Intuitive Reading

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. 

We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking; We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” 

– Albert Einstein

Are you in need of help from an impartial observer?

Do you need to feel supported, understood, and reassured –

whether to do with career, relationships, health, life purpose

 or personal growth?

Is it time for some spiritual guidance?

Perhaps an intuitive reading would help?

I offer an intuitive reading and all I need from you is Name, Telephone and E-mail, Date of Birth, and the name of any major health issue(s). 

Once you receive your reading we can talk to discuss what emerged from it or explore questions that were not addressed during it. It may be you are not asking the appropriate questions and issues may arise that you had not previously considered.


Everything that is happening on the outside of your life is a reflection in some way of your inner life - your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and subsequent actions, and so, by being of aware of these, you can identify which support you and which get in the way of your life. You become more aware of how your beliefs drive your behaviour which influence your health and well-being. 

In a fast-paced world, we live mostly through habitual ways, on automatic pilot, with limited consciousness or time for deep consideration of what we do and why we do it and the impact on our lives. Nor do we consider carefully our conscience, our moral compass, our understanding of the laws of nature, and the consequences we create in not applying them, eg what happens when we habitually say “yes” when we perhaps ought to be saying  “no!” What are the health consequences of following the mind herd (ie other people and their dictates) and not following your soul's longing?

If you consider an iceberg, where the tip, the part out of the water, is where

you place your focus because you can see it, touch it and feel it. Your life

issues are the tip, the signs and symptoms of what's going wrong.

But the causes of your life issues lie in the deep matters below and out of sight

or out of your awareness; they are the mass of the iceberg underwater and out

of sight, but support all that you see and feel above the water line.


An intuitive reading explores that mass.


For you to bring about change in your signs and symptoms, be it of a health

condition or a dysfunctional relationship, the causes are usually deeper than the

presenting issue. In medicine, the present paradigm mainly deals with what can

be seen and touched, the symptoms, not the unseen, the causes.

How I describe an intuitive reading

An intuitive reading can help you explore issues and circumstances in your life which require your attention and action. In such a reading I focus on the deeper, often Soul reasons why a person’s life seems blocked, lacking in well-being, and what they can do about it. That may include changes in the way they think, the attitudes and beliefs they hold, certainly their behaviours.

Perhaps you have mental, emotional blocks to be cleared that are stopping you from manifesting what you desire in life, or you feel stuck, in need of some direction. 

An intuitive reading can help bring guidance for your healing and self- empowerment so that you can create positive changes in your life in line with your soul purpose.

An intuitive reading is not of the intellect which is where we normally reside when trying to solve life's issues.

I listen to my intuition, read your energy, and listen to my guides who inhabit the unseen realms.



Purpose of a reading


Intuitive readings aim to help you gain information and insights which will help you gain clarity, perspective, inspiration and/or guidance on issues related to your life situations. The extent to which the situation improves is then dependent upon the actions you are willing to take or the directions and ultimate destinations you are willing to move toward.


It’s important to realise you may get information which will trigger your thinking, at both a conscious and other than conscious level, through which, and over time, you will get the clarity, perspective and a sense of knowing what's right to know.

It may be at a later time when something clicks into place and you can remember, "Ah, that's what the reading was trying to get at."


Your Part


You have to be an active part in the process of the reading even although you are not physically present. Your energy, even at a distance, affects the reading.


From the moment you request a reading, you must put out the vibes that you are open and receptive to getting information that is for your greater good and not specifically just information YOU want to hear.


When you receive your reading, you have choices as to how you work with it. A reading just is, it is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, it is down to you how you consider it, reflect upon it, are open to it, even with the information you cannot understand. Often it is highlighting what may be going on at a sub-conscious level so it should come as no surprise that often what you receive will be unknown to you consciously and energetically it may resonate or not.


The information you get may make immediate sense, it may not, it may  resonate completely, in part, or not. The bits that don’t, I would suggest you do not reject but remain open to the understanding coming in time. Our resistances are often where the gems are to be found. 


You may be able to accept your reading, or if you don’t agree with it, you decide to reject it without even contemplating it. I’d suggest not doing that.  It takes your willingness to explore and consider the possibilities of meaning. Often what we initially don’t understand is what we most need to understand.


You may initially get information that makes no sense and that only with reflection and the passage of time and noticing what is happening, spotting the breadcrumbs of life, how Life’s Universe and University seeks to teach you, will the clarity dawn.


