Eczema, psoriasis

and all things irritation

“I don't have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation.”
Whoopi Goldberg



On this page I want to address various things skin and itch. And you are probably just

itching to get to the point, where your questions are answered. Be patient!


When our skin itches, life can seem unbearable. No matter how much we aim to be

patient and not scratch, we just cannot resist the temptation.


Hence why I highlight this itchy subject on the website. I also highlight it as another way

of helping you understand metaphysics, to explore the story behind your illness, finding

ways to the cause, hopefully helping you get to the root cause of your own conditions.



Skin conditions


Conventional medicine will tell us that skin conditions primarily will include






VITILIGO or Skin pigmentation.  



I want to start this page by referencing in particular, psoriasis and eczema as I find, sometimes, people are confused between the two. We’ll begin with the conventional, allopathic medicine perspective then move to how we can view such conditions metaphysically and perhaps gain some insight on why we feel the urge to purge or why things get under our skin.


Understanding eczema – conventionally


Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, can be a long-term condition affecting the skin. It occurs because of a hypersensitivity reaction which causes the skin to overreact to certain triggers, such as dyes, fabrics, soaps, animals, and other irritants….which is why if you present to your doctor, they will be puzzled and often ask if you have changed soaps recently, do you have any pets in the house. In some cases this may indeed be a useful approach but in general it is a limited line of enquiry.


Eczema is very common in infants but many people outgrow the hypersensitivity by childhood or early adulthood.


Skin may appear red, inflamed, peeling, cracked, blistered, or pus-filled. Generally, it’s not covered with scaly dead skin  as in psoriasis but as with psoriasis, dermatitis can occur anywhere on the body and causes intense itching, at times both infuriating, painful, and debilitating.


Most eczema can be cleared with topical treatment. But it is not a cure because in treating with a cream, we are simply treating symptoms. The symptoms recede and we think we’re cured. We are not. We have not treated the cause, let alone explore what the cause might be.



Understanding psoriasis - conventionally


Psoriasis is a chronic (ie on-going) autoimmune condition -  a condition arising from the body thinking a normal body cell or part is a foreign body and so decides to attack it - that results in the overproduction of skin cells. And so, a thick patch of white scales develops and is characteristic of psoriasis. The dead cells then build up, one on top of the other, into silvery-white scales. The skin then becomes inflamed and red, causing serious itching, and if we scratch then    …… the more we irritate the situation.


It’s said there’s no cure for psoriasis. However, some topical pharmaceutical treatments can put the condition into remission. But again, it is not cured. (The condition isn’t contagious.)


In conventional medicine, there are numerous types of psoriasis


Guttate psoriasis


Guttate psoriasis causes small (less than 1cm or 1/3 inch) drop-shaped sores on your chest, arms, legs and scalp. There's a good chance that guttate psoriasis will disappear completely after a few weeks, but some people go on to develop plaque psoriasis. It is more common among children and teenagers.

Inverse (flexural) psoriasis


This affects folds or creases in your skin, in areas such as the armpits, groin, between the buttocks and under the breasts. It can cause large, smooth red patches. It can be made worse by friction and sweating.


Nail psoriasis


Psoriasis can cause your nails to develop tiny dents or pits, become discoloured, or grow abnormally. They can often become loose and separate from your nail bed. In severe cases, your nails may crumble.


Plaque psoriasis


This is the most common form. Symptoms are dry, red skin lesions, known as plaques, which are covered in silver scales. They normally appear on your elbows, knees, scalp and lower back, but can appear anywhere on your body. You may experience itchiness, soreness, or both. In severe cases, the skin around your joints may crack and bleed.

Pustular psoriasis


Pustular psoriasis, quite rare, causes pus-filled blisters (pustules) on the skin. Different types of pustular psoriasis affect different parts of the body.


Scalp psoriasis


Occurs on either parts of your scalp or on the whole scalp. Its symptoms are red patches of skin covered in thick silvery-white scales. It can, for some, be extremely itchy, while others have no discomfort. In extreme cases it can cause temporary hair loss.




Although conventional medicine has little to offer in cases of eczema and psoriasis, it is always best to seek medical advice. Remember, they will not go seeking a cause or treating the cause. They will simply treat symptoms. Their need is to eradicate the symptom.

The  Metaphysical approach 

As you read on remember that in metaphysics we go beyond the physical symptoms to explore the deeper, often hidden underlying causes of a condition.


