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We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.

 Paulo Coelho

A mystery disease

A mystery disease, condition, or illness is one for which the cause has not yet been identified, at least

by conventional medicine.


There are many conditions which conventional doctors do not recognise, simply because their

paradigm and training have not yet recognised the condition. There is a lot conventional medical

practitioners have yet to learn. Doctors, for example, know little about nutrition, the gut microbiome,

mental health, and it is frightening to conjecture that with their present level of training they may

soon be required to do lifestyle prescribing.


The reasons for conventional medicine being unable to identify the aetiology ( the cause, set of causes,

r manner of causation of a disease or condition) could include a lack of professional interest, a

conventional medical arrogance, a bias against complementary, alternative, and other medical

approaches, lack of research, lack of interest or funding to drive the research, lack of resources, the

hold of big pharma in whose interests it is to keep patients simply managing, not curing, their

condition (in short, it sells more drugs), difficult access, the fact it is easier in a ten minute consultation

to administer a drug, as well as the condition being unknown to conventional medicine and yet to be

written into its tombs of wisdom.



There are many diseases and conditions which doctors can cure with the stroke of a pen across a prescription pad and many the patient can treat or manage with medication, or at least manage the symptoms. But for all we understand about some diseases and illnesses, there are even more that still stump conventional, functional, complementary, and other forms of medicine, confound the public and rage on uncontested leaving us stumped.


And so, many patients end up with the question, “Why hasn't anyone figured out what's wrong with me? Why has no one even tested me for these symptoms? Why do doctors think it’s all in my mind?”


If you are ill and doctors still haven't been able to help you, do you really have 10, 20, 30 years to wait before medical science discovers the true cause of your suffering and how you can get better? It takes long enough these days to even see a sepecialist only to have him or her discount any condition and then you wait some more months to get referred to another specialist and so the pattern goes on


This a common sentiment of patients whose doctors have yet to find a reason why they feel miserable. Some patients, stumped with mystery symptoms, may be lucky enough to get lots of tests and shuffled between lots of specialists but all to no avail. More people than you might think are in this land of mystery with an illness without a diagnosis. This is frustrating for everyone. Patients get angry, they get irritated with their doctors and doctors, who like having answers and hate looking foolish, get frustrated with patients, especially ones who have done their research, and some end up suggesting it must be all in your imagination. But wouldn’t it be good if we all stopped disagreeing with and blaming each other and acknowledged the existence of mystery illness and therefore didn’t just write them off. The patient still has to live with them.


Even so, and whilst we all want to uncover the mystery illness, we have to acknowledge an unfortunate possibility: sometimes we won't find a diagnosis, not in our lifetime. We may remain stumped.

The Medical Medium


Whether you’ve been given a diagnosis you can't make sense of, or you have symptoms which neither you nor your doctor can name, or someone you know is sick and also doesn't know what they have, or you are a doctor seeking to solve the mystery and want to care for your own patients better, then I suggest you consider looking into the work of The Medical Medium who may just provide the answers you need.


The Medical Medium, aka Anthony William, isn’t like typical conventional doctors and other medical professionals such as chiropractors, homeopaths, doctors of Chinese medicine and myriad type healers today.

When he was four years old, Anthony heard a voice from outside of his ear, telling him his grandmother had lung cancer. He told his family, and though alarmed, they took her to have tests and sure enough she was found to have lung cancer.

Ever since, he has been hearing this divine voice called – Spirit (sometimes called by him Spirit of Compassion). And Spirit has been revealing to him the root cause of all the mystery & hard to diagnose illnesses that plague us today.


Many of us are spiritual or psychic mediums used by Spirit to convey messages between the non-visible realms and those here on the earth plane. In Anthony’s case I would imagine, because of his abilities, gifts,  and characteristics, they can use him and trust him to provide us with such medical information, some of the likes of which is yet to be known to conventional Western medicine.

As this may seem far–fetched for some, I can tell you from personal experience and from being in the Medical Medium community, I would rather believe him than not.

Prompted by years of being involved with conventional medicine, both as a patient and as CEO of a health charity, and therefore having come from years of attending conventional medical courses, self-health study, trial and error, and a medical system that simply does not understand and cannot cope with patients with medical morbidity and multiple chronic conditions, I contend that Anthony William has to be listened to for he reveals the root causes of diseases and conditions that medical communities either misunderstand or struggle to understand at all.

His work on mystery illnesses explores all-natural solutions for dozens of the illnesses that defy us, including adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disease, blood sugar imbalances, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic inflammation, colitis, depression, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s disease, hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, neurological conditions, and more.

He also offers solutions for restoring the soul and spirit after illness has torn at our deepest, most inner fabric.

His revolutionary and for some controversial insights into much of which science has yet to discover, and in some cases refuses to consider, explore the reasons why we suffer and how we may finally heal from more than two dozen common conditions:


Adrenal fatigue


Autoimmune disease


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Depression and anxiety


Digestive disorders

Epstein-Barr virus


Leaky gut syndrome


Lyme disease

Menopausal symptoms


Multiple sclerosis


Rheumatoid arthritis

Thyroid disorders

Vertigo and tinnitus


Hope and Trust

I  believe the Medical Medium offers us hope and possibilities - as do people like Caroline Myss (Medical Intuitive), Dr Judith Orloff (Empath and Medical Intuitive), Edgar Cayce, Dr Barbara Ann Brennan, Dr Mona Lisa Schulz (Medical Intuitive) and my dear friend Louise L Hay.

But you must explore Anthony’s work and reach your own conclusions, but

please, not just on a superficial glance over his work. He is the #1 New York

Times best-selling author of Medical Medium, Life-Changing Foods,

Thyroid Healing, and Liver Rescue born with the unique ability to converse

with Spirit of Compassion who provides him with extraordinarily accurate

health information that’s often far ahead of its time. Does what he write

resonate with you, do you feel comfortable with it, does it speak to your heart?

If it does, then heed your own intuition and follow your own inner guidance.

His unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned him the trust and love of millions worldwide, among them film stars, rock stars, billionaires, professional athletes, best-selling authors, and countless other people from all walks of life who couldn’t find a way to heal until he provided them with insights from Spirit. Anthony has also become an invaluable resource to doctors who need help solving their most difficult cases.

I openly disclose that I can embrace the work of Anthony Williams Medical Medium. It resonates with me. As a Spiritual Medium myself, I need no more evidence to convince me that there is an after life, that mediums can communicate with those in the spirit world and they with us, that I, you, and others can learn to communicate with Spirit.

A Medical Intuitive, someone who reads a person’s energy, even from afar, the person absent, is Caroline Myss. I write elsewhere on this site about my first meeting with Caroline, who one night happened into my life, a complete stranger and told me that unless I heeded that Spirit (though she did not use that term), then within a year my life would collapse, on every level - relationships, work, business, home, and health. She told me it was only when I was out for the count on a hospital slab, hearing a doctor’s voice say, “We’re losing him” that I would find myself in a  tunnel of light with vague figures beckoning me, giving me a choice to stay (alive) as I had work to do on earth or go with them (ie die). I chose to stay and since then I have devoted my life to Spirit, studying and practising medical intuition. So forgive me if I come across as more than biased; I have had enough experiences, not just meeting Caroline and Louise and finding Anthony, to convince me this is the way that soon we shall all follow.


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