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Sometimes, if we are aware, we will notice signs that tell us we need to change or adapt the way we are living - what we eat, burning the candle at both ends, always being there for others. Sometimes it would do us good to stop and see how crazy our work culture has become and how even crazier we have become to buy into it and much crazier still, how we do nothing about it - until we get the big wake up calls. Health emergency or redundancy. After years of service suddenly we are of no worth. Or after all those years of dedication, hard graft takes its toll.

Radical Healing is being aware, it is being informed, it is about making bold decision, and radical action in moving toward health and happiness instead of unhealthy old age, infirmity, or death.


Think of this website, even just this page, as the start to your journey …

back to yourself, the person you were before the stress, deadlines, unwanted symptoms, exhaustion and frustrations of daily life.


perhaps, more appropriately, forward to uncovering and living the truth of who you really are and capable of becoming.

Before stress, illness, and all that “stuff”, life may not have been all that brilliant so why go back there? The past has gone. Many of us lived life through other people’s expectations of us, hand-me-down beliefs that we swallowed without discernment, societal influences, the world of self-comparing and judging through social media, so really, why go back there after ill-health? Was life any better before illness? Was the illness a wake-up call to change?

Let this moment of NOW be the start of your path to optimal health and wellness, where you plant new seeds, new thoughts and beliefs, and nurture them, of reaping the harvest of greater well-being. You will not achieve the new by reverting to the past.

I hope these Getting Started links below offer you the nourishment you are looking for.

I’ve dedicated my site to addressing health and well-being from a holistic perspective, by honouring conventional medicine and the physical world of symptoms, some say of illusions, and what they offer, as well as introduce and explore the metaphysical and spiritual meaning of illnesses and suggest means of achieving optimal health and well-being. My goal is for you to look beyond the conventional health sphere as we know it, of looking only at symptoms and having them treated, but in addition, to look to the root, deep causes of health and health related issues. This means considering a deep exploration of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the negative thoughts that take over our mind, our sub-conscious programming and beliefs that drive us like robots, unthinkingly, through life.

Sadly, few of us are brought up with the knowledge, awareness, and experience of the totality that affects our health and entire well-being – not just the physical, but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and soul. How many of us were taught to cook, taught sound finance, how to relate, or how to be healthy? Had we been taught to view life holistically, and lived it holistically, we wouldn’t be facing the health and social crises that we are today.

I’ve turned what I have learned in the past 30 years working with many clients and my personal challenges as a patient with the medical system, my life, my health, including the world of my inner self (of the soul and spirit) into a guide that can help  you transform your health and well-being and life for the better…if you need to and if you so choose.

So today you  have a choice if you are seeking optimal health – to continue as you have done, along the path that got you to where you are now, or to take this as a starting opportunity for you to choose a life of greater health and well-being; every change, made with consciousness – big or small – is a step in the right direction and can make your life a little bit simpler, a little bit less stressful, and a lot more beautiful and healthful. A ship only has to alter course by one degree to head off in a totally different direction.

Here’s a peak on what you’ll discover here with The Radical Healer.


Here you’ll find pages of welcome, scene setting, general introductory pages about health and healing, wellness and well-being, paradigms of medicine, the need for change, both personal change and the need for a new medical paradigm in the NHS from disease management and medical fixing to include education on and the creation of health.

Be aware

Here you’ll find ideas on how to be more present to life, more aware of what is going on in your life, what is working and what isn’t, how you yourself help and hinder the healing process and the attainment of optimal health, about exploring what change really means, and whether you have made a commitment to yourself to invest sufficiently in yourself. Without awareness we don't know if we are heading in the best possible direction. Awareness tells us when to get back on the path.

Be bold

Here you’ll find the case for deciding to be bold in your thinking, and bold in your changes. The extent to which you can bring about optimal change depends on where all the small steps lead, being willing to step out of your comfort zone, taking risks, and trying the unfamiliar. What is one tiny step for one person may be a gigantic leap for someone else. This is about you - no one else.

Be Radical

You are your own Radical Healer, Radical because having adopted the Bold mindset, your are now prepared to take Radical action. Here you’ll find key medical conditions, a brief explanation about how they are viewed and treated conventionally, and then an overview of how we can look at them from a metaphysical, spiritual perspective, going beyond just symptoms to the deep-down causes. It’s a place where you can get a different perspective on your condition(s) and inspiration on how to figure out what changes you could make at a mental (thoughts and beliefs), emotional, spiritual, soul level (as appropriate) and lifestyle level to bring about improvement in your health and well-being. Not every medical condition can be covered here, so I have stuck to what I have experienced and what I have  helped clients work through. 

Be informed

To take radical action, you are likely to need new information. Many of us are not well informed, though we like to think we are. Here you’ll find the fun and playful side, the world of tips and ideas, references to books, websites and videos, to help with the every day aspects of life that can help us lead healthier more fulfilling lives – from how to write affirmations, creating new attitudes and beliefs to abundance and success, compassion and forgiveness and so much  more that can impact our health and well-being. It’s good to take a little break from focusing on health and symptoms, to the creation of ways to help us live more happily and joyously. Sometimes it is helpful to come away from seeing ourselves as bit parts being treated through a reductionist medical system of departments and specialists working separately, and, instead,  simply visualising on being whole and complete.

 Be a Blessing

Here you’ll find the key to living, why we are here on this vast planet; it’s not to get, get, get, more and more stuff, but through our presence and what we do and how we are, to contribute to the wider world, to be a blessing to others…no matter how tiny the contribution. A smile to a stranger, a helping hand to someone in need.  Most of us underestimate the vastness of our potential, the wealth of gifts and talents we could bring, what we could offer as Radical Healers. And under the universal law of tenfold return, what ever you give away will come back to you multiplied ten times.

Personal Services

Do you need help?


The Radical Healer offers a number of services including :-


This is a website that could go on forever and it will be added to – through regular blog features, videos, podcasts, and by services such as one-to-one personal development coaching, healing sessions, and intuitive readings. It cannot hope to cover the totality of topics which fall under the umbrellas of medicine, health, and well-being, and spiritual living. Hopefully it is enough to touch you and light a flame within which will spark your own curiosity and willingness to do your own research, courage to fight your own corner, and inspire you to radical action on behalf of others.

“To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing”
 Raymond Williams

Most of us go through life not really thinking about health and well-being, at least not until disaster strikes like a medical emergency and we are forced to consider what got us in the pickle in which we now find ourselves.

Be Aware
Be Bold
Be a Blessing
Be Radical
Be Informed

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