Metaphysical healing is part of the larger field of Energy Medicine. It is based on the belief that negative mental, emotional or physical patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in  dis-ease or illness; and that the reversing of those negative patterns into positive patterns, can in turn, lead to healing. In other words, if you go through life believing you are unworthy and of no value, don’t be surprised if life gives you illness.  After all, the message you send out is – I am of no worth, I am of no value, I have nothing to offer, so just cover me up and let me be invisible. For brevity, that’s the simplistic version of metaphysics.


The individual, therefore, can be his or her own judge and jury, their own creator of illness or healer, responsible for creating either health or illness.


Metaphysics asks us to be responsible for our part in the creation of a condition.



Understanding the metaphysics of psoriasis


In psoriasis, we itch; a physical itch appears when you want something or want to be doing something, but you won't let yourself have it; either you won’t let it happen or believe you are unworthy of having it happen.


With this person, often you are too busy serving others that you pay insufficient attention to your own needs and desires.


You believe someone is in your way; but often, you keep them there. You are reluctant to let go. You so want to serve others, it’s as if you tell yourself they cannot do without you - but you have to need yourself; you have to serve yourself and that means honouring your creativity, your passions, what you came here on earth to do but without ego. You’re always putting others, and work, and events, first! That is the role of the martyr.


With psoriasis, you probably believe life circumstances make it impossible for you to fullfill your desires; you are too busy, too important, your job is important, you’re on a mission. "Look how wonderful I am." This, however, subconsciously preoccupies and exasperates you. But who but you creates your life circumstances?  Every day, with every thought and every choice, it is you who shapes your life circumstances. Why get annoyed at people and circumstances?


So, the body’s message through psoriasis is clear


take time to pay attention to your thoughts, your beliefs, and how they are shaping your life, including your health. And in particular notice the mask you wear, the image you project to the world, and the toll it is taking to maintain it.


In exploring the metaphysical meaning of a condition, with psoriasis, pay attention to what part of your body is itchy or covered with redness or eruptions and what that part is used for. The location of the itch will have a direct metaphysical correlation. Let’s explain.


As the skin is representative of the outer self, or personality, you may be afraid of what people might think of you if you take what you want from life. You’re afraid people would see you as greedy, inconsiderate, selfish and so on.


Or maybe you're afraid of hurting someone's feelings.


Psoriasis gives you a chance now to examine your thoughts and beliefs, and whether they really matter or even true. Are people really so focussed on you, or are you like yesterday’s news, here today and gone tomorrow, they are more concerned with their own lives.


Other parts of the body just as examples (but find more here on the website on metaphysics of disease) 




If the itch is on a finger, then which one, for each has different meanings eg


Thumb – is about worry, always thinking. Being 'under someone's thumb'

Index Finger - fear of authority, or egotistical; abusing your authority, trying to be too controlling, demanding, teachy

Middle Finger – is about anger or insecurities of intimacy - if you repress the anger, it has to escape somehow

Ring Finger – tells of grief, of love, issues with commitment

Little Finger – usually means ignoring your own creativity, or issues with linking to family.


If your issue was pain on a certain finger, research pain, and, if it was itching or flakiness, research those words or skin conditions.




Skin problems indicate that at some deep level you live with (often unconscious) anxiety, fear and feel you and your life in some way could be threatened. (But consider where the skin problem is.)




If the itch or skin flakiness or rawness has spread to the stomach then consider how much of the following may be true for you


  • there is something in life you dread eg it could be a family celebration coming up and you are dreading it or dreading that you will not be sufficiently organised

  • you fear the new so will cling to the status quo, even if it is killing you; deep down you know you need to make changes, after all your body is giving you signs and symptoms, but you have a fear of stepping in to the unknown

  • you lack nourishment – life does not nourish you, a loved-one does not nourish you, you do not nourish yourself, you do not take time for yourself  - and the message in life is only you can be responsible for yourself. Unless for a little child, it is no one’s responsibility to nourish you as an adult.


Make sure that what you're itching for or to do is not simply a whim and that it's something you deeply desire. If it's just a whim, let go without wanting to control everything and put it off for a while. If you really desire this, identify your fears that are holding you back and take action to face and address them.



Psoriasis has much to teach us when considered from the metaphysical perspective.


Remember we are not just a body – we are body, mind, emotion, spirit and soul …whether you agree with that or not.


