• Rev. Andrew Hunter B.Msc

Pointers for creating a good 2019

Ring in the new - a common expression this time of year, New Year's Eve (2018).

If you want to live a more health filled life, spirit and soul led, here are some pointers for the New Year.

Let go of all that no longer serves you, lighten your load. This could include a job that does not fulfil you, relationships that drain you, habits that take you in wrong directions, negative attitudes, thinking, and beliefs.

Begin your year with clarity. Get clear on what kind of year you truly desire. As you think, so you get. Forget about resolutions , they often take you down the road of “don’t want.” Think instead and visualise what you do want. Reinforce your future vision every day as if it is now happening.

Begin your day the positive way. You choose what kind of day you are going to have. Even before you get out of bed, try smiling, connect with your Spirit guides eg “Morning Spirit. Thank you for a good night’s sleep. Now let’s share a great day.” By just smiling, expressing gratitude, you’ll begin your day in a positive way. All your thinking in some way creates your reality so by beginning your day in this way, you’ll attract more positive vibes and opportunities into your day.

Think health and wellness, not poor health and illness. You may be living with an illness and so have to attend to it each day but as far as you can, even if in pain, also think and visualise health and wholeness. Help them reconnect to the truth of who they are.

Choose Love, choose to live from the heart. Most people have a kind, pure heart – it’s just it’s often covered by years of negative conditioning, troublesome life issues, and pain. Try to look beyond their behaviour. Look for the good that’s in every person and in every situation.

Connect to the power of your soul. Next time you need to make a decision, stop for a moment and ask yourself: “What would Love have me do?” “How do I feel about this decision?” “Does it feel positive or negative, and why?” “What would my soul have me do?” Practise this daily, and over time you’ll be guided to make better choices.

Trust your intuition. Your intuition is an excellent resource to help you make the key decisions in your life. Here’s a way to strengthen your intuition. Imagine you come to the end of a road with two roads in front of you, one going left, the other right. This is a major crossroads point representing an important decision you need to make. In your imagination take your time as you walk down each road, observing all your surroundings – hedgerows, fences, old fashioned flowers, the surface of the roads - rugged or smooth? How does the sky look? Is the landscape rich with greenery or is it plain and barren? Listen to your intuition. Which road seems the right one? Practise this technique for small decisions at first, then build your intuition and confidence, and use it on more important decisions.

Forgive your poor choices. At one time or another, we’ve all made bad choices in our lives. Hopefully, we learn from them, try to not to do them again and move on. By making peace with a bad choice from the past, essentially forgiving yourself, it will help you adopt a more positive and aware mindset to make better choices in the future. By this simple act, you’re making a commitment to yourself and to your soul to be all that you can be.

Get in the flow of life. If you feel stuck, try this exercise. Visualise you are by a bend in the river and debris has built up. This represents all your fears and stuckness. Find one piece to symbolise you. Imagine now it becomes dislodged, liberated and follows the flow, supported by the water of life. How does it feel to be free? Where does the river take you?

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