Laughter & Happiness

Nothing is so good for balancing your nervous system than standing face-to-face with another person and together having a good old belly laugh.


Even if we live on our own, we can find ways to laugh … by watching some good comedy, by connecting with a friend on the phone, and, sometimes, just by looking in the mirror and having a jolly good hee-haw moment.


Connection and laughter are powerful antidotes to stress, anxiety, pain, and conflict. A good laugh lights up the world, lessens our burdens, reminds us there is hope, and dissolves anger. Laughter is a powerful healing force physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The best way, they say, to make God laugh, is to tell him / her your plans!


Let laughter offer you the power to heal and renew. And do it often.



An exercise
Happiness in Five Minutes

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