Metaphysics, (met – beyond, physics – the physical) beyond the body, the physical, takes us into the world of emotions and spirit and soul, without any need to get religious about it.


Psoriasis – the story


Psoriasis is about learning to touch and heal as a servant of the divine – however you see and experience the divine, the source of all, the power greater than you but of which you are a part.


It is about calming the body with one’s hands, sharing intelligence, truth and wisdom with others or at least, psoriasis is when we withhold our wisdom, truth and intelligence...perhaps because we defer to much to rules and authority. You may share your wisdom but do you deny your truth?


Whilst psoriasis is very visible therefore vey physical, when it comes to what it is about, it comes more from our inner world, our thoughts and beliefs, our relationships, especially with the self, with the divine, and with our outer lives and how we connect to them. I am not talking about our material world, our money, cars, and houses, but what we see in nature, in the unseen, in the mysteries of life.


Mentally and emotionally, psoriasis emerges out of the depths of a painful past, in this lifetime or a previous one, which the soul has brought with it for this lifetime’s learning. Sometimes we don’t know what was painful in our past, for in childhood what is painful is to the person on the receiving end often “just normal!”


But if you are aware of painful memories, the psoriasis personality often does not wish to face them for fear they may not be the good person they strongly desire to be and wish the world could see. Did mummy and daddy not keep telling you to be good or else ….


You may feel that painful memories stem from events for which you were responsible but often that is not the case; were you as a tiny child responsible for your parents arguing, for their break up, for their debt, for all their stresses and strains? Were they absent parents?


As I speak of past lifetimes, it may be, regardless of your beliefs on past lives, that you are a very old soul who is highly sensitive and somehow has been called to deal with the wounded, those for whom life is unfair and unjust, who are born into or experience negative circumstances. Yours will be a call to help but to be able to help others we often first are called to our own healing otherwise we end up with the body giving us messages, through signs and symptoms, that we have been ignoring our own needs. You cannot give what you do not have.


Individuals with psoriasis must consider their own healing, not just on a physical level; often they will have to explore things of significance that are bothering or deeply upsetting them. Whilst on the battlefield soldiers will experience much that is traumatic but in service, they get on with the job.  But once home, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder takes over, and to begin with, many soldiers ignore the signs and symptoms, almost until the body says, “enough is enough.” Soldier or not, is your  body, through psoriasis, or any other illness, screaming, “enough is enough, you have to change?”


The person with psoriasis has a sensitive soul and not out to complain and make trouble, best let sleeping dogs lie for fear of bringing up too much past. And so, in all they see and do, we are more likely to see someone who is calm and gentle on the surface but the risk, then, is that they will have explosive outburst.


At the same time, their soul needs to express itself, perhaps it yearns to be more creative, to sing a different song, to serve humanity differently,


They yearn for quiet, calm moments, for privacy and peace but it is as difficult to find that as it is to heal, and so they carry on as before. The good old status quo.


And this pattern makes it difficult to heal psoriasis; if we are having a flare up it is at a time when our soul most longs for calm and peace, to be creating the new. As with eczema, in times of flare up, let this be your guide, the moment you notice the symptoms be it of red raw or flakiness, take that as a sign to stop, to reassess your priorities, to create space just for you, to attend to your needs, to fullfill your creative passions, your desires. There’s a lot in that. Stop and re-read it! For a moment you have to forget that others may want you serving them – they may WANT you, but they do not NEED specifically you for if you are not here, their world will somehow go on. We are all dispensable.


Psoriasis is an expression of the soul, seeking to find way to your best creative expression. Something is itching its way out of you. Consider, though you may doing work or living a life where you are busy and doing what you might consider as your best, is it what you are really here to do? Really heed the voice of your creative self. And do not lightly dismiss that perhaps you are here to be creative in the healing arts.


One healing approach to be tried at this time may have more to do with the mind, your thinking.


Ask yourself, what thoughts do you have about yourself – who or what do you see when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see, or are you always berating yourself? What do you find unattractive about yourself/Why can’t you accept yourself just as you are? Is this something you need to work on?


Do you feel you just want to hide away? Well the antidote is to get out there, be seen, be fully you. Give expression to your most beautiful self. The world waits for you to grace it with your presence.


