Financial Health

As much as we need a prosperous economy,

we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency.

Caroline Kennedy

Our beliefs create our reality. If you have struggled with money most of

your life, chances are that something happened when you were young

causing you to create limiting beliefs around money and prosperity.

Trace back to your early years. What beliefs did your parents and other

influential adults have about money? Chances are you're also carrying those

beliefs. Are they serving you?


You can never create prosperity by talking or thinking about your lack of

money. This is wasted thinking and cannot bring you abundance. Dwelling

on lack only creates more lack. What you focus on, grows. As you think, so

you get. It's a natural law of the Universe.


When I ask people what success means to them, they automatically seem to equate it to money, to whether they are earning enough to make “big” money, have the “big” life, the “bigger” house, the “best” of everything, to feel financially secure.


And there is nothing wrong with that. That’s their response.


But to me, such answers always seem to be about money and about material  possession. About having. About getting with very little giving.


If I ask them to define “abundance” to me – then it is again narrowly defined usually in terms of abundance of salary (is it enough), job (does it pay enough), home, (is it big enough)  and trappings (do I have enough, are they good enough?)

But success is not just about money and things it buys us; financial health is not just about income being greater than outgoing.


The utmost form of success, and an abundance of success, is how evolved you are, how evolved your soul develops in one lifetime. This is the true measure of Spirit’s view of success and abundance therein; indeed, one might argue if you have success in Spiritual terms, true Success, you may not need to qualify the term with the word abundance. If you have true Success, you don’t just have a little bit here and a little bit there.

So stop and ask "how evolved am I?"

All the time you should be aiming to push the billionaire mark, rising above small-mindedness, mean-mindedness, the ego world - rising above the world around you (not in a haughty superior way) and diving deep into the depths of possibilities by working to expand your mind and consciousness. Success means seeking out the vast reservoirs of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence that the Universe holds and drawing out from your vast inner reserves of wisdom, awareness, knowledge, and intelligence. 


So let's dig deeper


What is your relationship with money? What do you believe about money?

Our beliefs about money are so hard-wired that it is hard to talk about money without a lot of emotion arising. I’ve noticed we can get either very angry or filled with fear when our attitudes to and patterns around money arise.

But, if we are to live prosperously, we need to become aware of how we really feel and what we really believe about money.

When I studied with Louise Hay (author and spiritual teacher) and we were doing a session on prosperity, she taught me to look into a mirror and say to myself, "My biggest worry about money is _____," and then relax, and let whatever feelings come up, come up.


For me there were many at the time. I had flashbacks to how my mum  and dad argued over the lack of money to pay the weekly bills, to mantras from adults at the time which went something like, “I want never gets.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “We’ll never have enough to …” I had it constantly reinforced (living on a Scottish country estate with a castle) that the castle was for the rich folks and we, the servants were poor. And that was our place or lot in life. And I was often reminded by my father to, "remember your station in life."

And so I developed subliminal messages - my beliefs - of, "I am afraid of becoming like my father," “I’ll never have enough.” “Money just slips through my fingers” “there are the haves and the have nots and I’m a have not” "I'd hate to get into debt" "I mustn't seek to aspire and outgrow my tribe."


Dig deeply and discover, what are your deep rooted beliefs about money?

If you really buy into your negative thoughts and beliefs, then it will be difficult for you to attract prosperity. But as you become aware of what beliefs are blocking the flow of money and abundance in your life, you can choose to change those beliefs, create new thoughts and ways of thinking, behave differently, and notice your financial health prosper.

So spend some time reflecting and writing out your beliefs about money - positive and negative.

Step back from what you have written, can you see any connections to your spending way and patterns?

If you want to change the pattern, what would you need to have as your new belief? Your new behaviour?

Getting out of debt

Of course your need may be urgent and present day, you may be in debt or struggling to stay out of it. I am not suggesting we downplay the importance of that and how scary it can  be.

And so, if your issue is hard money, then until you can live healthily with money, you are going to feel unsettled, worried, filled with fear. So there is likely to be more of a practical and immediate issue to resolve.

Debt, or even fear of debt, is a huge obstacle to reaching your financial goals; it is debilitating and can be almost paralysing. Imagine then the effect on your health. So eliminating debt, or dealing with mounting debt, should be a priority.

  1. Decide, from this moment, that you will buy only essentials. Draw up a list and stick to it.

  2. Shop around to get what’s on your list cheaper than you presently do.

  3. Set up a debt elimination plan,  to help you pay off your debt more quickly

  4. You may need to consider additional ways to find money. 

  5. While making minimum payments on all your debts, decide to focus on clearing the largest debt first. Focus any extra money on that one debt, whilst paying the minimum possible to smaller debts.

  6. Get debt advice from Money saving Expert  or Citizens Advice  or suchlike

  7. Once you are out of debt, out of the red, make a commitment to stay and prosper in the black, ie out of debt. Stop carrying your credit cards around with you, and save up an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses so you do not need to turn to a credit card to cover them.


To master money management, you must have the facts on paper or on screen of how money moves through your life. We're talking details here, for the specifics can be revealing. Stare the situation bravely in the face.

