The Healing Process -

naturally Divine

“We are not here to heal our illness

Our illness is here to heal us”

Carl Jung



When we are ill, it can be difficult to remind ourselves that our whole body / mind /spiritual 

system knows what it is doing, that it knows how to heal way better than our mind does. The system

understands  what is most important in the moment, and what can wait.


Your body has a Divine intelligence and is always working efficiently – it is we who can get

in the way through our lifestyle; what we eat, what we drink, how we behave, what we think,

often thinking we know better.

This Divine intelligence has an inbuilt sat-nav, always working in a "direction of healing" –

doctors may call it the process of homeostasis… which according to numerous dictionaries

is the "tendency of an organism or a cell to regulate its internal conditions, so as to stabilise

health and functioning, regardless of the outside changing conditions." For example, we

sweat to cool off during the hot summer days, and we shiver to produce heat during the

cold winter season. What the body with its Divine intelligence is actually doing, is regulating

body temperature in an attempt to maintain an internal temperature around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

In less medical terms, your body is always attempting to prioritise the healing you need. And this is often different to what you think you need.

For example, we look in the mirror every morning and we notice facial changes – from signs of acne to other troublesome skin, from darkening under the eyes to a really tired appearance. We, being the vain creature we can be, start to fret, we worry what others will notice and what they might think. We slap on more creams, foundations, treatments and still we look, well, unwell. We fail to look inside literally and metaphorically – what is it we are doing that is the cause of this mounting facial distress? Too many processed take-away meals, too many alcoholic business lunches, making up for lost time by burning the cyber-candle late at night? Stress?

Ah, yes, stress. Some of us, those prone to anxiety and depression, instead of changing our lifestyle, may make matters worse by becoming even more anxious and depressed – nothing we do for our face and for our emotions seems to work. And so we fret even more, exacerbating conditions even more. Some may simply eat more of all the wrong things saying, "Ach heck, what does it matter?" Until the next glance in the mirror.

No matter how we try to heal our outer condition, in this case the skin, it won't heal until the more critical inner conditions are improved in this, albeit perhaps exaggerated, though maybe not, case, by seriously addressing our tendency to anxiety and depression, how we work, what we eat and drink, and how we think.

Your body / mind system, which also includes our spiritual system, knows that mounting anxiety and depression, an unhealthy gut microbiome, adrenals tired from exhaustion and stress, can trigger many more serious medical conditions than a few tired crows feet – although any sign may be a sign of a deeper cause triggering an impending more serious condition. Your Divine intelligence knows that by attending to the more serious issues, the other ones usually naturally disappear.

Healing often follows a pattern of working from most internal to

most external - meaning anything affecting your vital organs, such as your

gut microbiome or adrenals, exhausted from being in a constant state of

anxiety, or mental state perhaps driven by the way you think, takes priority

over lesser facial appearance. Whilst you may want to look good, your body

will already be working on creating a direction of healing starting with the

most serious issues.

If you notice you have a garden plant which is looking poorly and you feed it

nutrients but do nothing to clear the weeds that are choking its life force, no

amount of cajoling the poor thing to revive will work. Clear the cause and

let it do its own healing. By clearing the weeds, and stopping over-feeding

and unnecessarily saturating the ground, you allow the sunlight and its

Vitamin D to shine on the earth, dry out the water clogged roots, allowing them

to function more effectively thereby healing the tree.

Have faith in your  natural Divine intelligence, in the natural process of healing, attend to the causes, get your vain ego out of the way, and allow your body time to do what it does best and to heal.

But maybe remember the prayer - "Pray to God to protect your house, but still lock the door!"

Have faith in the natural Divine intelligence but notice when you get in the way and do all you can to get out of it and help your body heal.

from the Inside Out