Spiritual Life Coaching and Directing

Is this you?


Are you seeking to find  YOUR life purpose, YOUR passion, YOUR reason for being …


Do you feel you have emotional blocks in need of healing to help you reach your goals and fulfill your desires.

Do you seek a closer walk with the Divine?


Discover the true joy of living a healthy, fulfilled, meaningful life.


From a holistic perspective that integrates the body, emotions, mind, spirit, and

soul, the spirit & soul levels are the deepest, the most profound, and the most

instrumental in creating a truly successful and fulfilling life.

We are living in a time of great and rapid change where many people are

questioning the meaning and purpose of their lives.


The role of a spiritual coach / director is to help others find their ‘inner light’,

their own higher wisdom, their own answers to these questions.


Spiritual life coaching / directing are processes in which you are helped to make

changes in your life by changing the way you operate first on an inner deeper level

and more authentically following your spiritual path. Rather than just examining

your behaviours, habits, and goals, we delve into your deep-rooted beliefs and your

connection to the Divine as you understand it or come to understand the Divine.

You are enabled to work with the laws of the universe to get what you desire out of

life and, importantly, know what life wants of you rather than just accepting

whatever comes your way.

You may have no spiritual path at present but “just know” there is more to life and feel “called” to live it at a deeper level with more meaning, integrity, authenticity and honesty. So your need may be for coaching to support you on your quest to and travelling of a spiritual path. It may include

  • breaking old patterns and creating new ones which enable transformation

  • clarifying and manifesting your desires and life purpose

  • learning to flow with the experience of life instead of being driven by the ego

  • designing your life with passion, purpose, and power

  • healing from the inside out


You may already be on a spiritual journey, trying to follow a particular lifestyle, but are in need of support and direction to stay true to the path, to explore challenges as they arise, as you attempt to deepen your relationship with the divine as you understand it, or to learn and grow in your own personal spirituality. You would be encouraged to share stories of your encounters of the divine, or how you are experiencing spiritual living and the issues and challenges it presents.


I work with people of all faiths and those of no religious beliefs.


Spiritual Life Coaching and Directing Session                             £85    Session One

                                                                                                                              £65    Further sessions



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