1:1 Radical Healing Sessions

Your healthis it time to make some changes?

Is poor health or some life health condition holding you back or troubling you?

Do you just know it’s time to make some changes to become healthier?

Are you feeling it's time for some radical lifestyle changes?

And, are you ready and willing to make those changes?

If so, I am available to partner with you.


And it would be my honour.

Work with the Radical Healer

1 : 1 Radical Life Healing Sessions are based on Metaphysics - in other words, going beyond the physical, digging down to the root cause, working at a soul level,  then creating a vision of you and your healthy future and developing a plan to take you there.








This page details

  1. Why you might consider healing sessions(s) with the Radical Healer 

  2. Introduction – to why people don’t heal

  3. What I offer – general

  4. What I offer - specific

  5. Working metaphysically - ie going beyond physical symptoms to root cause

  6. How it works

  7. Request a session            


Why consider a healing session(s)

Is there a need for healing somewhere in your life?


Are you living with a chronic health condition -  one that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects or that “has come with time” and you are told to get used to it but you want to get to the root cause of it and if possible better deal with it or even better, learn from it and have it clear?


Do you have health issues and you find that you have run the gamut of all your doctor and conventional medicine can offer and so, you need to find another way, a way that honours and respects that you are more than just a body with physical symptoms?


Are you tired of being tired, simply managing disease, being medicated for eg depression and anxiety or some other mental health condition without anyone trying to get to the root cause?

Are you seeking more wholeness or meaning in your life – perhaps a greater harmony of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical?


Would you prefer to tread the path of creating health instead of just managing your diseases and illnesses?



If so – consider working with The Radical Healer



What I offer

Whatever your issue, if I can help, I will. If I cannot, I always aim to point you in the right direction.


I tend to specialise in three areas – personal growth and development, relationships, and in particular, in my healing sessions, my focus for you is on the creation of optimal health, digging down to the possible causes of any dis-ease or illness, helping you remove the obstacles to healing, and coaching you on the way to increased health and well-being. I am not a doctor so am not allowed to diagnose or prescribe medication.


Working with me could help if....


You are struggling with a health issue, or issues, and conventional medicine only offers disease management and, instead, you want to focus on finding a cause of your condition and find ways to create health , even though you may be living with an impairment or threatening life condition.


It could also help with:-


Divine             You hear a calling to be more in tune with the Divine, the God of your understanding and need support to get started                                   and stay on track. This is essential to good health and well-being.

Drama             You're fed up with never ending cycles of drama, blame & struggle, sick and tired of being sick and tired

Dynamics       You are interested in understanding the hidden dynamics of life more deeply, in finding your life purpose, and staying                                   on track with it

Emotions        You are experiencing negative emotional reactions and patterns which are getting in the way of creating a quality life

Challenges     You recognise the health challenges in your life but want to have a deeper understanding of them and find ways to move                               forward successfully as fully as possible

Habits             You feel full of enthusiasm after attending a workshop or reading a self-help book, watching an instructional video etc.                                 but your enthusiasm quickly wanes when it comes to applying that knowledge to your life, your issues and your                                             relationships, and old habits take over

People             There are people and situations that still press your buttons and you want to better understand them and deal with them

Relationship You can’t understand why you find relationships difficult. You want to feel better about your relationships but don't                                    know where to begin. Poor quality relationships affect our health.

Stress                You have a tendency to stress and to be anxious

Stuckness        Life seems stuck, you seem stuck – you are like the hamster in the wheel, always repeating the same old patterns and                                      need to heal them

Thinking        Your default way of thinking is to think negatively first and then perhaps stay stuck in fear-filled thoughts, ruminating                                  on the negative



Working with me will not help if ....


  • You continue to hold to the view that it is circumstances & other people that need to change in your life, not you, and you aren't open to change within yourself

  • You're looking for the next "pill" or quick fix to create change and bring about a perfect life

  • You’re not willing to be open to new ways of seeing and thinking; you cannot bring about a new future by holding on to the past, you won't make any major breakthroughs unless you're prepared to breakdown, to let go of the safe and familiar, no matter how uncomfortable or unpleasant they are.

  • You're not willing to put in the effort to learn new principles and ways, to apply them sufficiently long enough to give them time to grow


How we work together

On-line 1 : 1 Radical Life Healing sessions 

These radical healing sessions provide a platform for you to explore more deeply and thoroughly what underlies your present physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health, life, and well-being situations and how you might address these at the causal level.


Radical Healing Sessions                                       £85    Session One

                                                                                          £75    Each further session



Each session takes place 1 to 1 via       Skype

I support it by e-mail with notes, information handouts, perhaps assignments with activities to do, actions to take to help you move forward.

But you have to DO the work to notice a difference. Reading what I send you, in and of itself will help but little.



15 minutes free consultation (recommended but not obligatory.)

This is not an exploration of your issues but a chance to find out more about  how we would  work together and whether we are a “right fit.”


  Session 1          £85

Prior to the session you take time to complete a short questionnaire – this means we can make better use of your time on-line

                      We consult via Skype                                                   

                       You receive a post Skype summary with assignments   for any agreed work before next session

    Sessions 2 +    £65

Between sessions there are activities for you to complete – this encourages you to take an active part in your healing because only you can assist your body to heal

                 Sessions are to be paid for in advance.

                                  No refunds are given for sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the session.

The structure of our sessions

Pre Session One                           Before our first session you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire; this helps you to clarify what you want from a session AND it also helps me respect and prepare for our time together.


