The power of curiosity

Oh the power of being curious!


Discovering how cultivating an inquiring mind can help me lead a happier, healthier life has

always held great fascination for me.


I often play the “I wonder” game, the “What if…” game and often  suggest others do too,

then to have them come back and say how liberating, helpful, and possibility-expanding

the games have been.


If we focus on what we perceive to be our problem, we become fixated on fixing it. But if we

try to do so with the same mindset that helped us to create the problem, then we will not get

very far, or if we do, the journey will be tired and arduous.


What if (and here’s me being curious) we were to open to our intuition, to the unknown,

to the different, to our creative minds, not our logical, rational minds, and so be open to all

possible solutions from which we can then choose?


What if we were to get up each day and rather give in to “this is how life is” mentality but instead,

throw our arms wide open and openly say to the universe, "today I am open and receptive to all good,

bring it on!" Can you wonder at what might happen?

Instead of giving in to "what is" you open and embrace "what could be."

Instead of "I'm stuck with this diabetes" you say "What might life be like without this diabetes?"

Instead of, "That's just wishful thinking" you say "But what if, just what if, it weren't. What if there was another possibility?"

Be curious


So often we demand that we understand everything before we make a move, we fool ourselves into believing we are in control of our lives, that we need certainty before being willing to, let alone, diving into the vast unknown of life.  Our whole medical paradigm is rooted in, "We must have evidence."  Bu so often, there will be no evidence. And evidenced science does not have all the answers.

So be curious as to how you can take back control of your life.


What if instead of waking up each day and giving in to poor health and negative life circumstances we were to just be curious, to wonder, to follow our nose – imagine the questions we could ask:-


  • I wonder what pleasant sweetness diabetes will show me today

  • I wonder what it would really be like to have a symptom free day? (As we think, so we get!)

  • What if today were really the best, healthiest, happiest day ever – then what would I behold?

  • I really wonder how well today is going to pan out?

  • What if today were the loveliest, most loving, loveable, love-filled day ever?

  • I’m really curious about my test result today – and how that may lead me on a path to healing?

  • I’m due to meet my usually grumpy doctor. I wonder what would happen if I bounced in, shook his hands, and overwhelmed him with an energy of love and healing?

  • I’ve noticed the skies are cloudy. But nonetheless, I wonder what good lies beyond the clouds?

  • World – here I come. I wonder what greatness you have in store for me?

  • What Other Wonders – WOW?


Here’s a clue. The questions are good at freeing your imagination. They are also good for shifting a negative state to one of positive expectancy. So many of us just get up expecting the same old, same old. But we don’t have to!


The world is full of juicy possibilities and enchanting, intriguing, potentials and curiosities, if only we would open our eyes and hearts?   


Imagine if you could truly believe that each day you awaken, having been fully recharged with energy overnight and that each day you have an absolutely overflowing ocean of wonderment to dive into and swim through – I wonder how your life might turn out differently.


What if you woke up  as curious and open to each new day and its possibilities as you would be to a butterfly landing on your finger, a dolphin swimming alongside you, a stranger coming to offer you help.


All you need to do is start each day with an intention to be curious.   


That’s it!  


Nada mas. Nichts mehr. Nothing else is required!  


This is not about solving your problems.

It is about asking you to awaken to each moment in the spirit of wondering.