Energy leeches - energy stealers

It's so important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy. Losing your cool makes you tired. Getting angry a lot messes with your health.

Joyce Meyer

Most of us have people in our lives who make us feel happy. You too?


Have you noticed when you spend time with them, your happiness lifts and grows?

This is a positive message not from some unseen, woo-woo force out in the Universe

but from your own human energy system telling you that you and this other person

are sympatico, in rapport, in alignment.


We are not just a physical body with physical ailments (and now reluctantly are

agreeing we can have mental ones too) and I wish our health services would recognise this.

When you engage in positive relationships, then inside your body, a feel-good factor

is triggered, a chemical reaction occurs and fuels your immune system and sends good

energy throughout your whole being - your auric field, enhancing every part of your life

and life systems. The aura is the electromagnetic field that exists in and surrounds the

human body and every organism and object in the Universe.


It is called the "Human Energy Field" and is a collection of electro-magnetic energies of varying densities that permeate through, emit, transmit, and exit from the physical body of a living person.


This auric field surrounds the body approximately 2-3 feet on all sides and extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.


There are seven levels or auric bodies that make up the complete auric field. Most of u are aware only of the physical – some of the physical and the emotional. And maybe, just maybe, about the importance of the mental.

Physical Body: dense, about movement and awareness, physical sensations.

It is about the fears of the physical body such as sickness, ageing, and death.


Etheric Body: about relationship between the material (physical) body to the

higher bodies that now follow.


Emotional Body: addresses feelings and emotions and is connected to our past

and stored emotions.


Mental Body: about self-knowledge and reflects the conscious mind, logic, active

thinking, and intellect. It is associated with our "ego".


Astral Body: the bridge between the physical planes and the spiritual realm.

It is the body that experiences and reflects unconditional love.


Etheric Template Body: the body of "divine will" and the place for the present

and all possible futures. It is connected with the balancing of the lower etheric body.


Celestial Body: works on the intuitive level and mirrors the subconscious mind that

is in the inactive part of our brains, associated with the "higher" emotional aspects of

spirit and is the place of knowing universal love and the divinity in all things.


Causal Body: vibrates at the highest energy frequency and is the place where the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind which in turn communicates with the soul. It is the place of universal consciousness and connection out to the "universal all that is". We are connected to all that is – we are not isolated physical human beings.


As you can see, each of these has bodies has their own frequency, purpose, and are inter-related. The auric field in which they reside, is a holistic, integrating system, not yet recognised by conventional medicine which tends to focus primarily on physical signs and symptoms. The physical is but one, the lowest level, of the whole auric field. The seven fields affect the whole person on every level of being -- emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual, a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leading to a state of imbalance in the others. The physical body is the tangible form, the one most familiar to us and medical professionals.


But we are more than just our physical body. So if we treat only the physical, we are not necessarily treating the condition on our other levels. This is the current medical paradigm – it deals primarily with the physical. But it is not enough and they make a nonsense of what it means to be patient centred. This patient believes in holisticism, not just the physical. But the NH and its insistence on treating only the physical, leaves me emotionally, mentally and spiritually unhealed.


There are also other types of relationships that leave us emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted, drained, deplete. Sometimes this type of energy drain can be so depleting that we don't have enough energy in our bodies to accurately discern what the causative problem might be. It’s why we don’t feel healed in a hospital as they are not places of healing – they are places of physical, functional management. They do not tend to your emotional, spiritual, and other well-being needs, crucial to your healing. Even their pastoral chaplaincy is oft relegated as a separate department, often out of sight, and has little presence in the body of the organisation. It is not integrated.


But back to our energy depleting relationships.


Say we meet with a friend for lunch, and we knowingly eat all the wrong stuff – telling ourselves we are having a “day off” from healthy living and are “having a treat.” A little later after the meal and the reunion, we feel completely exhausted but being creatures of being aware primarily of the physical body, we put it down to all the carbs, calories, and sugar we just ate. It’s a physical thing. Or is it?


In our sugar-dazed state, we don’t make the deeper connection, ie an “another level” connection and realise that our friend is actually an energy leech or zapper – they feed off our energy. Their negativity feeds from our sweetness! The type of person who depends on getting their energy needs met through others typically through off-loading their life stories, their current frustrations and complaints, by being dramatic and melodramatic, and usually exaggerating their life experiences by pumping up the negative and awfulness of their life. They engage in “woundology” and getting everyone around them worked up listening, feeling sorry, empathising and as these friends send out waves of energy of care and interest and concern, they are effectively releasing hormones endorphins and adrenaline which the energy leech then sucks up from all around. The friends nearby, however, are being robbed of their energy and will end up feeling tired, exhausted, and zapped.  If this happens regularly or constantly, in the case of living with an energy leech, then your health may suffer. A car soon runs out when it is not fuelled, oiled, or maintained. 

What to do?


So the message is clear; when being around other people protect you own energy field. You can do this in a number of ways :

Some of these ideas may be more attractive to some readers than others.

Firstly, if there are energy drainers in your life, there are some practical things you could consider doing:-


  1. Clear them from your life.

  2. Avoid them as much as possible

  3. If they live with you or you meet them regularly, you may need to offer feedback about how their behaviour affects you and make a clear request as to what would help you instead. Of course, they may decline, or may be unable or unwilling to change.

Example: - you have a friend who monopolises time each time you meet. He just talks and talks at you, it’s always his agenda, he expresses no interest in you. He always seeks your advice, you give it, then he finds lots of reasons to dismiss it. He says he believes in compassion and quality listening, but never shows those towards you. Indeed, when you talk of anything important to you, he just starts to yawn. THAT IS DRAINING. It’s all about his needs, never yours.

You could ask if he is aware of his habit and its impact on you.

Or you may need to confront it. “John, I notice each time we meet, the conversation seems to revolve around only you. I feel unheard and unlistened to. I’d appreciate it if you could find your way to …..” and be clear what kind of behaviour you would prefer.

These are seldom easy conversations but sometimes we have to set some boundaries in order to preserve our energy.

On a more spiritual, metaphysical level you could : -

1. Protect yourself – by imagining your whole auric field – remember you

are in the middle - is housed in a beautiful Faberge egg. Negative energies

from the outer world cannot break through its shell to touch you,

and equally your positive energies are held within, only released

as you direct.

2. Say a prayer – and prayer is not only a religious practice – asking

your Higher Power, Spirit, Source to remove from you all negative

energy and to help you retain within you all positive energy. I always

add in “And may you guide and protect me today.” It can then help

to visualise all negativity leave your body and enter the vast drain

into earth (where it becomes transmuted to positive energy) and

then imagine you are infilled and surrounded by a ball of white light.

3. Invoke the presence of Archangel Michael – to wield his mighty

word to cut away all negative influences then to offer you support

and protection to deal with everyone in ways that are for the greater

good of all concerned.

4. Cut the cord – this is where you imagine that your heart is connected

to the heart of another by a black cord. Say a prayer, or ask Spirit or

Archangel Michael to then cut the cord, thus cutting the energy flow

between you and the other.

5. Research other ways on-line – from aura cleansing, smudging, using

crystals and so on which can help you protect your energy.

Protecting your energy field

For some of you this may be a bit

different so allow your buttons to

be pushed and go with it!









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