Session one                                      The session begins with a review of your questionnaire and a brief conversation about the concerns you want to address.  It is exploratory AND it will end with some things for you to consider and action to begin to improve your situation.

Sessions two +                                All subsequent sessions are focussed on progress you are making, and if none, why none. And then addressing how to build on creating health.


Each session is a unique experience.      There is room to explore your emotional and physical sensations, thoughts, images, subtle/spiritual experiences and perhaps there will be times of deep silence whilst you become aware of what you are feeling and perhaps need time to reflect.  

Frequently a person will move through several of the above aspects in a connected fashion in one session. You may feel muscle twitches, skin tingles or deep emotional release of grief, as old energy patterns are released. Integration of the experiences occur throughout the session and in the time afterwards as you go about your life. Mentally, do not try to control this process by thinking it has to be this way or that, or “I must!” Let it be what it will be.

It is an inner intelligence or wisdom deep within each of us which controls guides us towards health and wholeness, not our brains! And by learning to allow and follow our inner guidance, we live our life more fully.

I am not here to interpret your experience – but will offer my insights. The key is the insight you gain in the session and it is you who provides the interpretation.


My approach

The Radical Healing approach is only for those seriously committed to their own health and wellbeing,

who find that dealing with surface signs and symptoms has not helped, that they have exhausted all that

conventional health medicine can offer, and so seek to explore at the deeper, causal level, ie metaphysically,

what lies beyond the physical manifestation of illness, condition, or situation. If your apple tree grows

diseased apples, you need to treat perhaps the soil and / or the roots. You don’t just treat or spray the apples!

Or worse still, just pluck them from the tree. The tree still remains diseased!


You are both the tree and the apples, but the limbs go way back in time and your upbringing, your environment,

your lifestyle, all determine who, what and how you are.

Radical, metaphysical healing considers the soil, the environment, the roots, the body, and the fruit; it is part of the larger field of Energy Medicine. It is, in some measure, based on the belief that the roots of negative mental, emotional or physical patterns, left unchecked, can eventually result in dis-ease or illness; and that the reversing of those negative patterns into positive patterns, can in turn, lead to healing. The individual can be his or her own healer, responsible for creating either health or illness.    

Though western medicine dismisses the notion of metaphysical healing, there is little doubt that the connection between mind, emotion, body and spirit exists. A doctor may have told you to “keep your spirits up” and with that the understanding that anything that makes a patient feel better mentally and emotionally, aids physical health through eg having a good supportive network of family and friends on your side.           

Whenever we feel pain anywhere in the body, even the slightest twinge of a pain, be it mental, emotional or physical, it is the body's method of sending you a signal, a warning sign. Often, we ignore these early signs. But we need to take notice and listen to our bodies so that we can become proactive to undo the dis-comfort and rebalance the body systems before what ails us goes deeper and becomes serious dis-ease.






The underpinning of my work

I work in many ways - holistically, spiritually, intuitively, and metaphysically by drawing from the philosophies of : -

Functional medicine (which addresses cause, not just symptom) By shifting the traditional disease-centred focus of medical practice to a more patient-centred approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

Gestalt – a relational theory developed in the 1940s by Fritz Perls, which states that each person is a whole (mind, body and soul) and that self-awareness is key to personal growth and developing full potential. It recognises that self-awareness can become blocked by negative thoughts and behaviour that can leave people feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

Integrative medicine - bridging the gap between the allopathic (ie conventional medicine) and holistic (eg complimentary, alternative, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Shamanic approaches)

Intuitive medicine – whilst a conventional doctor focusses on symptoms, relies completely on logic and physical tests to make a diagnosis and treat the patient, working intuitively I rely on my “reading” of your energy and situation, as well as my understanding of the mind-body connection. I do not diagnose. I do not prescribe. I will suggest.

Lifestyle medicine

Metaphysics – simplistically, how thoughts and attitudes influence our bodies—for both health and illness.

Nutritional medicine - which is at the root of so many health challenges and conditions

Psychoneuroimmunology – lovely big word which simply means the influence of emotional states (such as stress) and your nervous system activities and how they affect your immune function especially in relation to the onset and progression of disease ie simplistically, what’s going on in your mind affects what’s going on in your body

Spirituality – yours, not mine – meditation, prayer and guidance from the sacred source! I encourage and support you to find your own way!

Transactional analysis – (or TA for short) a model of people and relationships,  developed in the 1960s by Dr. Eric Berne,  based on two notions:- 1) that we have three parts or 'ego-states' to our personality, and 2)  that these converse with one another in 'transactions' (hence the name).

Request a session

Complete the box opposite. 

You will receive an immediate message of receipt

I will  send you within 24 hours

  • details of how we will together

  • payment details

  • a questionnaire

Once payment has been made for the first session, we will schedule our first contact


Why Ask Andrew to Be Your Health and Wellbeing Coach?

I have over 30 years professional experience in what one might call the wellness field; I have trained and worked as

               A counsellor

               A spiritual counsellor

               A counsellor in HIV and sexual health

               A healer

               A Reiki Healer

               A Spiritual healer

               A management and personal development coach

               A life coach

               Founder and CEO of a Sexual Health Charity

               An Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor



We will work together as a team based on honesty, trust and respect. As well as setting visions and intentions, I’ll help you see through the ‘fog’ in your life and help you get to the heart of the matter and any barriers that have been in your way.

If you’re a believer of a faith, I will encourage you to apply the precepts and principles of your faith that directly or indirectly affect your attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours I’ll be as caring, positive, encouraging and supportive as I know how.

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