Medical Intuition


I began my healing journey a few years after my 40th birthday; I had what some may call a mid-life crisis. But this one I had been warned about and had paid little attention to.


Back then, I was running my own hotel in Northern Scotland  (co-owned with a business partner.) One evening an American woman booked a table for dinner for herself and two gentlemen friends. At the end of the meal she told me that unless I "awoke" and "paid attention" then within a year I would lose everything and it would only be when I was on a "cold slab" in a local hospital, in agony, and on my way "out" I would hear a doctor say "we are losing him" and I would find myself in a tunnel of light being given a choice to "go home" or stay and do the work I had "promised" to come and do this in this lifetime.


This to me was gobbledygook. In those days, I didn't understand those terms and so promptly ignored this prophet of doom! Such was my lack of humility and consciousness at the time.


But Spirit, the Universal Creator, has a way of getting our attention, and if we don't heed the small signs, then we sure will sit up when the big whammy hits.


And so a year later, in the space of one week, it happened - I lost my life partner, my business partner, some family and friends, my business, my wealth (through my business partner’s  dishonest dealings), my lifestyle and, yes, my health. And yes. I did find myself on that slab, hearing a voice crying, “We are losing him.”


And the "prophet" in question was none other than medical intuitive Caroline Myss.


About a year later, I  had regained health and a new perspective on life, and consciously a spiritual journey had begun.  I began to train as a healer, first in spiritual healing, then in Reiki Healing, later in medical intuition or energy medicine, and later as a ThetaHealing™ practitioner. My interest in medical intuition and metaphysics came to the fore.


All of the above, including my personal experiences of disease and finding better ways to health creation, in addition to establishing Scotland's first holistic Sexual Health Charity, have drawn me to develop my own approaches to training in the healing arts.


My key interests now are in medical intuition and metaphysics – in both cases, exploring the cause of illness or disease and developing a deep belief that our current medical paradigm fails us for the most part because it simply refuses to consider the cause of our illnesses.


Medical intuition is done by a medical intuitive, or the self, by using their self-described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for such a person include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counsellor. A Medical Intuitive uses medical intuition, which seeks to name the Root Cause or Original Trigger of a complaint, illness or disease, or to proactively discover the imbalance before it becomes disease or illness



A metaphysician is a doctor/healer/ everyday person who makes changes in the physical world through metaphysical principles which means working with the principles of mind (and beyond) to create powerful and lasting change in peoples’ lives.



Metaphysics as a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. My interest is the fundamental cause of illness.


I believe we must add into the foregoing philosophical definition of metaphysics. Metaphysics, which literally means “that which comes after the physical,” is the study of the spiritual root of physical life. And so when look at the fundamental caused of illness, we need also go back to the spiritual root.

To the metaphysician, we are immortal souls, seeds of the divine who are created and sustained in love by God, however we define that God word. This is our true nature. It is our soul that gives us our life and our consciousness. To achieve its full potential, each soul, in this lifetime, must go through the process of spiritual evolution, gradually maturing into a fully developed, divine being.  The question then become, what is holding us back from expression our divine beingness.




Traditionally, the word Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece, where it was a combination of two words – Meta, meaning over and beyond – and physics, the physical. Together they mean going beyond the physical. Applying this prefix (meta)  to levels of meaning in medicine suggests something beyond a traditional physician, beyond traditional, conventional medicine. Used in this manner, a metaphysician (anyone practising metaphysics) would have a degree of understanding, training, and/or thinking that is higher, beyond, or in some way outside the boundaries of what is typically associated with being a physician, doctor, nurse in the conventional sense.

 In most dictionaries, metaphysics is referred to as a branch of philosophy that deals with first cause and the nature of being. It is taught as a branch of philosophy in most academic universities under the label of “Speculative Philosophy.”


In today’s world, however, the word metaphysics has become a description of many fields of interest. When one expresses an interest in metaphysics, that interest may be in any one or a combination of the following subjects: Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal and Theocentric Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life After Death, Transcendentalism, Mysticism, Reincarnation


In this website it is to do with how our thinking and beliefs and our lifestyle impact on our health.


