Intuition - your inner guide

Follow your intuition, listening to your dreams, your inner voice to guide you. Katori Hall


Do you ever get instant hits of knowing something to be true without even

knowing why? Have you ever had a gut feeling to do something, or even not

do something, yet couldn’t explain why you needed to do it, or not do it, and

when you obeyed that inner instinct you were so glad you listened to your

inner voice?


That is your intuition speaking to you. It’s a very powerful tool that we all

possess, but not everyone uses.


Most people I meet are firmly of the belief that they consist of a body, albeit

with a brain, skin, skeleton, organs, cells and blood. They have been told they

have five physical senses - touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing though in reality

they are often taken for granted and only occasionally do people consciously

seek to really see, really smell or taste, really touch and feel, and consciously

hear by engaging in conscious, active listening.


To many it comes as a surprise that we also have senses of the soul – a deep inner ocean of peace which we can consciously access, foresight, the ability of sensing when to trust and when not to, an empathy for others, the ability to experience and truly sense life from another’s perspective, and our inner educator, our inner tuition, our intuition. Few people rely on these, most doubt they are senses which can be dev eloped, and when they do they expect instantaneous results so cease the effort needed.


But working with these soul senses can smooth our path through life and do much for our health and well-being. We focus here on intuition.


To intuit -  to come to just know, or understand, through intuition, through sensing


Intuition can perhaps best be described therefore as “just knowing” something without understanding how or why you know it - you just know. You have a hunch, a gut instinct, a sixth sense, a knowingness.


But whilst it is something that “just happens” “just kicks in” “just speaks” to you, it's also a process by which we can consciously set about to obtain information without relying on our traditional five senses - vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.


Intuition is not something that is available to a select few, to those perhaps who also possess extra-sensory skills of clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. It is a powerful tool within each of us. And if we take the time to learn how to harness and honour it, and hone our skills in using it, it can help us in so many ways.


Every day, our intuition sends many signals unknowingly. Of these, some are very clear and some are vague. But when we make a conscious effort to tune into our "inner voice", our life improves manifold. Developing this intuitive power is our choice and requires dedicated practice and consistent effort, focussing at an introspective level of mind.  





Your intuition helps identify your ‘true’ sense of mission and purpose, your true goals. It helps you clarify what you want, follow your dreams, and can keep calibrating that you are on the right path. Of course, like your sat nav, to do you any good you must use it.


When you take time to listen to your intuition you can become aware of new ideas you’re your rational, logical brain may never have come up with. Your ego, your rational mind may keep regurgitating past failures and come up with ways to stop you moving ahead. Listening to your intuition will stop these limiting patterns thereby offering you many other opportunities. Your intuition helps you see new things you otherwise would have been closed off to.


Using your intuition can act as a warning advice, allowing you to be forewarned when things are off or seem dodgy or risky. Your doctor may suggest one course of treatment but you have a sense, a knowingness, that that would not work for you. The critical point is with intuition, if your doctor asks you to explain your reasoning, you won’t be able to because intuition is not from the land of logic and reason. It is a sure-fired knowingness. No doubt. No ambiguity. Understanding risk is critical to business and relationships and following your gut when it tells you to steer clear of something is priceless.


With intuition on your side, it helps to reduce stress levels by identifying and dealing with problems more efficiently, you can intuit real sources of stress from those imagined, we can access our intuition (perhaps by also using kinesiology, dowsing) to find best ways to proceed


And as we’ll discover, intuition can even help you divine the right foods for you.

Improves emotional, mental and physical health.


Having a certain level of intuition power, makes you more sensitive to the energy of your environment and other people. This can help you to be aware of negative situations, people and places and so avoid them.


Intuition is quite simple. But like so many simple things, it's often misunderstood and deemed to be too complicated and because we are so rooted in an evidence based world, because intuition does not speak to us in clear, unequivocal terms and signs, we doubt it, and so easily choose not to use it. And yet the paradox is, it can be so matter of fact.


I remember once in Cuba, I lost all my travel documents, my passport and my money. I was in the Centre of Havana, having taken a cab ride in from the outskirts of the city. My travelling companion went into meltdown, utter panic, and said he needed to go calm down by having a rum cocktail. I stood for a few moments, gathering my inner stillness, when, I got a clear message, which came as an inner sensation, that I should return to my hotel. My ego mind argued; the hotel was miles away, it would cost the earth in another taxi fare, and it was adamant I had taken all my documents with me. But the still, small voice reassured – go back to the hotel.


So I did.


I arrived at the hotel and there were a few taxis lined up outside, the drivers were passing the time of day, and I happened to notice the driver who had taken me into Havana earlier.


My ego was determined I should head straight for my room but the still, small voice said – “speak with the taxi driver.”


So I did.