There is a time for being alone and creating and there is a time for sharing all you bring to the world; now is not a time for shrinking away. Often, people learn more from our humility and in our being as we are than neatly tailored seminars, pretty dresses, smart makeup.


Ignore that people may judge, that is their problem. Come to terms with how you truly feel about those you love, without guilt or any strings attached, leave them to make their way through life.


Your body is giving you signs; it is telling you how you feel and that it is tired and sore and irritated, inflamed even, as well as confused -perhaps as to why you have manifested the condition. All your body can see is the wonderful being you are.


Your body is asking you to be really honest with yourself and to be willing to relinquish the status quo.


Ask yourself, is it true you do not want to go on living the life you currently do. Would you rather not express that little or not so little inner child, let it out to play, have fun, and go exploring? Even as you do a lot that is good, do YOU have enough time for YOUR fun and creation? Be spontaneous. If you are always pitching up or sacrificing, then just for once, at least, say, “Today, I shall look after me.” Get out, sing, dance. Do something silly or even reckless. Share your wisdom. It is only you who traps you in your own mind and body.


Ask yourself, “Do I dread letting others down?”


Here’s the rub. You do so much for other people but deep down you can tend to blame others for your not being able to get out and about and do what you want.


If you had an unfulfilled dream or ambition, yet to be expressed, what’s really stopping you – apart from yourself? It’s not other people. It’s your sense of responsibility to other people, even children.


All this lack of personal fulfilment, the limited expression of our creativity,  causes the irritation and pain.


Yet the skin is saying, “Let me out!”  It cries out to be free, but the ego self, the little self, rebukes and says, “No, here I am. What about me! If I suffer, you too must suffer.”


I can’t say it often enough; at this time you need to give yourself permission to reappraise your priorities and to put yourself to the top much more and often than you do.


Now is a time for total and deep commitment and reflection about your life so you can create a serious plan of action for healing and health.


You are here to offer healing balm to self and others -  it’s just you may need to consider a more “hands on” way of doing it to how you have performed till now.


Medication has its place but will not cure psoriasis; healing must come from within, a change of beliefs, thoughts and ways of working.


Whether religious or not, one can learn much from the parables of Jesus as master healer. What would change if you were to believe you too were a healing servant of the Divine?


Understanding the metaphysics of eczema


Just in case you skipped over psoriasis – much written there still applies. Re-read and notice what resonates or pings your inner ding.


First of all, although on a physical level, eczema is a sign you may be gluten intolerant – gluten sensitivity or intolerance is a condition that causes a person to react after ingesting gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Symptoms vary widely and can include gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, fatigue and depression. Often we over-ride those symptoms but if you have them, your body is giving you a message. Gluten intolerance is now recognised as a real condition, after many years of being ignored by the medical community


Gluten sensitivity / intolerance should only be diagnosed after first ruling out wheat allergies, celiac disease and gluten ataxia, using blood and other tests that can pinpoint those recognized disorders.


Second, diagnosis should include testing for AGA antibodies in the blood, though these are not always present.


Third, there should be a noticeable improvement in symptoms on a gluten-free diet.


That’s a physical foray.



Reminder: - metaphysics goes beyond the physical, and our conditions are caused by thoughts in our subconscious,

most of which we are unaware of.

In the case of eczema we find the following thought and beliefs:-




I was hurt (when) by (x) and I have never dealt with it. That hurt is trapped in my mental / emotional body and needs to be released. (Try EFT, Acupuncture, Qi Gong)

My life is such I am not able to …..

By focussing so much on others, I am stopping myself from …. they are not stopping me

I spend little time on me

I can be overly sensitive

I give, and give, and give but then sub-consciously get irritated when people don’t appreciate my generosity

I resent

If am honest, I am angry at ….

I am stuck in left brain thinking  (logical, analytical, crunching data) and not  honouring my right brain, my creative, desire for fun, spontaneity, soul-led pursuits

I’m always covering my back, looking over my shoulder, looking  out for danger ….


This person is probably one of life’s “please others” always there for others to the extent they ignore their own needs, desires, and wishes – at least the ones that are truly important eg …


Heeding the voice of the soul

Heeding their creativity

Heeding the bang of a different drum


They may do work they say they enjoy, and they genuinely do, but is it the work they came here to do? Is it serving how they were meant to serve? Is what they do fulfilling their passion? Does it make their heart sing? See fuller explanation under psoriasis.


In metaphysical summary (remember these are all linked in as much as they are to do with the skin and skin conditions.)


