“We can easily manage if we will only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday’s burden over again today, and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.”
– John Newton

I often read, in various sources, that the greatest factor in ill health is stress

with about 70% to 90% of all illnesses originating from one’s state of mind and

emotions, rather than based on a virus of some kind. Accidents are discounted here.

Yet, in the past three years, when I have begun to present with multiple signs and

symptoms, and am living with enormous chronic stress, no doctor has ever

explored with me the nature of the stressors and how I presently manage them.

No one has discussed why my cortisol levels are so continuously high. Cortisol is

the primary hormone of the stress response. When cortisol is too low, you struggle

to get going. When cortisol is too high, you have trouble settling down.

So if we are to shift the health paradigm, we need, in part, to shift to focus on the relation between stress and illness and provide assistance with stress avoidance and stress management.

Stress-related illness

Prolonged (ie chronic) stress puts your body in a constant state of heightened alertness, a continuous state a readiness for battle, for physical action. When your body has no time to rest and re-establish a more balanced state, it becomes overworked and your immune system weakens, making you susceptible to sicknesses of many kinds. With high levels of stress, that is, with increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, many essential bodily processes are disrupted opening the gateway to myriad health problems.

Some common effects of stress (or rather, our way of dealing with it) include:


The tensions and anxieties connected with daily life in 2018 can be enormous. How you handle such stress can make the difference between your being a healthy person, or not. Over a prolonged period of time, stress can lead to chronic disorders mentioned above.

In dealing with stress, generally we have a number of ways:-

  1. We ignore it – and plough on, often because we feel we have to or indeed we do have to if family life is dependent upon our income

  2. We suppress or deny it – ie we know it is there, we know the damage it is doing, but we keep on shoving it down saying we’ll deal with it another day

  3. We take it into our own hands – perhaps make adjustments to work loads, change our priorities, cut back, delegate and so on but we still are not addressing the root cause

  4. We manage the stress -ie we know it is still there but we are managing it – we take up meditation, yoga, qi gong, go swimming, change our diet etc

And perhaps somewhere along the way we turn to medicine, and our doctor, or therapists such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists etc

But the average response from your medical practitioner is likely to be the prescriptions of stress-reducing, calming, drugs which, alas, may have many adverse side effects, which over a period of time can lead to other physical conditions eg feeling more depressed, feeling numb and dull, erectile dysfunction etc.


Now all of the above, in some measure, may help but it is only when you face the root cause in your particular situation and deal with that root cause that things will change.





Exploring the metaphysical causes of each disease or condition brought on by stress can help you understand more about reasons behind the ailments that you are suffering from in addition to the stress.

For example, stress, over time may lead to depression so by consulting the metaphysical causes and treatments of depression you will gain a deeper insight into what is going on not only in your life but in you.

Metaphysics goes beyond the concept of your body and deals with the subtle body involving psycho-spiritual constituents.

Thus, by exploring the metaphysical meaning of illness and disease, you can apply a holistic approach involving the mind, body and soul to help cure an underlying disease and whilst I would like to say in conjunction with the treatment suggested a qualified doctor, I ever found a doctor who could understand what I was doing or was about. But that in effect is the doctor denying part of the whole.

Metaphysically (ie spiritually) reducing stress is approached by bringing Spirit—or the Universal Self or the God portion of your psyche—into greater significance.

See all as energy. The body is an energy field. The mind is an energy field. The emotions are energy fields. And stress is an energy factor that disturbs those energy fields, shattering the balance of mental, physical, and emotional energies. A disturbance of the underlying energy field in the body will result in a physical disturbance, or, in other words, ill health.

Spirit is the first cause or first energy of the universe, underlying the existence of all other energies that comprise the material substance of all things, including the human body. All the energy fields of your body, mind, and emotions are dependent—for their very existence—on the first energy of all things…Spirit. In Spain they have a word called La Chispa, the spark, and I like to think of it as the spark that light the flame, or ignites your spirit.

By fully activating your Spirit throughout the body, mind, and emotions, by making Spirit bring its healing effect to the energies of the body, mind, and emotions, then all that has been shattered by stress, is returned to balance or to the energy rhythms and frequencies most responsive to regulating peace, serenity, calm, and a relaxed control over the energy fields of the body, mind, and emotions.

But how to do this, how activate the Spirit.

Please note, although the language here may sound religious, we are not talking of any religion per se. We are talking of Spirit.

