The Radical Healer - Key Teachings

This page gives an overview of some of the key teachings on this website.


They could serve as a checklist to assess which areas of life are successful for you and which could do with your attention.


How satisfied are you currently with how successful your life is?


Have you achieved everything you've always wanted in life?


If not, it's likely because you're settling for life s it is, maybe feeling a bit stuck, asking “Is this all there is?”


To achieve true success, you may need to learn how to move beyond where you are just now and avoid just getting the same old, same old.


This may include you:


  • Breaking bad habits that keep you always just doing the same things, not being successful as you would wish

  • Eliminating limiting beliefs you hold about yourself (including  negative self-talk).

  • Getting out of your comfort zone, creating challenge, following the “breadcrumbs” – the synchronicities and opportunities life puts in front of you

  • Having a clear vision and goals for you and your life

  • Overcoming negative emotions, nurturing positive thoughts and emotions

  • Releasing, and disassociating yourself from negative people.


The best way to get past these hurdles is by taking consistent action over time.


But don’t take on too much, too soon. Sort things out in chunks.


Exercise for you


First off, make sure you are serious about improving your life, committed to taking action, and radical, bold action if necessary.


Now choose one area of your life that is not as it should or could be. (You’ll get plenty ideas further down this page though by now, chances are, a key area has already come to mind eg health, a dysfunctional relationship your finances, the way you earn, self-development, living spiritually etc.)


Commit, too, to taking your first steps on your chosen area immediately after you’ve read this page. Don’t get diverted by doing too much research at this stage.


Spend a little time figuring out why you have settled for “second best” – for the routine, what has become normal and comfortable. This is not to blame. It is facing up to how you live. Settling can be things like putting up with a relationship that just isn’t function, or the fact you’ve gained weight and you are not doing anything about it, or maybe being too sedentary at work.


What bad or limiting habits are running your life that you could change? Using takeaways instead of coking fresh food.


What’s your comfort zone? What do you do regularly just because it’s comfortable, easy, but not necessarily productive or successful.


Be willing to push through any fears that arise. Confront negative emotions and deal with them. You’ll find plenty of guidance on this website.


Identify your limiting beliefs eg I can’t, I don’t deserve …., I’m not good enough, smart enough, likeable enough etc and deal with them. Again, you’ll find guidance on the website.


Revisit that area of life that isn’t quite working. Now get clarity – how would you prefer it to be? Take time to write out in detail a clear vision – what would new successful outcomes be, what would you be doing differently, how would yu have to be differently? Be specific – vague creates vague!


Get a good support network around you to cheer you on. Family and friends are not always the best at doing this and are more likely to be ultra critical.


Build and maintain a possible self-image, a “can-do” mentality


Become informed. Get the knowledge you need. If you don’t know how to do something, chance are, at the very least, there will be an instructional video on YouTube.