Smile ...


... and bring some colour to the world


When I first moved to London in my late 30s it was from having spent a few years working in Germany

where the work hard, play hard motto was still alive and well. There, weekends in particular, people came

out to take the air, stroll to find a nice Gastsube (Inn) for coffee and cream cake, washed down with lots

of crisp coffee and sometimes lashings of beer...and always with good company and good cheer.

They had beer gardens where music played and everyone seemed happy. I had grown accustomed to

greeting complete strangers with a goodly smile, well meant, and a vigorous, “Guten tag” -

Good day - emphasising the Good!


Day one in London I hit the underground, the absence of smiles and greeting was palpable, people

hidden behind books and newspapers, others staring into space. And if I did accidentally on purpose

make eye contact with another their reactive pattern was to quickly look away or frown.


I’m not judging, I’m simply noting. And observing how different life can just seem, let alone feel, with a

few more smiles going round...smiling not just with the mouth but with the eyes and even the tone of



And it becomes cultural; what we give out we get back.


So today and every day do something radically different. Smile! Deliberately. Stand out from the mind-herd and sod what others think. Let their judgements be theirs. Just you smile – because it makes you feel good and goodness knows the power of good it may make to just one other person. And who knows also, it may catch on and be the next healing pandemic. Don't they say that laughter is the best medicine? Then let's prescribe laughter for ourselves.





























Make the effort to smile today, no matter how you are feeling, how down in the doldrums you may be.

Smile as you leave for work, smile as you show up for work, smile throughout work, even if on the phone. It’s said

in telephone call operator training that if you smile as you speak, your tone of voice changes to reflect the smile.


Smile as you drop the kids off at school or go shopping, smile at the checkout attendant. You don’t have to say anything.

Just watch their response and smile back a second time.


A smiling face is a beautiful thing.


Just notice any judgements you have about me or this article at present. Well they are just yours so, if negative,  just keep them

to yourself and still smile! The world needs more smiles, not more judgements. Smiles help us heal, judgements don’t.

We go to war because of them.


I hope that you “smile out” and lift the spirits of others. Lead by example.


Choose today, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, to live a life filled with smiles and joy and

others will automatically choose the same.


One person can truly make a difference, with something as simple and inexpensive as a smile.


Go on, smile! You know you want to!!