A radical healing plan

KISS – Keep it Soulfully Simple

A Radically Simple Plan for Healing


Over the years, having faced major health challenges and exhausted the limited range

of paradigms and treatments that conventional medicine has had to offer, I have felt

obliged to turn to different approaches and practices in an effort to heal.


This has taught me that conventional medicine does little to promote health, talk

about health anad healing, or even educate. It is about quicly looking at a symptom

and deciding whether to treat it with medication, radiation, or surgery. It offers little else.

But is good if you need emergency treatment or a physical ailment dealt with.


The medication it offers comes with many side effects which are seldom discussed.


The paradigm is inadequate, the limited bio-medical model.


What I learned, and very quickly, was that I needed to take a holistic approach to my health and well-being. I needed to seek practitioners and practices that dealt with me as not just a body of individual departments, the lungs, the heart, hands, but a spiritual, body, mind system of interconnecting, inter-communicating parts…where the brain in the head and the brain in the stomach worked together and talked to the lungs, and the heart, the hands, the cells, the blood, to do their best to keep the whole system working as a whole. Conventional medicine does not do this.


I became interested in energy medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine where the relationships with my whole being and doing were valued, history and causes were explored, and treatment directed to the reasons why my body had gone out of balance.


If you have a fungus in your toes, your vagina, your penis, your mouth – conventional medicine more than likely will give you an anti-biotic or a cream. But integrative, functional medicine will explore why the fungus (candidiasis) is there and treatment may well include medication but is more than likely to consider changes to life style, to nutrition, to clothing, to treating inflammation and faulty glucose counts. Whereas conventional medicine considered mostly the physical, I became more interested in going beyond the physical, into the realms of metaphysics, taking account of a person’s emotions, thinking and beliefs, the rules they had made throughout life, and the extent to which the honoured themselves as a spiritual being, not just a physical one with a brain included, but a being also of mystery, connected to and part of a Higher Power.


All that and more is covered in this website.


But whichever way I looked at it, and over the years as health challenges at one point seemed to increase, I felt the call was to simplify. And so the age-old expression, keep it simple Simon, kept resounding, so hence the need for things to be kept as simple as possible.


I remember in 2014 when my younger sister was receiving her diagnosis of stage four ling cancer, the consultant read from a checklist of ”things I have to inform you about.” I counted each one, and watched my sister wilt, unable due to the emotions of the shock of the news and its gravity, the extent of what she was being told, and realising when we got to item 58 that she really had gone beyond taking anything in. So, so mechanical, clinical, and complicated. The whole process lacked humanity.


Now I know for sure, having worked in the health field, HIV and AIDS, I never liked giving bad news, but I aimed always to find a way to deliver it with compassion and understanding, to treat the person in front of me as a real human being with at the time a whole jumble of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. With pressure of time, at least that is the excuse often offered, the NHS seems not to be able to express such care in delivering bad news though I am sure there are exceptions.


We were more or less dismissed to fend for ourselves, to research complimentary treatment for cancer, to explore nutrition and best eating principles, to discover all that herbs, minerals and vitamins could offer. We had to hassle for help, contact agency after agency to find out sometimes who could help and what help was available. The message was clear, to heal, one had to take personal ownership of the condition and its treatment.

Hence why the T-Factor was born – Time For a Change to Owned responsibility. I have found this in my own health care, ultimately the buck stops with me. It is my body, my life, it is down to me to take responsibility not just for any medical condition I may develop, but for living in such a way that one can avoid medical conditions and promote health and wellness instead.


So combining simplicity and self-responsibility, it seems to me that there is a very simple plan for living with health and well-being. I’ve shared it with people and four things have become apparent.


  1. The plan is dismissed by some as common sense – yet those who do dismiss it, apply only bits of it and still wonder why they are ill

  2. Some see it as radical – yet it is simple and the only radical part is coming back home to some basic,    simple, common sense principles for life and living.

