Getting a Copy of Your Customer's Data

In accordance with the GDPR, your customers may request a copy of their data that your site has collected. 


This feature is currently in beta phase. If you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems with this feature, please let us know immediately so we can correct them accordingly.


Some of your customer's data may not be included in this data archive (e.g. data from sites that use third party apps or Wix Code). Click to read more


To get a copy of your customer's data:

  1. Click to go to Manage Website

  2. Click Contacts & CRM. 

  3. Click Contact List.

  4. Click More actions. 

  5. Click Privacy & GDPR. 

  6. Click + New Request. 

  7. Click the dropdown and select Get a copy of their data. 

  8. Click Continue. 

  9. Confirm your customer's ID:

    • Enter their phone number.

    • Enter their email address. 

  10. Click Submit Request. 


After submitting a request you will receive a notification confirming the start of the process. You'll receive your customer's data file within 48 hours of submitting the request. 


fter you've received your customer's data file make sure to doing the following:

  • Confirm the customer's identity and contact details.

  • Download your customer's data file using the link in the email.

  • Send the file to your customer via email.