But the driver was not interested and said he had not noticed any documents in his car.

My ego mind said, “Well he would say that” and go off with your money.


But the little voice (which is actually rather powerful, said, “Ask him to let you into the rear passenger seat.”  Some of Havan’s taxis are old American Chevys from the 1950's, and this was no exception. Others are (somewhat) newer Russian Ladas, whilst most tourist taxis are modern Peugeots, Skodas and even Mercedes.


Anyway, I did … and he agreed and slipping my hand down the rather battered rear seat, I found al my documents intact, my passport, and my money. And the driver was doubly delighted for he took me bac to the city centre.


Unfortunately, we humans tend to fear and ridicule that which we don't understand. But that day taught me much about the power of intuition. Reuniting with my companion, I mulled over the process of using it. Once I had stilled myself (instead of joining in the panic) I simply :-


Asked – what would you have me do to recover my goods (your intuition is only as good as the questions you ask. Ask a vague question, get a vague nudge!)


Believed – I believed that whatever I was “shown” or “told” I would run with


Connected – I kept connecting to my intuition, casting aside diversions and others’ “no’s” – I simply asked, “what now?

Intuition is available to each of us. It resides within us just waiting to be called upon. But you must ask, believe you will be answered, and stay connected. It’s a bit like prayer!


Up until that point I had developed my intuition through regular practice in meditation, visualisation, and problem solving.

But since then I have moved on to study in various fields which draw upon and enhance my intuitive abilities; these have included


  • Medical dowsing

  • Medical intuition

  • Healing

  • Nutrition

  • Psychic and mediumistic reading


When do I use intuition?


Every day in some way or another!


I use intuition to


  • Assess which fruits and vegetables are good for me on a given day

  • Gain insight into aches, pains and ailments

  • Check whether a treatment recommended by a physician is suitable for me

  • Which way to go if I seem at a crossroads

  • Tune in to see if there may be reasons why clients are not responding by due date


And on and on


In decision making, it may seem clear that armed with the rights facts then I can make a logically could rational decision. But sometimes I get the nudge or choose to check in with my intuition to assess whether, given all the logical information, the decision I am about to make is the right one for me at that time.


Intuition has benefited me in many ways, even down now to giving workshops to others as to how they can develop their own intuitive abilities.


How can intuition help you?


Intuition can be applied to almost any situation or any issue - anywhere - any time. Perhaps your issue is to do with


Financial prosperity (you won’t get the lottery numbers though!)

Fulfilment and prospereity




Loving relationships

Relationships generally

Spiritual development

Worries and concerns


Intuition can help you make better decisions today for a better future tomorrow.


Provided you develop and use it.


Is everyone intuitive?


Yes, and that includes you.


You might not think you are intuitive or could ever learn it but you are and you can. You are already using your intuition every day, just not necessarily knowingly so and probably no-one told you you could call on it at will.


We are born being intuitive. But somewhere along the way, we either forget how to be intuitive or many, as in my case, get ridiculed as a child for their intuitive hits or speaking to imaginary friends.


How do you use your intuition?


Commit to your intuition. Decide you are going to be serious. This is not a parlour game. Treat it with reverence and respect.


Be open to your intuition and expect it to work with you.


Believe Decide to trust your instincts and to believe that your intuition can help you. This can be difficult for some who don't understand how it works (well, some things in life are a mystery!) Realise we are not asking you to base every decision on intuition. In business, you need an appropriate amount of acquiring data and facts and then perhaps an application of intuition.


Speed. Realise that intuition is about how you quickly tap into your subconscious mind, which is where you "archive" all kinds of information that you don't remember on a conscious level. If you ask your intuition a question, go with the first response you get be it a feeling, a vision, a hunch, a gut instinct. Do not stop to analyse and whatever you do, do not say to your intuition, “I don’t like that answer, let’s try again.” How would you feel if your best friend asked for your advice and they did that with your first response?


Prepare Get clear on what you want to ask. Write down your key questions in advance. Limit your questions to one thing at a time - keep each simple and then ask follow-ups as required.

EG don’t write down, “Should I do X or Y” instead write down, “What would happen if I chose X? What would happen if I chose Y?


Here are some examples of using it to make decisions.


Ask your intuition whether you should move overseas to take a certain job. Refined questions can be used to determine where the right job may be which country would be best and so on.

Get clarity on whether to form a partnership with a particular person.

Assess your physical symptoms and receive guidance on which doctor or treatment may be best. (Notice, those are multiple questions and must be asked individually.)

Locate lost possessions by tuning in to your intuition.


Create space If you are to use your intuition effectively to help you change and grow then you need to set aside not only time, but dedicate a space. Sure you can check in with your intuition any time, and anywhere, but to develop your intuitive muscles, it’s important to create both time and space to do your intuition workouts. In emptiness, in that space, in that moment, meaning, intuitive guidance and truth can arise.

