Health websites

This page provides links to what might be considered official websites. I often use these as a first port of call when I need information either directly on the site or through forums they provide.

The internet is not a substitute for personal discernment, listening to your body and especially your intuition.

If in doubt check it out.

Andrew Hunter

NHS Choices (England)

NHS Inform (Scotland)

NHS Direct (Wales)

NHS (Northern Ireland)

NHS Inform (for Scotland) provides information about:


They also have a number of interactive tools:

  • Self-help guides for common illnesses and injuries

  • a National Services Directory containing hundreds of support groups and thousands of NHS services in Scotland

  • Info for Me tool that helps you to gather, save, publish and share your own health information

There are also websites for Local NHS authorities eg NHS Forth Valley, NHS Lothian etc


An excellent website where you can register and use their forum. For the public as well as professionals and filled with authoritative detailed information on many health conditions.

It contains

  • a public forum with simple registration facility

  • clinically authored information

  • symptom tracker - enter all your symptoms in one search box and it will quickly give you possible conditions

  • Information provided by written articles and short, clear to understand videos

It is conventional medicine based but a good place to start.

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Patient Access

Patient Access is a website and mobile app which gives you access to a range of GP services online. 

Using Patient Access will allow you to:

  • Book your GP appointments from the website or app

  • Where your GP practice allows, order your repeat prescriptions directly from the website or app

  • Where your GP practice allows, access your medical records

Operated in conjunction with the NHS, it is rooted in the conventional medical model

Renewed organisation.

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