaching            

  6. Intuitive readings                           

  7. Spiritual Coaching

  8. Spiritual Elderheood

 A ninth way,                                         Programme –


not yet available..

Group of Green Leaves


Counselling I do not offer counselling per se. To find out more click here.

1.  Web Wisdom – you can simply and freely access and use this website at any time          FREE                                                                                              

2. Web videos – videos freely available on YouTube and Vimeo                                              FREE


​…and if you need more

3. One on One  Radical Healing Sessions

Please note, these sessions do not guarantee to (a) diagnose illness or (b) offer a cure.

They provide a platform for you to explore more deeply and thoroughly what underlies

your present health, life, and well-being issues and how you might address the causes.

Radical Healing Session                                                                               £85    Session One

                                                                                                                                 £65    Further sessions


The Radical Healing approach is highly practical and for those seriously committed to their own health and wellbeing, who find that dealing with surface signs and symptoms has not helped, that they have exhausted all that conventional medicine can offer, and so seek to explore at the deeper, causal level, what lies beyond the physical manifestation of illness, condition, or situation. Simply put, you are likely to be unhappy, even exhausted, with your present level of wellness and simply seek to create better health and well-being.


4. One on One  Personal Growth and Development Sessions

Discover and deal with what really blocks you from the life you’re not presently living.

Release the baggage, barriers, and blocks to living well and successfully. Or simply reach out

for support in creating and living your own successful life path!

Personal Growth and Development Sessions                                      £85    Session One

                                                                                                                                  £65    Further sessions


Andrew Hunter has over 30 years’ experience in tutoring, guiding, mentoring, counselling, and coaching in the fields of personal life effectiveness and managing effective relationships from a holistic perspective, including self-esteem and identifying and removing limiting beliefs.

Four words describe what these personal growth and development sessions are about:-

  1. Listening

  2. Guidance

  3. Empowerment 

  4. Success


Listening - I listen deeply to you, how your life is at present, and how you would like it to be, and what seems to be stopping you from moving forward

Guidance - I offer you intuitive insights into your situation to help broaden your perspective and open your mind, and enable you by providing tools and skills to develop to help you move forward in your life 

Empowerment - I aim to empower you to realise your self-worth and self-belief which may have been diminished

Success- I stay by your side until you begin to see that you are definitely moving from where you are to where you want to be. 


















5. E-Mail SOUL-BASED Intuitive Readings

Confusion and uncertainty can reign when we rely on our thinking and intellect alone.

Einstein once said that your way of thinking that got you into a situation will not help you

get out of it. Sometimes it pays to consider something really different, keying in to more

intuitive based guidance.

Intuitive reading                                                                                                  £75   


Andrew Hunter has worked intuitively for over 30 years, increasingly using intuition in all aspects of his work but in an intuitive reading he intentionally decides to work with his intuition, and at a Soul level. If you simply want validation of the surface level life, of things you already know, at an ego level, then that is unlikely to help you much in moving forward in life.


A reading at a deeper, Soul level, offers a broader, potentially more meaningful understanding of you and your potential, as well as examining the various hidden parts of yourself. It is likely to cover all aspects of your life where there is something to note – your thinking, mental state, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life


If something arises that surprises you or you know not how to deal with, counselling is offered, as is healing.


Particularly if you feel stuck in life, a reading can help bring some clarity and understanding and make it easier to access your life purpose and journey on your highest unfoldment.


An intuitive reading talks of your life now and issues you may need to address to move forward. It is psychic and may be mediumistic, connecting with friends and relatives who have passed over. Intuitive readings are different for everyone. The focus can be on anything from identifying blocked energy and past trauma, identifying current issues that need to be addressed to helping you to focus on what you need to do or be in order to take your life forward. It may draw your attention to the need to activate your highest potential and life work, to bring more meaning and purpose to your life.
































8.                           Self-Development and Personal Growth Programme                                                                      Not yet available

You may not have a specific life issue to address but “just know” it’s time for a change, to make an investment in you, to take some regular time for you to reflect on your life - the contribution of your sense of meaning and mission, purpose and goals, your values, to your health, your sense of well-being and life, to becoming a whole person aiming to live a life of integration between your mind, body, emotions, spirit, and soul.

The T Factor Programme                                                Not yet available 


The programme is a series of twelve intensive sessions covering aspects of living –  emotional, mental and physical health, success and prosperity, relationships, leisure and recreation, personal and spiritual development. Life is a journey of discovery and along the way are many adventures, questions, tests, meditations and opportunities for increasing self-mastery. Each stage is designed to allow you to clear out old problems; examine limiting beliefs that may have held you back and to move forward with confidence to the next stage.  

To register for more information when it becomes available please use the contact form.

People sign up for sessions for many reasons. They may seek to:-


  • be more confident at work and in life generally

  • become more emotionally resilient

  • become more present, more authentic

  • build or enhance their self-identity and self-esteem

  • define and carry out a personal development plan, set and achieve aspirations

  • develop better social skills

  • develop spiritual qualities and characteristics

  •  enhance their lifestyle or their quality of life

  • grow spiritually

  • improve self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-understanding

  • learn to programme the mind so the heart will follow

  • improve their beliefs eg around abundance, finances, wealth, health, relationships

  • improve their health (the Healing sessions may be more relevant)

  • manage stress better - at work and in their personal life

  • set up a business

  • etc etc etc

6. Spiritual Life Coaching


From a holistic perspective that integrates the body, emotions, mind, spirit, and soul,

the spirit & soul levels are the deepest, the most profound, and the most instrumental

in creating a truly successful and fulfilling life.

Spiritual Life Coaching and Directing Session                                       £85    Session One

                                                                                                                                       £65    Further sessions


Spiritual life coaching is a process in which you are helped to make changes in your life by changing the way you operate first on an inner deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals, we delve into your deep-rooted beliefs and your connection to the Divine as you understand it or come to understand the Divine. You are enabled to work with the laws of the universe to get what you desire out of life and, importantly, know what life wants of you rather than just accepting whatever comes your way. Spiritual coaching combines mystic healing and allows you to connect with the divine wisdom of spirit as your guide.

  • You may have no spiritual path at present but “just know” there is more to life and feel “called” to live it at a deeper level with more meaning, integrity, authenticity and honesty.

  • You may already be on a spiritual journey but are in need of support.

  • You may feel lost.

I work with people of all faiths and those of no religious or spiritual beliefs.

This is not a taught programme.

To Book

7. Spiritual ElderHOOD - One to One Sessions via Skype

The time has come for a new generation of elders, one set to be true custodians of our planet and all

human life, elders willing to share their wisdom and experience with those that follow them.

Spiritual Elderhood Skype Sessions                                                                £65    

Elderhood is a function - a call to action - rather than an identity; it is not a position earned simply by the number of years you've lived on the planet or the title “parent” or “grandparent.” Neither is it about whether we live with illness or wellness; it is about both. Whatever our situation, as we enter our senior years, it is a time to consider how we might serve the world and its humanity. It's not about doing so by grand gestures but often by simple acts of kindness. It is about a way of life led by clear values, about embracing life circumstances, about contributing and serving.

But some struggle to know what it means to be an elder and often welcome a guiding hand or listening ear. if you feel this is you, then consider a Spiritual Elder Session.  Read here for further information.

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