The power of curiosity and questions

So often, we search for answers, and we look to the world “out there” for doctors, lawyers, and others.


Yet in this search, three things are key:-


  1. Are you asking the right questions?

  2. And do you know the better answers come from within?

  3. Opinions are not the Truth, and are seldom answers.


For more than half my careers, I have spent a lot of time teaching, training,

and lecturing. Sometimes the modus operandi was that a student would ask

a question and look to others in the student body or group for an answer.

If there were ten people in the group, they were likely to get ten responses, but

all of them mostly opinion, judgement, ill-thought through, and considered

from a very mundane (worldly) level. Not very helpful to a student seeking a

more profound, spiritually based answer.


Ask the members of your family what you should do regarding a particular problem and each will give their point of view, from their perspective, often with an attachment to their agenda.


Now all information as above may help you by widening your perspective, increasing the possibilities for solutions but they will often leave YOU with the issue – “What do I do?”


So know – it is YOUR answers which can change YOUR life.


This website is about healing, health, and well-being and mostly from a more metaphysical perspective. But it is equally valid when it comes to changing anything about your life – be it its direction, the quality of your lifestyle, how happy you are, whether you need to change from being less negative to more positive.


And at one level, knowing what and how to change is not the difficult issue, it is doing it. Change is not always dependent upon wealth or other resources, as so many people would tend to believe. And you may believe it is to do with time and inner resources such as confidence, but even they can be managed differently if you enquire about them differently. Instead of saying, “I don’t have the confidence to ….” Start asking questions, especially ones of wonderment, and see what comes up eg “I wonder how I could resolve this if I were more confident?” or “I wonder how I can become more confident?” “What does it take to get from “I can’t” to “I can and a will?””

Let’s drop in two more keys:-


  1. The issue is not that life is difficult, how you see your life, the map through which you view and experience it, and then how you organise it.

  2. The issue when in the hell-hole, what questions can you ask to get you started on the journey out of it?



I see everything in my life as difficult.

My map is one of difficulty – everywhere I look life is difficult.

I seem to always face and experience difficult situations.

I plan for and plan around difficulty, always clearing up my mistakes or others’ mistakes.


How can you turn this around? By using empowering questions, not negative, almost self-hypnotic statements of what is not possible. By using power questions that light a fire, the fire of flames of possibility. So often we just want a quick answer but unless we ask the right questions, we can’t get the right answers.


Well framed questions have the power


To create

To inspire

To help you reflect

To help you consider

To generate ideas never before thought of

To change you and your life


But you need to give the question time and space to go to work;

sometimes answers come straight away, in dreams, or even the next day –

and in mysterious ways.



Imagine for a moment, your life has lost its sparkle and you too are losing yours. Now you could ask, “What must I do to get the sparkle back in life?” And you may get ideas like move work, get a new partner, move house, decorate – house and self, or take a break and so on. And all that might answer too the question of how you can find your sparkle again.


But what if you were to ask, “I wonder how I can be the best version of me possible?” I wonder then what answers you would get. I’d bet, substantially better quality. Because you’ve not just asked for any old idea but how to be the best expression of you ever possible.


You may argue, “But I am perfect.” And maybe you are. But remember, the key is in the question. So why not ask, “How exactly do I know I am the best version of perfect I can be and for the greater good of all concerned?”

I wondered what questions I could have you ask. And I got a list of fairly low key, average, everyday ones. But not ones that push you to be fulfilled, have a life of health and meaning, really be the best you can be not just for you but for those in your life, and indeed the wider world.


  1. Is my state of health the best it can be? If not, what would a best state be?

  2. And my well-being? It is the best it can be? If not, what would a best state be?

  3. Am I being the best version of me possible? How exactly do I know?

  4. What am I resisting in life that would be the difference to make all the difference?

  5. For me and for others!

  6. What changes in myself do I keep putting off? And, ouch, WHY?

  7. Am I being the best me I can be consistently for myself and others?

  8. Am I a good friend who keeps her / his word - all the time?

  9. If I saw a friend live in the self-destruct lane, how honest would I be with them?

  10. If I were on self-destruct, how open would I be to hearing the uninvited words of wisdom from a good friend?

  11. Am I lazy?

  12. Am I guilty of not informing myself?

  13. Am I scared to be radical and bold?

  14. Do I love myself? How do I know? In what ways specifically?

  15. Is it more important for me to be right or to love?

  16. What is the more important glue of life – money or love? How does each play out in my life, for good or not so good?

  17. How often am I negative about myself, or put myself down?

  18. How positive am I about me? How often do I praise myself and give myself praise?

  19. What dreams have I yet to manifest?

  20. How do I value my creative energy? How do I express it?

  21. What would I do if gifted more free time – more of the same which leads me not very far, or bright sparks and creative ideas?

  22. What is currently on the backburner – waiting for the right me, the right time, the right resources, the right moment?

  23. What if I were to move all excuses?

  24. Having identified changes now needed, am I prepared to face the big question? Am I NOW prepared to stop procrastinating and take action?

  25.  If not, why not?

  26. And if not, then when?


Now you’ve read. Now what? That’s another key question.

I am open and receptive

to being

the best me possible