Soul Healing

What breaks your heart?

What does your soul long for? And, how is that connected to how you are living your life now?


Wherever you are centred or focussed

it’s from there you generate and manifest your life.

Think negatively, you create negativity

Think positively, you create positivity


If you are stuck in your head

your decisions and interactions may be heartless, devoid of feeling and compassion.

If you are stuck in your heart

Your decisions and interactions may at times lack thinking, discernment, and due rational appraisal.

If you generate life from your soul

you integrate body, mind and spirit.

A balanced life, is a healed life

As you live from your soul-self, not your ego self, you radiate light, confidence, courage, strength, and unconditional love for you and others.

As you live and view your life from your soul’s perspective, you start to appreciate yourself as a divine being

and gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of the soul essence in others.



Perhaps the most important page of this website is this one; its message is simple –

we can aim to heal our physical body, our dysfunctional thoughts, and our debilitating

emotions, but until we learn to heal at a soul level, we will not be wholly healed.


Because we live in a world of chauvinism we deny Soul (feminine) consciousness and

elevate the masculine, thus creating an imbalance in our lives. We see this play out in our

news every day. Realise that your Soul is feminine by nature and due to the repression

of feminine energy, your Soul suffers just as society suffers by the demeaning and

repression of the feminine.


The word Healing means ‘making whole’, of redressing imbalances and dis-eases that have built up in the emotions, mind and body. Soul is that part of us which is eternal, invisible, spiritual and filled with universal love, which connects us to each other, to all life, and to the Divine, but not necessarily in any specific religious sense. Healing of the Soul is a subtle and powerful form of energetic healing, that works with the energies and vibrations of the whole person, with their physical and energetic bodies, their emotions, thoughts, personality and soul. Its aim is to help bring us back from the state of dis-ease and imbalance to a state of ease, balance and well-being.


We are at a time in history when we are realising life is not just about “me-me-me” as an individual being but we are becoming universal beings who aim to understand and live by the laws of the universe - the laws of cause and effect, attraction, duality, polarity, time, space, gravity, karma, etc - and live them to create a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual life we love and that is for our own greater good AND the good of others and the planet.


Soul Healing  as a deep form of healing involves exploring the causes of disease and not merely addressing the symptoms. It is one thing to be able to alleviate a physical symptom eg backache, but quite another to be able to find the causes of the symptom within a person’s whole life situation, so that the cause(s) can be addressed and healed.


Soul Healing is concerned with the finer subtle energies of the soul within the healing practitioner and within the patient, hence why the inter-personal relationship between practitioner and patient is key to the therapeutic relationship and to healing. It is a form of healing which requires the development of self-awareness, up to date information, of consciousness, intuition and possessing the ability to learn how to perceive, to ‘read’ what is beyond the physical realm. This means expanding your level of awareness and for this you need to use other tools, as you need to develop your perceptive ability or capacity, learning how to apply this knowledge in the invisible worlds of the emotions, mind and spirit and the visible world of form. Therefore, soul healing takes us to a much deeper, transformative level within our own selves, as well as teaching us how to relate deeply to other people.


In short, the power of the Soul is passion, creativity, intuition and connection with the Divine.


Regardless of which spiritual path or religion you may follow, if any, you have a Soul and can access its power to create a healed life worth living.


Steps to soul healing


Do your research. Be aware and inform yourself. Understand the true nature of your Soul. The Soul is feminine by nature and your Spirit is masculine. The union of Soul and Spirit gives birth to your wholeness. Are you too feminine or too masculine? Are you balanced?


Recognise that your feminine energy is your 1) Imagination 2) Passion 3) Emotions 4) Creativity, and 5) desires. When you spend time developing these qualities you also feed and strengthen your Soul.


Your masculine energy is comprised of 1) Will Power 2) Motivation 3) Intellect 4) Actions, and 5) Productivity.


Value and support your feminine energy to feed and heal your Soul.


Daily and constantly deepen your connection with the Divine. Clarify what spirituality means to you, develop daily practice such as meditation, prayer, contemplation, being in silence etc. Spirituality is your personal and private relationship with the God of your understanding. whatever you call it – Source, Spirit, God, I-AM, Wakan Tanka. Everyone has a relationship with God, even an atheist, even a dysfunctional relationship, but a relationship none-the-less. Just as a human being has a relationship with their mind, it may be well developed or severely lacking, but the relationship still exists. Everyone is spiritual, and through their Soul they can connect with the Divine. Deepening your connection to the Divine by whatever name you call it, can help heal your Soul. This is NOT about religion.


Heed and explore passion and true pleasure. Encourage joy and bliss into your life. We have become so busy and replaced our passions with duties and obligations, the daily grind. We have forgotten how to play and are rapidly losing the ability to freely connect. Many are they who claim they don't have time to explore their heart's pleasures and passions and fail to realise they are starving their Souls. Make time each day to do something you are passionate about or that brings you genuine pleasure, that truly makes your heart sing. If you don't know what these are then start by taking time to explore the possibilities. Make a list of the top 5 ways you can have more true, fulfilling, pleasure in your life.


Take time each day to turn inward to the very centre and nucleus of your mind. Explore relaxation, meditation, and prayer. When you relax you can quiet your mind and listen to God, to your inner voice, the voice of intuition.


Be aware of your feelings and be willing to learn from them. Your emotions connect you to your Soul. In your journal record the repressed emotions that have been bottled up inside you. What lies beneath your repressed feelings is your creativity, passions, intuition and imagination. It is like finding buried treasure. The price you have to pay is your willingness to feel, accept, own and express those uncomfortable emotions of anger, hurt, disappointment and fear. When you do, you'll create a more harmonious space for your Soul to dwell.


Ask yourself every morning -  Good morning Soul, what would you have me do today, where would you have me go, how would you have me serve, and whom? Or ask, “What can I do today to help someone?" "Who could I call to lift their spirits?"  When you give out of service and unconditional love you feed and heal your Soul. The truth of who we are is Love and Kindness. Being kind, loving and supportive of others, without conditions or the need for thanks,  rewards our soul.  

Soul Search. Part of the process of Soul Healing may be a deeper reflection on your life purpose, your lifestyle (how you live your life.) It may mean simply asking some seemingly simple but deep questions.

Why are you here?

What do you want to achieve in this world?

What excites you?

What do you love to do most?

Where would you most like to do it?

Who would you most like to do it with?

What sort of impact on others do you hope to make doing what you do?