Recharge yourself

“Relax, Recharge and Reflect. Sometimes it’s OK to do nothing.”
Izey Victoria Odiase




Sometimes when we are feeling “down” we can begin to think we are

unwell; but the truth more likely is, it’s not always about our health.


Sometimes, circumstances and earth energies, conspire to make us go

within, to our thinking being, where we cogitate and ruminate, and

sometimes dig ourselves into a deeper pit of depression, hopelessness,

wondering “what ifs” and “if onlys!”,


Now, sometimes we need to go into our heads, to work out and resolve

a problem that requires a practical solution but that is different to going

within, staying there, and constantly fretting over it.


So, what can help you move through those moments of being “down” –

when it’s time to say enough is enough to the “sitting with your emotions,”

your thoughts, and physical feelings?


Suggestions to help you manoeuvre through the tougher times:



  1. Aromas – never underestimate the power of fragrance, have an aromatherapy treatment, light an aroma diffuser in your home, an incense stick, smell the freshness of the air

  2. Be creative

  3. Breathe – deeply and mindfully

  4. Clear any negativity, anger, dark clouds, as quickly as possible – seek support if necessary

  5. Detach from people who drain you – do not hang on to people who bring you down, who gossip and hold pity parties, talk at you, not with you

  6. Detach from your preoccupations, sometimes that means finding a distraction, a decision to let go, let God – or attend to practical resolutions to your problems

  7. Distance yourself regularly from technology

  8. Eat wisely and naturally, keep the body light, you are a bringer of light to an at times dark world

  9. Flowers – flowers brighten up the space, they also soak up negative energy, flower essences shift your mental vibrations

  10. Focus – what you give attention to grows, focus only on what serves you

  11. Help others – find a way to be of service, a listening ear, a helping hand

  12. Help yourself – get energy healing, a massage, a therapy treatment whenever you need it

  13. Learn something new

  14. Let go

  15. Listen to your body, notice how sensitive it is and feed it healthy food, take a shower, rest it – give it what it needs

  16. Media - switch off mainstream media, avoid it, minimise your use of it – do not take into your bedtime, sleep consciousness a diet of bad news

  17. Meditate

  18. Meet up with supportive others, have fun

  19. Move – do some body work, shake it out of you, cycle, dance, run, swim, walk  

  20. Music – listen to beautiful music

  21. Nature – spend time in nature, your garden, any garden, a park, out in the country, by the sea

  22. Paint – draw, create, use your hands, bring out what is within

  23. Play a musical instrument

  24. Pray – for divine intervention, to be given the strength to move through the darkness, to surrender all that is holding you back

  25. Process what is going on with like-minded friends or if necessary, a competent therapist

  26. Rescue remedy – take a few drops – Rescue Remedy is a blend of five Bach Flower Remedies especially beneficial when you find yourself in traumatic and stressful situations

  27. Relax, release, and let go

  28. Rest

  29. Retreat

  30. Rise above from as much of the drama, chaos, and worldly unravelling as possible

  31. Silence – sit in silence, noticing the silence, noticing your connection to the Divine, noticing your Higher Mind, your Soul

  32. Take time out

  33. Watch uplifting, inspirational, or funny movies to improve your mood

  34. Water – drink plenty of water, remain hydrated

Be Carefree - Just Have Fun
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Every now and then you need a retreat.


But most can’t afford exotic spa prices, nor do you need to.


Take time out at home or take yourself away for a couple of days.


Take a break.


Go back to basics, as near to nature as possible.


Reduce everything you can to their simplest forms, from how you dress to how you cook, how you work to how you play.


Let go of every single unnecessary thing.


Cleanse your mind, spirit, soul, body, and your drawers and cupboards.


Get quiet and completely recharge. 


Give yourself what you need (not what you want.)


Simplify, simplify, simplify. 

Keep It Spiritually Simple