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Beginner's Guide to Meditation

A number of years ago I produced my first ever CD, "A Beginners Guide to Meditation".


Opposite you will find a 30 minute guided meditation taken from the CD, designed to simply guide you into and remain for a short while, safely, in a meditative state.


Clear a space of about 4o minutes, be comfortable, undistracted, and enjoy.

Beginner's meditation - Andrew Hunter
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Guidance with Angels - a meditation

Back  in 2002, having not long since located to Spain from Scotland, I was involved in a severe car crash around midnight. I was returning home from a day's work  to my appartment just outside Malaga. My car was hit on both sides by two boy racers, it spun out of control, bounced off the central reservation, spun back over the motorway, all the while Spanish drivers speeding around me along the highway. I ended in a ditch. The car died on me.


Then I heard a voice saying, "Turn on the engine and drive slowly home." I did so. The car fired and lit up and I gently drove home. I got into bed and as I started to fall asleep I was aware of the most amazing presence at the bottom of my bed.


Next morning I was reflecting on how saved I had been, and not a scratch on the car, and then the voice told me to fly back to Inverness  and produce a CD on Guidance with Angels.

At the time I was in no way a communicator with angels, but I heeded the guidance, headed to Inverness for a week, found a studio, wrote and produced a CD. The meditation track opposite is from the CD. And I would not be without my angels!



Intro to Angel Meditation - Andrew Hunter
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Angel Meditation - Andrew Hunter
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Journey Beyond Belief - a guided meditation

Much of my own self development has required me to be aware of the beliefs that I hold, identify those that hold me back and replace them.


Most of my client work in healing and counselling invited me to have clients explore their beliefs and when they changed the unhelpful ones, they experienced greater health and well-being.


Opposite you will find a guided meditation from my CD "Journey Beyond Belief!" This is in two parts - A guide into the meditative state and in track 2, suggestions for moving beyond beliefs.

Entering meditation - Andrew Hunter
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Beyond Belief Suggestions - Andrew Hunter
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