Stop Worrying

Eric Bakker ND

Stop worrying about your health

I like Eric Bakker – Naturopath and Author of Candida Crusher; I like his no-nonsense style, I love his irreverent use of “tell-it-like-it-is” language, calls a bum a bum, and poo poop. I like that he has spent years in his specialism (candida) and brings enormous insight and wisdom to his patients on so many levels.


I met Eric on a trip to New Zealand in 2010 – one of those synchronistic moments; I was walking around a little town, Havelock North, and I saw a small clinic window proclaiming all sorts of health things (I wasn’t too into naturopathic medicine at the time so was intrigued) and so I wandered in, for a chat, as you do. I was a simply following my curiosity and my intuition. We underestimate the power of curiosity! And it never did kill the cat!!


At the time, I didn’t have anything major troubling me on the health front, in fact my health had rarely been so good. But the woman behind the counter, who turned out to be Eric’s wife, suggested I come back “later” when he would have time to “just chat!” Meanwhile she and I chatted for what seemed hours on end. I felt I had "come home." My intuition was guiding me big time.


So I did – went back,  and Eric and I spent a delicious three hours together with a further, more official meeting next day.


He was generous with his time, his knowledge his experience – and his heart. That, in part, is how he heals.


In the above video he talks from the heart, advising that people could worry less about imaginary ill-health and what may be wrong, and put their attention instead more on being positively health centred.


It’s one thing to inform yourself of health issues but quite another to drive yourself frantic with worry about might-be’s and maybe’s.


All day long we tell ourselves stories, and most are not true. Stories create images. The subconscious mind responds only to mental images. It does not matter if the image is self-induced (your story) or from the external world (something you have seen in the world out there.” The mental image formed by your story becomes the script and the subconscious mind uses every means at its disposal to carry out the script. Worrying is the programming of an image you do not want.


What mental images come to mind from the following stories?


I am worried I will die.

I am worried I may have cancer.

I am worried I will end up in debt.

I am worried he will leave me.


The subconscious (not knowing the difference between a real or imagined image) acts

to fulfill the imaged situation and then “The things I feared most happen.”


When you change your thoughts, you change your mind.


As you think, so you get.  What you put your attention on, grows.


Put your attention on ill-health, and you will simply attract more of that to you. What goes round, comes around.


Who would want to do that? Attract ill-health? And why? And does worrying ever solve anything? It is wasted energy.


So why not focus on creating good-health, well-being and leading a happy life? Choose health, abundance, good relationships. CHOOSE.


By all means check things out with your doctor, inform yourself, and if things are heading in the wrong direction, take bold remedial action.


But in the meantime, be bold, enjoy life, enjoy health.








Helen Keller said, "Life is either a grand adventure or nothing." When we allow fear and criticism to stop us in our tracks, we give up that grand adventure. What a waste!