• Rev. Andrew Hunter B.Msc

You CAN treat anxiety & depression - naturally

For over 30 years I struggled on and off with anxiety and depression.

Big Pharma, doctors of conventional medicine, local GPs and consultants, would have me believe that antidepressants and SSRIs were my only option for treatment; if I refused, then tough.

I refused often because clinical studies proved they were not highly effective, but worse, they came with a host of troubling side effects eg erectile dysfunction, brain fog, feeling flat, effects on relationships through lack of libido. Have a look at the NHS website for the list.

Seldom has any attempt been made to get to the root of my depression. Waiting lists for psychological services went into months by which time the condition would have worsened.

But, as I discovered, it isn’t true that we must have this all or nothing pharma or psych approach. You do have other options. Natural options. And you can get the results you’re looking for if you are willing to take the time to become aware and informed.

The trouble is when you feel down it is difficult to look up.

But from the 24th September to 1st October, help is at hand. The respected Jonathon Otto, creator of numerous health video series, is screening on line a docu-series on depression and anxiety.

The schedule will include

  • A Brief History of Mental Health, and How Big Pharma Changed The Way We View Mental Illness

  • The Modern Crisis: How Lifestyle Can Heal or Destroy Your Mind

  • Feeding The Mind: How To Heal Your Brain With Food

  • The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Heal Your Gut, To Heal Your Brain

  • The Modern Crisis Part 2: How Digital Media, Loneliness and the Loss of Community have Contributed to Mental Health Issues

  • Living in a Toxic World: The Effect of Toxic Thoughts and Toxic Exposure on Mental Health – and How to Overcome It.

  • Meditation, Prayer, Yoga and Trusting God: How Spiritual Practices can be Powerful Tools to Overcome Depression & Anxiety

  • Treatment Without The Side Effects: Supplements, Essential Oils, and Other Natural Approaches to Healing Mental Illness.

Catch the series whilst you can. It's free between 24th September to 1st October.

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