  3. Some people do not like taking responsibility – especially if it requires any personal effort – and prefer to give the power for their health over to professionals with limited time, working in a paradigm that is more about symptom and disease elimination or management than healing, health, and well-being

  4. We desperately need a new paradigm for health, to change the medicine we do and the way we do medicine.


So here’ the Radical Healing Plan, based on simplicity, and which requires people to take more personal responsibility for their health and healing for they will increasingly find less and less available through our official national health services. We are faced with mystery illnesses and questions such as, “Why, in light of o many medical advances in medicine treatments, have we not got on top of cancer, diabetes, coronary conditions and why are epidemics now ravaging the world’s populations?” We are being given a massive wakeup call? Are we listening? Or still asleep?


Healing Plan


The Radical Healing Plan

Keep It  Soulfully Simple




No 1 Priority –    Love                                                               


                                                                                                      Live from your soul.

                                                                                                    Love Yourself, Love all. 

                                                         Live not just as a physical being, but also as a spiritual soul-filled being.


Everything good stems from Love; you cannot Love and be afraid at the same time. You cannot love and hate at the same time. When you Love and accept yourself, all your thoughts, deeds, and behaviours come from the source of Love and are Loving.


There are two basic motivating forces in life: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, not just in the romantic sense, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.


Love helps you live longer and fights disease. Studies show that patients diagnosed with cancer have recovered from cancer treatment faster when they had strong family connections. Those in loving relationships recover quicker or completely eliminated the cancer with no scientific explanation other than the fact the patient had great love and support from close family and friends.


When living in a state of Love, physically, your heart rate increases which causes increased blood flow to all parts of your body.


When we  dwell in Love, we feel good, when we feel good, we do good.

Connect to your Higher Power, the source of Love.


No 2 Priority – Happiness, peace and contentment stem from Love, and aid healing. And healing brings happiness, peace and contentment. It’s a cycle. Do things you love and love what you do, take time out, have fun, lots of it, be in silence, practise acceptance.


No 3 Priority – Exercise and move. Use it or lose it. Sit less, move more. When we fail to use our muscles, they atrophy and die. Exercise controls weight, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, can be fun, puts the spark back into your sex life all of which promotes health and well-being, combats health conditions and disease.


No 4 Priority – Eat Good, Healthy Natural Food. Make portion control a priority. Avoid diets – just eat natural food (not processed nor junk food, nor food with lots of sugar.) So eat less of everything, and eat a lower ratio of carbs to proteins (ie cut out cakes, pastries, breads, starches, vegetables grown in the earth and eat more vegetables grown above ground, fish, chicken, eggs, and some meat. Drink pure, clean, unadulterated water as far as possible.


No 5 Priority – Have No Addictions - you can’t smoke AND be healthy, you can’t drink too much alcohol AND be healthy, you cannot take drugs AND be healthy, you cannot be a workaholic AND be healthy, you cannot be an ignorant foody AND be healthy, you can’t be addicted to neediness AND be in a healthy relationship … check out the page on addictions, we all have them and some of them may surprise you.


No 6 Priority – keep down your belly fat – ensure you move, walk, swim, garden, dance etc and eat Kale, cruciferous vegetables, avocadoes, lentils, kiwi fruit, and drink green tea. You may know high belly fat as 'your beer belly', 'spare tyre' or 'muffin top'. It is made of high visceral fat and is dangerous and is correlated with cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other conditions. This is because visceral fat builds up inside the abdominal cavity – packed between your organs – rather than underneath the skin (subcutaneous fat.) It releases acids that are metabolised by the liver and which can cause insulin resistance in the liver.


No 7 Priority - keep connected. Develop a strong network of people in your life who can love, challenge and support you, with whom you can enjoy life, have fun, and share the cares of the day. Maintain a connection to your Higher Self, to your Jgod-Self (and  not in any particular religious sense.)


No 8 Priority – to support all of the above, develop daily spiritual habits of approaches such as meditation, prayer, Qi Gong, Yoga, forgiveness, kindness, giving, sharing, compassion, and gratitude. And every day, bring all of the above in ways to be of service for the greater good of humankind. Be radical, be bold, and advocate for the healing of yourself, others, and the world.


You can make a difference

You too are a radical healer