Your space may be a dedicated room or part of a room, it may be a favourite spot in your garden, or more generally it may be spending time in nature, taking half an hour, an hour, half-day or day off, enjoying quiet moments for reflection, taking time to notice nature and what you are drawn to, how it speaks to you, taking time as they say to smell the roses and breathe in the awesomeness of life, its beauty and abundance, being reminded of nature’s natural processes of hibernation and recuperation, "death" and rebirth, renewal and revival, and its natural tendency always aspiring toward Life. Our body - mind system is the same, always seeking balance except we interfere with and sabotage that process. Nature reminds you to let go of both resistance and force, trying hard to control life, when in fact to allow it,  to allow yourself to connect more naturally and deeply to life is what nature would have you learn.


Create state If you can, meditate or simply allow your mind to be as calm as possible. Achieve this through just noticing your in breath then your out breath, repeat this for a few minutes. Find a meditative technique you are comfortable using and practice.

In time, practise simply in the moment taking your awareness to your heart area, in readiness to ask and receive.


Connect  To connect with your intuition, especially in your early days, set aside some time, press the world pause button, as you want to be taking your attention away from the external world to your inner world.  Continue to focus on your breathing, allowing anything and everything to take a back seat while you give yourself some you space and time.


Ask your questions  To repeat, ask each question in turn, not all at once.


Wait and listen to the first answer that pops into your mind . It's best to ask your question silently in your head as you breathe out.  Come out of your head. You're not listening for words but for energy, subtle nuances, a feeling of "what feels true for me right now." What do you feel in your right brain, your heart, and in your gut?"


Open up to allow you inner voice to speak to you in it best way – you may hear a voice or just know you are getting the words, you may have a vision, a sense, a hunch, an instinct, a knowingness. The answer may come through something you notice eg an advert on a passing bus, the name of a company on their van. (I once asked my intuition to help me decide a name for a new CD on Self Esteem and removing limiting beliefs. Within seconds, a florist’s van had overtaken me and the name of the company was, “Journey Beyond Belief” – now the title of my CD.)


ACT ON IT! Use it or loose it. If every time your inuition gives you a hit and you just ignore it, then why should it keep on giving you more just to keep being ignored?



Developing your intuition


Listen to and communicate with your multiple brains. Neuroscience research has shown we have functional and complex brains not just in our head but also in our heart and gut. Each brain has memory and intelligence. Your gut and heart brains know when something isn't quite right and will tell you through feelings eg of discomfort, doubt, fear and nervousness. You may get hunches and messages. You may blow hot or cold, or tingly or sweat.


Be undefended. Give up defaulting to your left brain, your logical mind, to the land of  "woulda, could, shoulda" been something different.


How do I know it’s my intuition?


Befriend your intuition and there will be no doubt.


My rule of thumb is this – if it flows and feels good and positive, it is the voice of intuition. If it feels sticky, doesn’t flow, feels anxious making, fear-filled, doubtful and uncertain, it is not your intuition.


Keep a diary – record things like guesses about someone or something. (Don't act on it, though until you gain a bit of experience.) Just write down statements like "I have a feeling that..." or "My intuition tells me that..." Be sure to record if there are any sensations associated with your intuition, such as a vision, or physical discomfort. Then in a few days’ time, look over your diary and notice your “hits!” As you notice the times you get things right, your confidence will grow and so will your intuitive abilities.


Get creative





Get out in nature





How does my intuition speak?


It doesn't matter how your intuition speaks - whether you see it , feel it, sense it, smell it, hear it or even just know in your gut that something is true.


If you tend to see the world in images, through rose-coloured specs, or through shapes, for some intuition will show itself in images. Perhaps you might have a faint picture of  landscape or seascape, an object, the face of someone, a place - all of which will be connected to the question you’ve just asked.


If you are more a sound person, perhaps like music, you might hear the answer - as though someone quietly whispered in your ear. Or you may just “know” words are being revealed to you.


You might even just get the answer - as though it just came out of the blue.


And yet others will experience feelings or sensations eg a warm glow, a rush of cold air, a tingle, goose bumps, the rush of adrenaline somewhere in your body or it may simply be that you get a “good” or “bad” feeling.


Don’t stop the process to analyse it and work it out. All your intuition to keep feeding you information.


Be patient.  The language of intuition is seldom literal words and more likely to be the language of symbols. Although the meaning of the symbol is how you interpret it, a useful guide in your development could be a book on the origins of symbols and symbol systems that have impacted human culture, art, history, literature, and dreams. The language of intuition is also about the world of impressions and of archetypes, a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology such as “the little princess” “the old crone” “the hermit”.


Living with your intuition is not an option; choosing to use it consciously is. If you do, it will not let you down.


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