Spiritual Readings

The Radical Healer is all about personal empowerment, about you going deep within to tap your inner wisdom to make your own decisions.


But sometimes we need to gather input from other sources - from the media, from people, from books and research. All of these sources can be biased and are best seen as just another opinion to consider.

The Radical Healer knows that in the end, it comes down to his or her personal connection to the Divine, a surety that their decisions are based in divine teaching and truth and made for the Higher good of all concerned.


In a Spiritual Reading I hope to put you in touch with that energy to help you decide what steps to take next. Even not taking action is a choice which will have consequences.

In the reading I give what I get which can be across most areas of your life although very often it will focus on just one or two key life areas. 


You will be given guidance as to how to work with your reading for most people are far to quick to judge and discard. The reading is not predictive and the outcomes following a reading are of your creation. If you do "this" then "that" could follow, do "that" then something else will result. It all depends on your attitudes and intentions. 

To request a reading, please use the Contact page.



Before I embark on your reading you will be asked to pay the fee of £45 into my UK Bank Account.


I am a Certified Angel Card Reader.

I am a spiritual Psychic Medium, trained by many over time, including Tony Stockwell, Raleigh Valentine and Dougal Fraser,  and  in 2020 by some of Scotland's finest mediums /teachers - Annie Hamilton, Andrew Lindsay, Dominic Boag

I am trained and experienced in Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing using the Traditional Usui Method to Reiki Master / Teacher level as well as Theta Healing. What I have discovered in life is that all ill-health and ill-being comes from our separation from the Divine Source and therefore, to heal, not necessarily cure the symptoms, we need simply be open to receiving the Divine Healing energy and in time sharing it with others. There is a receiving through the left hand and a giving with the right.

My Bachelors Degree is in Metaphysical Science, seeking to understand the root of causation, especially with regard to health and well-being. But we can use our logical brain to think and analyse and decide,  but better still it would be to listen to and dialogue with our bodies and heed our intuition.