If you're struggling with your finances, keep an accurate record of your spending for at least one month. Monitor every coin and use of credit or debit card. This will tell you exactly how much you spend in a month, and on what.

Once the hard data is in front of you, you will likely know what can be changed. But there may be a few surprises. Just be aware that just recording your expenses will greatly increase your daily awareness and intention around money.

Debt free and beyond. An appointment with money!


There’s a danger once the emergency is over, to revert to type, to go back and behave as you did before. But as we often say on this site, if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you’ve always had! Nothing will change till you change.

So, commit to a day in time, make an appointment with money. Do this exercise.

Money. When you first think of money, what beliefs or past experiences come to mind? What beliefs did you form? Do you believe that there’s always enough? Are you friends with money or is it an enemy? Do you attach your self-worth to it? Do you think money will buy you happiness? Do you respect money and treat it wisely?

Finding more money or having enough to get by isn’t enough or what this is about in the long run? We need to learn how to deserve, be grateful for, and enjoy the money that we have. Often I hear people say this about money:

I just can’t save money.

I just don’t earn enough.

Everything is so expensive.

Money just slips through my fingers.

I can’t afford to pay my bills.

I can’t save for my retirement.

There’s never enough month left at the end of the money.

My credit rating is bad.

Why does everyone else have money?

Bankruptcy is around the corner.

You can probably add your own to the above list.

But how many of those statements sounded like you?

Is it time to work on your money issues, on your relationship with money?

Large amounts of money don’t guarantee prosperity or happiness. Long lasting prosperity depends on your attitude and beliefs and then how you use money.

People with a lot of money can live in poverty consciousness, more fearful about not having money than someone who lives on the streets.

Prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; but your flow of money is dependent upon your prosperity consciousness. Asa you think, so you will get.

Let’s examine your thoughts and feelings about money. Answer the following as best you can:

  1. What did I learn about money as a child? (Really take time to consider this as this is where it all started.)

  2. What were my parents’ thoughts about money? What did I learn by observing my parents and money?

  3. How were finances handled in my family?

  4. What’s my biggest fear about money?

  5. What other beliefs do I have about money? How many are negative and how many positive?

  6. How do those beliefs play out in my life? Eg if I believe “I can just about make ends meet.” I may never spend money on anything that nurtures me or that I enjoy.

  7. Or begin with how I actually handle money? And then track what belief support that and where it came from. Eg You may hoard money and never spend. This may stem from being told as a child to “Always save for a rainy day.” Now whilst this is sound advice in principle, in practice if you just hoard money, you stop it’s flow.

  8. Do I feel worthy of having and enjoying money? Do you feel you deserve to be rich, have money, be prosperous? Many are running with an inner tape that says, “I don’t deserve… money, a boyfriend, a nice house, a good job etc”

  9. What would I like to change about my money consciousness?

  10. What beliefs, and beliefs converted into affirmations, would support the new consciousness? EG I release all resistance to having money. I am worthy of a positive cash flow. Money NOW comes to me easily.


Money must contribute to the quality of our lives.


Prosperity involves the quality of our lives as well as any amount of money that we possess.

Prosperity isn’t about money alone; it’s also about …

Time … do we have enough to do what brings us joy? Are we rushed, pressured, and harried – in which case time is connected to poverty. If you feel you have all the time you need, then prosperity consciousness is your living dynamic.

Love … are we abundant in love, or love-starved?

Success … how successful is our life, in every aspect of life?

Joy … do we allow ourselves to have fun or are we stingy, how much joy do we actually get in a week?

Comfort … do we just put up with things, or do we seek to make life comfortable?

Energy … money is the flow of energy, an exchange. Do you allow it to flow or do you hoard it and therefore block the flow?

Change your beliefs

Whatever your beliefs are, they can be changed in this moment. A thought is only a thought and can be changed.

Here are some prosperity affirmations (more positive beliefs) from Louise L Hay.:

  • My income is constantly increasing.

  • My credit rating is getting better all the time.

  • I spend money wisely.

  • I always have as much as I need.

  • I have as much money as I can accept.

  • I bless all of my bills. I pay them on time.

  • I am financially solvent.

  • I am providing for my retirement.

  • I enjoy every penny that I spend.

  • I give myself permission to be prosperous.

  • I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my finances reflect this change.


For this realisation, give thanks. Let it be so, and so it is.

Take time to write out and daily read your own affirmations around money.

Feel the prosperity

It's not enough to just think and say new positive affirmations. The key is to feel them. And act as if they were true.

Once, when living in Spain, when I had a prosperity issue, I noticed I was having coffee in the smallest and cheapest of bars, and so I decided I had to value myself more and attract more prosperity.

So I changed my belief to, "I am a money magnet. I attract money easily. Money flows to me effortlessly."

And to "feel" this change I "acted as if" it were already true and one way I did this was to start having coffee in more upmarket beach bars, smart hotels … where I met people who would pay the price of my services. The coffee was practically the same price, but having it in smart venues shifted how I felt and pretty soon my financial situation started to shift for the better.

Notice the limiting belief      change it      repeat it regularly whilst imaging it as true       in all your daily actions,

act as if it were true.

Face it.png

Think healing

Financial healing is about the whole you






Think healing

Think wholeness

I am happy, healthy, wealthy whole and complete