But where you find yourself resisting the information, I would suggest that is where you will find most learning, especially if you are willing to ask, “What is it about this information I am resisting and why?” You may find that it is just what you don’t want to hear and yet, maybe, it is what you need to hear.


Readings can help you:-


  1. Identify and clear your limiting beliefs, fears, blocks, and root causes that are causing you dis-ease or holding you back.

  2. Focus on areas in your life where you need to come back into balance and be in alignment with your soul purpose.

  3. Feel supported, understood, and reassured.

  4. Understand your soul essence and what your soul is yearning for.

  5. Move from fear to empowerment.

  6. Know what best would drive you forward.

  7. Know where there are opportunities for you.


And all that may be strange for we typically don’t work on that dimension of thinking.


My process


What I offer

I offer intuitive readings which may be by e-mail or a voice recording or a combination of the two.

Let me know if you have no facility to play recordings and I will ensure the reading is in written format.


An intuitive reading is not

​About mind-reading (it is about energy reading)

About creepy stuff  like curses and spells

About picking the lottery or bingo numbers

About giving "Yes" "No" answers which are dependent upon other peoples' decisions and actions

About judging you

About entertainment (though some readers will do readings at parties for entertainment. I don’t)

That's the reading part. I also offer the opportunity to talk after the reading at a pre-arranged time. That is meant to be a collaborative discussion where we both talk.

How I work

Although I am a psychic medium, when it comes to my intuitive reading service, I tend to rely more on the psychic side than on the mediumistic side. I do not set out to connect with your loved ones or guides and angels in the unseen realms. 


It may be worth just noting the difference.  All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.


Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of the person's past, present and future. Psychics rely on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read.

Mediums take it a step further or higher, using their psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into that person’s spirit energy, by connecting with the world of spirit. They rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read. Simply put, they seek to bring forward those in the spirit world who have a message for the person being read. I do not offer this as a service at present.

Whilst I can work on both levels, in my intuitive readings I seek to work mostly at the psychic level.

​When I connect in thought / energy form to your energy and being, I open to receiving information intuitively. Mostly it comes quickly and flows (most intuitive hits you get yourself will be instantaneous) and sometimes it is stilted and slow, which is more a psychic process. It comes in a mix of four ways:

1.  I just know. This has been my predominant mode for many years – just a sense of, “here are words I am getting impressionistically, and I just know this is the case.” I just know something. If I see or hear or know something and it is clear, I do not stop to filter or question it. I call it intuition, a just knowing, but it often feels deeper than that. It’s usually more immediate than the other ways information comes to me. It  is a form of claircognisance.

2.  I see. Pictures show up in my forehead, behind the brow. Sometimes it can be like a movie, sometimes it may be a still picture or even just a symbol or a colour. I give what I see and don’t set about to interpret the images but leave that to you. If I am given a sense of meaning for you to consider, I will tell you. Sometimes, if something is difficult to describe, I may create a worldly example by way of helping to clarify, but I will let you know the example is one of my creation.

3.  I hear. It’s like a voice that “just says!” It’s not like your voice or my voice, but as if someone is giving me words in a subtle vibration, a whisper. I can hear key words, phrases, or sentences. Sometimes it’s as if there is a voice insistently repeating the same word or phrase.  I pass on what I hear. It may make sense or it may be something you are to look out for in the future.​

4.  I feel. To a lesser extent I sense emotions and physical feelings. I may emotionally feel the emotions that are key to you at present or if you have physical feelings eg pain in walking, I may feel that too. This mode is one I currently least use.

​Whatever I get, I am often nudged to “teach” – so for example the message that comes through may be that you need to learn to de-stress because the way you handle stress in relationships is affecting your health. I may be given a sense that you may not know how to do this. My nudge might then be to give you some examples of how to go about de-stressing. I would be clear when I am intuiting the teaching or giving a training model with which I am already familiar.

What you get in a reading

As I talk or write, I give what I get –in terms of what I feel I am being impressed upon to tell you that would be a helpful way forward for you.

