• Rev. Andrew Hunter B.Msc

Beyond Chemo

My younger sister died of stage four lung cancer, a beautiful woman taken before her time.

Her treatment opened my eyes to much that is wrong with our medical paradigm in the NHS.

Beyond Chemo is a free six-part video series starting February 26 and available to view online.

Listen to 18 of the world’s best cancer doctors and experts as they reveal the safe, natural treatments the billion pound cancer industry doesn’t want you to find out about. Meet the brave doctors who are leading the charge against expensive, dangerous, and ineffective cancer treatments (yes, I’m talking about chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery)

Could a powerful, new cancer treatment work 34x better than chemotherapy and radiation and with no negative side effects?

If you or a loved one is facing a cancer diagnosis, the information in this video series could be life-saving.

Take a moment to sign up for the series here.

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