Images and thoughts - the movie of your mind

We all are creating mental movies throughout our waking hours; when

asleep they are dreams!

We have thousands of  thoughts each waking hour and most of them we

are unaware of.


We also have thousands of images each hour; if we think of an event that

happened recently, we are likely to recall an image of it as well as hear it. If

we think ahead to a meeting we have to attend, a difficult conversation we

need to have, again we will have thoughts about the event , we may even see

ourselves in the event, we may even physically feel how we might be in the

event, nausea in the stomach, a rush of joy to the brain, whatever.


Now most of this thinking / seeing process happens randomly and then we act on it  or respond to it. We may recall an unpleasant event, see it, hear it, and then viscerally feel the unpleasantness - in the pit of the stomach, sweating in the hands, shortness of breath. And so, quite often, we will act  on impulses, things we don’t really want.

Develop awareness - of thoughts and images, the movie in your mind


So the plea is to become more aware – notice where you are thinking and visualising negatively and commit to choose more positive thoughts and mental images, ones that are quite specifically in alignment with what you want in life (rather than just letting life happen to you)


You need to begin collaborating more with your mind to attract the best life ever.


Imagine this scenario (not one to  be recommended) – you have an appointment with your doctor. Typically, when you visit with your GP you play the game of top dog underdog, you defer to the doctor, and you play “little me.” You have something serious to discuss and you know your doctor’s view. It's not the same as yours. But you want to be heard, and heard differently.


Now fast forward, you are there, in the clinic, and the doctor asks how she can help. You stutter and stammer over what you want. The doctor takes over, You have just given away all your power. The doctor is in charge. Is this what you want? Will this “style” of being get you what you want?


Now imagine this scenario. You know how you typically behave, your default position is “little me” and you do as the doctor says. But knowing this, you decide, ahead of time, to run a movie in your mind of you sitting up, alert, confident, speaking well. You hear yourself stating clearly why you are visiting and what you need to happen.  In advance, you have rehearsed by running a mental /thought movie. And of course, as it is a rehearsal, and you are the director of the movie, if you are not as confident or clear as you would like, you change and rehearse some more.


You can apply the mental movie  to any aspect of life.

Creating your mental movie

Crossroads. Remember you always have a choice of at least two routes – route one (I’m STUCK) – to rationalise, keep repeating and convincing yourself why life is so awful or route two (I’m MOVING) talking yourself through and out of the situation, onwards and upwards

Convince. Believe in yourself. Make positive self-belief normal to you. Tell yourself you deserve to be heard. Tell yourself over and over until you are convinced. You choose what you mbeieve about yourself and a choice is only a thought. You have every right to express your needs. You CAN do it.

Clarify. Tell your mind exactly and in each area of life, what you desire. (Your brain will believe and act on the images you create and the words you speak. If you are telling it you are no good, you can’t cope, that you always revert to being a little mouse – then let it be no surprise if that’s  exactly what happens. So change that movie.)

Connect. Link massive, huge, enormous pleasure to what it is you desire. (In the doctor example, not only see and hear yourself talking confidently and clearly stating your needs, connect too to the pleasure, relief, or other positive feelings you will have when you get what you request. This connecting to the positive feeling, feeling it as strongly as possible, turning up the strength if necessary is crucial to your success.)

Convert. Make the negative normal, familiar default thoughts and behaviour become unfamiliar (i.e. let go) and let the unfamiliar become the new familiar. If your negative familiar or norm is to become a mouse and defer  to or look up to the doctor, perhaps feeling “poor me” and not able to state your needs, you need to cancel that recording, let go of that familiar image, thoughts, and talk and instead, create a new movie, what may presently be unfamiliar ( i.e. different ways of sitting upright, breathing so that you can support your words, speaking clearly and confidently, describing clearly what it is you need and, crucially, how you will feel when you have achieved all this.)



Things may not change straight away but like a ship that changes direction even one degree, in time, if it keeps on going, ie does not revert to its norm, its original course, it will end up miles away in a new place, far removed from where the present trajectory would lead.


But first you need to plot that new course and that means changing what  you say to yourself and the pictures you create in your mind when you do.


Imagine two scenarios


Image one   (negative)                                              Image two  (positive)


In your mental movie you are unhealthy,

always ill, feeling miserable, unsuccessful,

unhappy, feeling as if something is missing in

life, all is not well.


I am unhappy                                                                        I  am happy

I am always ill                                                                        I am healthy

I never make ends meet                                                      I am abundant

Things never work out                                                       I am successful           

There’s always something going wrong                         I am healed

I feel less than, I'm never good enough                          I am whole

Life’s not what I’d like it                                                    I am complete



Now your turn


Write a list of your negatives. After each negative, decide and describe simply what you would prefer instead. When completed, now imagine you have achieved all your positives, how does that make you feel?  Write down  a few feelings words AND, most importantly, close your eyes and really connect to those feelings. Notice where in the body you feel relief, joy, happiness, delight, good etc. clench a fist to reinforce your feelings.


Warning. As you do this exercise, as you create your positives list, your ego will possibly argue and say “no” to each positive. Egg you may write, “I am now happy” and it will say, “no you’re not.” Well it’s true you may not be happy right now, but this is about  how you desire to be so keep writing that list. The more you can put on your positive list, the more you negative state will release.

I am happy, healthy, wealthy, successful, healed, whole and           complete and it feels great.

In your mental movie you talk to yourself and see yourself as feeling and being happy, smiling, positive, in good robust  health, every aspect of life working out well, always and over time, with an abundance of good for you and enough to share, talking of and feeling your gratitude for all in your life.

your own movie