​This is not an everyday conversation with me talking to you; it’s a conversation that takes place on a soul level. It’s a glimpse, if you like, into what’s going on in your heart and energetic body. In some way, you probably already know everything that I will tell you in a reading, but the reading helps you acknowledge it and what resonates. If something resonates, it usually requires your attention. The extent to which the reading is successful depends on the extent to which you exercise your free will, the clarity and intention of your decisions, and the actions you take. Sometimes people say the reading was unhelpful – but in reality it was because they took no action.

​As for subject matter, who knows what may arise; all of life’s areas may be present; sometimes there may be a specific focus like dealing with poor health or a major emotional issue. Sometimes you may be hoping, “I wish he’d just talk about my love life” when in reality what you may need to know about and attend to first is your health or your ability to love yourself.

​Whatever you get, it will be to support your growth, to rise to your highest potential, to feel uplifted, to remember (which means reinstate)your Divinity.

Any questions?

Pop your question in the box below. start typing and the text already there will automatically remove

To request a reading

  • Complete the form opposite.

  • Your request will be acknowledged straight away.

  • I will then write to you, usually within 24 hours and describe                                                                                                    the process and what I need from you.

  • You will also be asked for payment and given details as to how to pay.

  • The fee is £75.

  • I begin the reading as soon as possible after payment has been received.



The fee includes:-

  1. ​The reading, sent by e-mail within 72 hours of receipt of payment. It may be written only or in voice recorded format plus written notes if appropriate.

  2. One related follow up question from you by e-mail or Skype, if desired.

  3. One response from me.

Iceberg 2_edited.jpg

Thanks! Message sent.

About readings

I don’t go around all day with my antennae open to loads of unwanted information beaming in! To read, I do so when I feel inwardly “called”. Hence why I do not work face-to-face. When intuitively called, I will go to my calm work space and there take time to meditate and tune specifically to the person who has asked for the reading.  

It is not me deciding what to tell you; I tell you what I get. As I do not yet work mediumistically, I seldom get specific friends and relatives “on the other side.” So, if you are looking for a mediumistic reading and to hear from someone specifically, I would suggest you find a local medium and have a face-to-face sitting.

Legally and ethically I am not allowed to medically diagnose but I do, increasingly, get information about health and well-being which I find a way to pass on. It seems one of my predominant modes.  


Ethically, I won’t tell you how to run your life, what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do, nor will I tell you things like whether your spouse is cheating on you, or which specific job is right for you...but may give insights to help YOU make a decision.  I will highlight and describe the issues that are current in your life and how you might need to address them. If it is about work ,the information is likely to be around setting and what I see you doing.  


But it is your choice as to how you take the reading and how you choose to respond to it. I feel we all need to be more aware of the power of how we listen and how we choose.

If you’re looking for some glitz and glam in your life and think a reading will lift your spirits, but you are deep down not willing to take action to improve your life, then I am not likely to be the best choice for you. I do this work to enable people to make choices to create a better life. I do this not for entertainment.

Readings are essentially communication between me, you, and the spiritual team (yours and mine.) I see my spiritual team as God (not in any religious sense, more a supreme Source of All) spirit guides, sometimes people who have passed over, angels, and ascended masters, believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations. Base line is I believe the information I get is from a Higher Source than we physical mortals. I use the word god and universe and spirit and “them” – meaning my spirit team, interchangeably. Essentially, we’re talking about pure loving energy that wants what’s best for you. And that can include tough love.

Sometimes in life, we get indications that we need to change. To begin with a relationship may be taken from us. And if we don’t learn from that experience, next our job may be taken away from us? And on and on – until, if we just do not heed the messages, we get the big whammy. I have had that happen to me; it was what catapulted me into radically having to change my life and accept that I  needed to live in more overt spiritual and mystical ways. I ignored all the early signs and symptoms as I was unaware that was how the Universe worked. So I got the big whammy and in the space of 24 hours every aspect of my life went, relationships, financial loss, accommodation loss, job loss, life loss!  Now I listen.

So, readings are not just about life being wonderful. If you are behaving or believing in a particular way that is blocking your progress in this life, that is preventing you from serving your highest purpose, you are likely to be told especially if now is the time that you are ready to hear it or need to “heed the message.”

Readings can help you find clarity either because what I say resonates with you or because it does not. What does not resonate, or what you resist, is often what you most need to pay attention to! I can tell you where things are headed if you heed the messages and lessons but it’s your choice whether or not to go there. If the reading highlights ten steps to a wiser future and you take only one, then your progress will be proportionate to that one step. Take the ten, and the outcomes will be vastly different. It is down to your choices.