ACNE: the person with acne often finds it difficult to or does not wish to face up to new things. Instead of facing present time, or being hopeful of the future, their thoughts will often regurgitate the past.

Acne, which shows eruptions of the skins, metaphysically is an eruption of all the conflicting & tormented feelings locked inside from the past and never faced or dealt with. They are mainly feeling of difficulty in accepting the self, of low self-esteem but way deep down the person longs to be rid of the unsightly eruptions, to not only accept themselves but to be loved and accepted by others, to be truly held. Your inner beauty is there, allow it to reveals itself to you. No more thoughts of self-hatred, of unlovability, of lack of worthiness. Change your negative self-talk.


ECZEMA/DERMATITIS: if we think we are in some way unattractive, feel unworthy or inadequate, we will always be trying to distance ourselves from deep contact with the world. Oh we may be ought there “doing” lots of things in the world, but often at a price, because our inner being is enflamed, almost at war with ourselves. At times we can feel like a volcano, calm for long periods and then our mental eruptions just have to express themselves – not in words but in skin conditions. What have you been stuffing down all these years? Who or what antagonises you that you never truly acknowledged and deal with? With these skin conditions, we perhaps carry the sub conscious thoughts or even aware beliefs that someone or something is getting under our skin, or we may feel overexposed, out there in the world, doing, doing, doing but not really taking notice of ourselves. We experience extreme sensitivity to circumstances & emotions but swallow them down. Being busy is often our way of isolating & locking ourselves inside because of fear in coming out, of showing the world who we truly are. Remind yourself that you are safe and secure, and that peace and harmony is yours once you can allow it. As you think, so you get.


PSORIASIS: Someone with psoriasis is said, metaphysically, to be unwilling or reluctant to face something; it could be a person and the impact they have on the person with the condition. As with other skin conditions, a person with psoriasis is also like to have beliefs running that they are not worthy of loving, being loved, or living. But people will have different beliefs. This person is likely to have been raised fearing rejections, always wanting to please a parent, say yes so that they don’t get hurt, they really fear getting emotionally hurt, but it would also appear that no matter what the child does, it can’t get what it recognises as appreciation from its parents. It may live with feelings of deep shame or guilt about an issue, so, in a sense, hides, wears a mask, covers up the skin. They may also have zoned out ie deadened their feelings. They find it difficult to take self-responsibility for all this, for their life, for their health and well-being…indeed, right now, if this is you, you are likely to be denying any of this is true. Keep reminding yourself that you are open to the joys of life and from herein on you deserve the very best. Only you can truly love and approve of yourself. That is your responsibility. Not someone else’s.


SHINGLES: This person is always looking over the shoulder, just waiting for something to go wrong, especially waiting for and dreading that something should happen that would humiliate them. As a result they live with high overwhelming stress, and constantly high cortisol levels create the conditions for many illnesses, shingles is usually just the warning that you need to deal with your negative thoughts that fuel your stress. Feeling guilty about what you don’t want to face, you fear you will be found out about. When you have probably not done anything massively wrong. You too will live with feelings of unworthiness brought on by stress which depletes the immune system and a weakened immune system opens the door over time to so many illnesses. You are likely to be highly sensitive so reading up on how to accept and honour rather than deny your sensitivity would be no bad thing. Shingles often results from not dealing with deep anxieties and inner pain and so builds up over time but realise that as it has been doing so, the emergence of shingles is like the body’s last ditch attempt to get you to change.


VITILIGO: Otherwise known as skin pigmentation. Here, the person again sees themselves as the ugly duckling and can’t face looking at themselves, not just in the mirror, but facing their whole life, their outer and their inner, their beliefs, their thoughts, their ways. This person will likely find it difficult to find their place in the world, to belong, to fit in and as such they may have developed a rather dominant, self-deprecating persona. And who likes a pity-party party-goer, which is a sure way of proving that you don’t belong. “Look, no one loves me.” Remind yourself, whether you yet believe it or not, that you are at the very centre of Life and are totally connected in Love.


None of the above should be considered in isolation. When doing your research, research also for the spiritual / symbolic / metaphysical meaning of : -


Skin problems generally

Liver problems

Adrenal fatigue

Temple pain /pressure



Go through all the information on this page, take note of the phrases that strike out at you, then ask yourself what they mean to you and what you are going to do about them.





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