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Welcome to The Radical Healer

Welcome …

… to my new range of healing and personal development services as well as my new website

SERVICES I am slowly winding down from offering ceremonies and instead devoting my time to healing and spirituality through offering the following services:-

1. One on-One Spiritual Life Coaching /Directing – by e-mail and Skype

2. One-on-One Radical Healing Sessions – by e-mail

3. One-on-One Personal Development Sessions – by e-mail and Skype

4. Intuitive Readings – e-mail only

WEBSITE The website, still a work in progress, is my tribute to my younger sister who passed to cancer three years ago. Her journey through conventional medicine awoke in me so many issues prime amongst which was trying to easily access up-to-date information

One can but dream.

So, I wanted a website to be able to do a number of things :-

1. Emphasise the importance of taking responsibility for one’s health – given the NHS is stretched and can do less and less for us, we need to do more for ourselves to avoid illness and create better health and well-being, to be our own best researchers

2. Underscore the increasing need for us to focus on lifestyle interventions to address illness and achieve greater health and well-being

3. Contrast and complement conventional medicine approaches with metaphysical ones (how our emotions and thoughts trigger physical conditions) – and thereto highlight the importance of an integrative approach to medicine, health and healing

4. Focus through metaphysics the spiritual underpinning of many illnesses

5. Introduce and underline the need for a new medical paradigm (or model) of health – one based on the principles of functional and integrative medicine ie dealing not only with symptoms but digging for the root cause and in treatment, bringing together the best of all different types of medicine including CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy medicine etc

In one site I did not set out to cover all medical conditions, treatments or approaches; that was too tall a task. So I drew mainly on my sister’s experiences, my own experiences with worsening health at the time of her passing, and the recurring life conditions which clients and friends would raise with me in consultations and discussions.

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