Sometimes information will make sense to you immediately or later and sometimes it won’t. Sometimes things get lost in the translation.

Sometimes hearing the truth about how we are our own worst enemies, our own worst blocks, and that we need to change, can be difficult to hear. But I am not here to palliate and make things feel good; I give what you need to hear at this time and that may not be what you want to hear.

Tips for your Reading

Here are some ways you can help the process along.

1  Breathe Even though we are not meeting face to face, from the moment you make a request, continue to be an active participant . After you request your reading, whilst you wait for my first reply, become relaxed about the while process, be open, just breathe, long breaths in, even longer breaths out.

2  Be sparing  Only give me the basic information I will request of you. Don’t provide any background information about your situation, your life, or what you have been or are experiencing. You can specify any area of your life that you want to hear about, but say no more than, eg “health” or “my relationships” not “Will I die from ….” Or “Will my partner leave me?” Those are ego based questions and your ego may think those are the issues, but at a soul level, the real issues may lie elsewhere.... ie it's not about dying, it's about how you make the best of living.

3  Be open and let go of expectation. Hoping for a specific outcome can limit your experience and the reader (in this case me) may sense a block. What I receive will be of value to you if you do not resist it and meet it with an open mind. If you have an expectation and it is not met, you will simply judge the reading as disappointing and that judgement will block your ability to truly hear what the reading is trying to get across to you and inviting you to address. What you resist, will persist.

4  Be proactive. Enter the process, don’t just be a passive requester. Ask your guides, the god of your understanding, your angels, elemental beings, friends and family in Spirit, to work with me when the time is right. When doing a reading I call in my guides and yours. I ask that the information I receive be for your highest good and the greatest good of all concerned in your case. So, as you complete your request for a reading, ask your guides to be present for your higher good; as you do this, you are giving your guides permission to come through and letting them know you’re ready to hear from them.

And if all the above sounds a bit new and silly and fluffy and you don’t feel up to talking to your helpers, then don’t. Just know the minute you form the wish for a reading it is being registered.

Why I don’t do face-to-face readings

I work best when my energy is appropriate, when I feel I am in the right mental, emotional and physical “space!”  Once I receive your request, I will only begin the reading when it feels right. So, it may be the next day before I feel nudged to do your reading.

In my early days, I offered readings face-to-face. But, despite advising the querent to not give me information or “clues”, they would invariably interrupt and often with extraneous and unrelated information. My worst nightmare was a woman who, all the way through her reading, kept saying out loud, “that makes no sense at all.” Or she would argue with the descriptions I was giving her. Yet I felt strong in the sense that what I was telling her was true, despite her put downs, denials, and denigrations. At the end of the reading when I asked for feedback, she then described in great detail what I had just told her during the reading; turns out she just wanted to put me to the test. That was the night I decided against face-to-face … I treat this seriously and not as a game.

So – I give what I get, and you can, at your leisure, go through it, more than once, allowing your own connections to be made without any need to game play.


Your choice

Always bear in mind that you have choices.

  • You can choose the extent to which you accept or deny the information.

  • You can choose whether information you cannot understand you will choose to forget or be open to its realisation being made known to you one day when you least expect it.

  • You can choose how much of any guidance you receive you will implement, when and how.

The extent to which you allow yourself to benefit from a reading is down to your choices.

My request of you is to avoid judgements and remain open-minded.

Further mentoring, coaching, direction 

I also offer one to one session in which I work in a coaching, mentoring, spiritual directing way.

If further individual such sessions are requested to follow through on issues arising from the reading, these are charged at £85 per session, payable in advance.

Readings should not be requested more frequently than once every 6 months to allow time for you to integrate your reading, initiate change and begin to notice the results.

                                                                for detail on other sessions, please go here


I am aware there are sceptics who don’t fully understand the intuitive, spiritual, metaphysical, mystical way of life and so they will spend effort trying to analyse away what is not of the human mind or disprove the processes of readings.

I don’t really have any desire to enlighten or convince the sceptics of this world as their stuff is of their ego mind and they are entitled to hold the view they do.


Readings are the work of the Higher Power and in service to that and you, my aim is to help people heal, become whole again, feel better and help them navigate the waters they happen to be in.

My role is to inspire and support not criticise and negate.

Thanks! Message sent.