Spiritual lessons for life

Below is a list of some of the spiritual lessons I've learned in my life thus far.

Some may seem silly, but they are all serious.  Speaking of which, let’s just get



  1. I will not hold the past against myself; I did the best I knew how with the                                                                                     resources I had at the time.

  2. Speaking your truth will absolutely piss some people off and that's a

  3. good thing. Sometimes people need to be shaken to awaken.

  4. The moment you start believing in yourself you become more powerful

  5. than you can possibly imagine. Sometimes you need to be shaken.

  6. Lead a life that feels right to you; not one that looks right to anyone else.

  7. Let go of relationships that are hard work, are not meant to be, and

  8. sucking the life out of you.

  9. Your purpose in life isn't something you work at, your job, or something

  10. to have. It's what you're called to become – Loving, serving, joyous,

  11. and compassionate.

  12. Never let anyone or anything steal that wonderful smile.

  13. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who live in Love and

  14. those who live through Fear. Those who are right and those who think they

  15. are right. Those who swear and those who don't. People in the former

  16. categories are way more honest and effing attractive than the latter.

  17. If you keep stretching, you keep growing. Struggling is not failing, it’s your learning joint.

  18. Trying to talk in a spiritual Sunday voice often creates vague, fluffy insincere language so open to interpretation it turns people off; speaking from the heart is more truthful and sincere.

  19. Your parents did the best job they could with what they had at the time. Forgive them. Stop blaming and start loving. It’s never too late to thank them, even if they have passed over.

  20. You aren't responsible for other people's feelings. Be patient until they figure that out. Do not play the drama triangle of adopting the role of victim, persecutor, or rescuer.

  21. The world is inherently neutral. And it is magnetic. Your experience of it mirrors your current level of consciousness and understanding. If you are always criticising, you will attract criticism.

  22. It is only possible to love someone as deeply as you love yourself. Love is deeper than romanticism.

  23. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence we have. Wisdom comes not from reason but from Love. Your intuition speaks quickly; your ego swithers and dithers.

  24. Your feelings are sacred. Only share them with people who will honour them.

  25. Life treats you to the extent you treat yourself.

  26. Believe those who seek the truth, doubt those who find it; doubt all, but do not doubt yourself. Be discerning.

  27. If you need to cry, cry. But you can just as easily laugh about it, too, which is way more fun.

  28. Don't take things personally. It's not always about you; it's about them too. And most operate at a very low level of consciousness.

  29. Love people enough to let them be free to make their own mistakes and learn their lessons. It's not your job to fix anyone.

  30. It’s kinder to treat people the way they want to be treated than it is to treat them the way you want to be treated. But colluding with their pain and victimhood is not questionable.

  31. Never ever, ever, ever give your power away. To anyone. For any reason. Ever.

  32. Do not apologise for things you haven't done wrong or when you don't really mean it. Say “sorry” in all consciousness ie when it is merited, not as a knee-jerk reaction.

  33. Blaming and shaming are a huge waste of time. Learn what you need to learn and move on.

  34. If people drain your energy, are energy vampires, then remove yourself.

  35. Be aware, inform yourself, prepare to be bold and take risks, a leap of faith.

  36. Talent alone isn't enough. Passion, compassion, persistence, action, commitment, respect, loyalty, and courage will take you everywhere.

  37. Failure is just one of the many steps you'll take on your way to success.

  38. The universe is constantly trying to guide you via signs, symbols, and moments of synchronicity. Learn to pay attention and take action accordingly.

  39. Use it or lose it

  40. God doesn’t care so much about what you decide as THAT you decide.

  41. Knowing where you're going isn't necessary in order for you to get started.

  42. One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore. A couch potato only ever gets to sit on the couch.

  43. Through love, all things are possible. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes miracles happen.

  44. There comes a time in your soul's evolution when you simply outgrow manmade religion. It's OK to let it go, and to follow your own spiritual path.

  45. Have a foundation to your spiritual path and walk your talk. Otherwise, it is not true spirituality.

  46. Spirituality isn’t just  about calling in the light; it is honouring balance, and calling the dark to account.

  47. If you can't be happy right now for no reason at all, then you'll never be happy because true happiness only comes "for no reason at all, right now."

  48. "No" is a perfectly good answer that doesn't need to be followed up with an explanation. Don’t ever defend your reasoning.

  49. It's better to live a hard truth than a beautiful lie.

  50. There's no point in achieving anything if you don't stop long enough to celebrate it. Life requires that we celebrate joy.

  51. You can be spiritual and still kick ass, swear and drink whisky, and be a real person who isn't "fluffy love and light" all the time.

  52. Change and death are the only things guaranteed in life; the first is a constant process, always happening, the second a point in time.  Learn to live, let go, and be at peace with change.

  53. Your ability to manifest is directly correlated to how comfortable you are living in and with the unknown.

  54. Your greatest teachers in life will be the people who piss you off the most, those that hurt and anger you the most. Be grateful for them.

  55. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality, and both are under your control. As you think so you feel, so you create.

  56. You can have it all but not at the same time and only once you realise it is not about material possession.

  57. The only person you have to spend the rest of your life with is you, so you'd better make friends with yourself fast. Love yourself.

  58. Share and teach.

  59. And Love.



Today, I encourage you to reflect and make a list of your own life lessons.


Add to it as you learn and grow.


Imagine you are going to marry yourself. What are the vows you would make and keep to you?

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