 Energy medicine


 I have found in the NHS there is no point in seeking to talk with any medical professional about metaphysics overtly as it is not within their training to do so; one must therefore find very subtle ways to discuss the relevance of metaphysics to one’s ailments.


The field of energy medicine is a new frontier where people are learning how to tap into the power of their own medical intuition, using the divine power of creation that holds the key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health. This is not yet part of the training for medical staff in the UK – although in my view, it needs to be. So we as individuals must revert to training ourselves in subjects such as energy medicine, medical intuition, and metaphysics.


In the emerging field of energy medicine, which includes metaphysics and medical intuition, ordinary people with no prior training can learn how to tap into the power of their own intuition to:


Deduce the root causes of our own illnesses and, if requested, that of others – these can be causes that happened way back in childhood or in a previous life yet ar still impacting our current health.

Perceive when and how people around us affect our bodies, our energy – think of when people “get in your face” or stand too close, or when you walk into a room filled with people and pick up on the energy in the room.

Identify where toxic memories of past events which caused negative, toxic emotions,  are still residing within our cellular structures

Use the divine power of creation that holds the key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health


The human energy field contains all information regarding an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in this and past lifetimes. We carry it with us. Behavioural, emotional, and mental patterns are also contained within this energy field. As medical intuitives we learn to read this information. As metaphysicians we explore this life story to deduce the events and emotions that are impacting one’s present health and behaviour.


This innate ability to read such information goes way back to the recorded notes of Pythagoras (500 BCE) but it has only been in the past several decades that the term “medical intuitive” has come into public awareness.


A Medical Intuitive uses a highly developed sense of intuition, and has the ability to look into the body and holistically evaluate the health of an organ, gland or tissue, often times identifying imbalances within the physical body long before it fully manifests as a chronic illness or disease. A medical intuitive can therefore pinpoint specific illnesses, imbalances and pre-clinical condition including the thoughts and beliefs that drive a person’s behaviour and lifestyle.


A medical intuitive can appraise your current state of health and well-being by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your body, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that may be affecting you and your ability to feel well, lifestye issues in the past or present that contribute to your state of health. They may see chemical and neurological imbalances, physical, psychological, emotional and karmic traumas and blockages in the organs and tissues throughout the body, that determines the initial trauma, injury or event or multiple-causal factors that triggered the blockage or imbalance that ultimately manifested as an illness or condition.


A medical intuitive or metaphysician does not go prodding and ping at the physical level nor will you experience any of the discomforts associated with conventional medical tests.


A Medical Intuition Evaluation will, depending on who does it,


  • Provide specific information regarding the function of the organs and glands, as well as the many different body systems.

  • Offer exclusive information regarding the function of the energetic body, thus revealing mental, emotional and spiritual issues that may surround your health

  • Reveal deeper health issues that may go undetected when utilising standard medical tests.

  • Offer you a more holistic opinion of your current health situation

  • Provide holistic health recommendations which may include dietary and lifestyle changes, exercise and stress reduction techniques, vitamin and mineral supplementation or herbal well as ways of changing thoughts, beliefs, and behavioural patterns.


A Medical Intuitive Consultation – sometimes known as Reading - is not a Medical Diagnosis. A Medical Intuitive Reading can be performed on people of any age and medical history, and NOT just for people with serious health problems.

NB    Medical Intuitive Readings do not provide, or replace, medical diagnosis, which are based on a totally different evaluation and treatment model. An allopathic, conventional medical diagnosis is symptom-based: it seeks to provide a medical name for a cluster of symptoms or complaints provided by the patient, and is based on organs and organ systems as isolated specialties: cardiology, neurology, dermatology. The medical diagnosis often reflects the organ affected: appendicitis, heart disease, colitis, gall bladder disease, and so on.

The medical approach is thus based upon an historical review of a large number of people who previously presented with a similar symptom list. In other words, it places people in categories, based on similar complaints. It prescribes medications that suppress or eliminate the symptoms a patient complains about. The medications are recommended based on what has been used on other historical people in your "category name" or with the same medical diagnosis. When a person is in an acute crisis (severe infections, fractures, brain traumas) the allopathic medical model can be a lifesaver.


Prevention, or looking at the "whole person" as an individual, is a major strength of alternative healing therapies such as Medical Intuition and Metaphysics.