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The Truth about Cancer

Cancer is a word I never thought I’d have a direct relation with.

And perhaps for good reason! For when cancer strikes, it is mostly when people least expect it. One day we were a carefree family; the next, our minds shattered in myriad pieces.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how rich you are, how educated you are.

Too many of us, as I have done, have lost precious loved ones, friends and colleagues to cancer. And when it happens it often leaves us feeling helpless.

But given that by 2019 one in two of us will be directly impacted by some form of cancer (there are many types) might it be prudent to find out now what it is, how you can create a lifestyle that has best chances of avoiding it, and what to do should it happen?

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After the tragic loss of several family members to cancer, Ty and Charlene Bollinger in America found it difficult to believe that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective way to treat cancer patients and all conventional had to offer and so went on a Global Quest to find safe and effective alternatives to conventional medicine.

They found that when it comes to cancer, there is HOPE … and healing … and survival.

So they and their team have put together some of the very best minds on cancer and chronic diseases into The Truth About Cancer®: A Global Quest docu-series.

In this they share their most important news and breakthroughs in natural cancer therapies.

The lineup of speakers includes:

• Mike Adams (“The Health Ranger”) Founder of, Food Scientist. Author and Lecturer

• Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O. Practitioner, researcher, Bestselling Author

• Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O. New York Times Bestselling Author

• Dr. Mattias Rath, M.D. Founder of Dr. Rath Research Institute (Netherlands)

• Plus many, many more

The series also includes cancer survivors like:

Suzanne Somers, Cancer survivor, Author, and Actress

Chris Wark, Cancer survivor, Author of "Chris Beat Canceer", and Lecturer

And many others

The docu-series is FREE to see on your IT device but only for a limited time. The first episode airs on October 9, so you’ll need to be quick.

Find out more here.

My family had no idea cancer would strike. Few of us know when it will. So we need to envision wholeness, create health, and also be prepared.

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