By relying on Spirit, God, the Force, the first energy, call it what you will, call it Dude, call it Beryl, by relying on “It” the body, mind, and emotions can then effectively deal with stress to maintain or regain the inner peace necessary for health. With healing comes peace. With peace comes healing.  


Affirm that when you rely on The Dude, when you affirm that God (or whatever name you call this power greater than we mere mortals)  is handling the situation or condition, when you simply utter the words, “God help me” then you have ignited a force beyond your wildest imaginings. At the first sign that you are feeling stress, tension, or anxiety, immediately, dial up, make the call, make the connection. Keep affirming the connection (simply by thinking it and knowing it has happened) until you begin to feel more peaceful, calm, and in control. It may take anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes, or longer, depending on the degree or intensity of the stress you are experiencing.


Don’t wait or hesitate. Or doubt. Maybe even just keep repeating – “This too shall pass.”

Any affirmative words will invoke the Spirit, the natural higher healing intelligence within you, to activate energies within your body to deactivate the stress. The key is to affirm immediately during the very first moments you feel the stress. The longer you wait before dealing with stress, the more it flows through your body, ding damage and then the longer it takes for you to eliminate or deal with.

Your EGO is when you Edge God Out, but when you call on God and God’s On Duty, you are in effect saying “I can’t do this on my own so I am inviting in a higher natural intelligence.” You immediately take the pressure off your personal ego in dealing with the stress. In so doing, you remove the stress associated with your personal ego attempting to deal with whatever is causing you tension or anxiety. In other words your ego is your personal thinking brain and you cannot solve your problem with the very same brain (or state of brain) that created it.

You are now dealing with life with a higher level of consciousness.

Levels of consciousness

Think of you as a building with many floors or levels.

From each level, you look out on the world in a different way,

with a different level of consciousness.

We normally dwell on floors first and second, and create

problems at that level.

By going up to the penthouse suite, you look out on life in the

way of a wider perspective, life is calmer and rarefied, you don’t

hear or even see in detail the hurly burly of the lower levels of

consciousness. And the more you live at this higher level, the

more you connect with divine universal consciousness, the

natural healing intelligence, to Spirit.

If you or someone you know is suffering from stress, the first

line of defence should be to spiritually healing the stress by making that connection to Spirit.

The more you meditate, the more you clear the channel to connect with Spirit, the easier it is to connect or turn on the switch when you need to connect.


Research has shown us over the years that there is no doubt that the more you meditate, the more equipped you are to handle stress.

Each time you meditate, your mind more easily recalls what you feel like in meditation. Whenever you feel the first signs of stress, become quiet and attempt to feel or relive the peace and serenity you feel during a full meditation period. If you can take yourself off for a few moments, then close your eyes, begin to meditate.

If you are a regular meditator, the memory level of your mind will take over and replicate the energy that you have felt during previous deep meditation practices. That energy will work on the energy consciousness of your body to neutralize the stress you are feeling.

Meditation – A Daily Practice

Meditating daily keeps your body, mind, and soul open to receiving the tranquility and serenity that is Spirit’s Presence within you. As a result, you become more peaceful and are better able to handle stress, even at times when you are not actually meditating. When you meditate, the energy of God’s Presence which restores peace, moves within you throughout the energies of your body to sublimate stress-type energy into the peace of God’s energy. The world around you may still be filled with stress-inducing events but the world or state within you is always one with, the one of, God’s Peace.

As you go about your daily tasks, then if a stressful situation occurs, remind yourself that you have within you, thanks to the regular meditation, the peace-producing assurance that God (Spirit, Due, Beryl etc!) will handle it for you.

In effect you are getting yourself out of your own way and turning over your personal will to God’s Will for your life. God takes over, and it is God’s Presence that handles any stress-producing condition or situation as it occurs. If you have turned over your personal will to God’s Will for your life, trust that God will handle stress in your life, either by minimising it or eliminating it.

It is not my will, but by Thy Will. So call it Will if you like.

NB The above is different to medicine and the more conventional approaches to dealing with stress. It is an example of a metaphysical treatment.

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Approaches to stress (stress management)

Cognitive behavioural therapy


Meditation – see Headspace website for a practical App  

Medication eg anti depressants   

Mindfulness acceptance (relatively new in most places)   

Stress management   

Systematic de-sensitisation  

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