The Radical Healer - a call to the rebel within

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


– Attributed to Edmund Burke



Throughout this website you will read commendations to be honest, to come out of hiding, to stand up and be

counted, to be radical, to be an advocate, to make bold decisions and actions.


If we want to change any aspect of our thoughts, feelings or behaviour, of our lives, of society or the world, we must

first be aware of how we are now, how things are now, and accept that this is the case. This doesn’t mean liking the

way we or things are but simply being honest with ourselves. You start from where you are at. You need to face it,

embrace it, before you can replace it. You don't blame - as that is a waste of  your resources and energy.


But many of us race around, too busy to notice the signs that say, “Stop, change is needed.”


Many of us who do notice, can be personally resourceful to know what and how to change; but many are unable. They don’t know how to change or how to learn how to change. But usually they are at least open, and that in itself is a good place to be open to knowing, to be open to be willing to have things change, to then being the change you seek.

Too lazy to take action


Then there are others, who are aware of the need to change  but are just too lazy to be bothered playing their part. Laziness is one of the main impediments to creating good health, to personal and spiritual growth, to influencing societal change. For many, it’s easier to live the status quo or leave things to others. And in some areas of life, especially health, more of us are lazier than we care to admit. But if you let laziness defeat you, it will only lead to emptiness, poor health, a poor lifestyle,  lack of meaning and fulfilment, and regret.


Whether you like to hear it or not, some of our most trying difficulties are caused by plain old laziness and inertia. These show themselves in our not wanting to move, not wanting to act, to be “content” with the status quo. And those inactions all begin with thoughts which in effect are excuses eg


What difference can little old me make? (One rogue cancer cell can bring your body down. One commitment to do what it takes to create health builds your body up.)

I don't have time! Oh puleeze. We all have 525600 minutes in a year and you can't afford 2 to add your weight to an on-line petition or 60 minutes to craft a letter of complaint to your MP, MSP, or head of an NHS authority?

What’s the point of doing anything? (There’s every point. Everything you do will either take you from good – whatever that is in your case – or toward it.) Why complain if you won't complain?

Why bother complaining? (Yet continuing to moan. Your feedback to someone or an organisation could make a positive difference.)

Ach (a good old Scottish expression) Ach, ah cannae be bothered. (And that’s a point, we simply can’t be bothered. And as you think, so you get.)

Och, what does it matter? (It matters very much – if we all said that, we would dissolve, not evolve. If your health does not matter and you ignore symptoms, you allow things to worsen. If you say your negative beliefs don’t  matter and then complain about your life, it matters very much that for thins to change, it has to begin with you, with your thoughts and beliefs.)

No one will listen. (We cannot know that – for sure. Few of us are gifted mind-readers. Most of the time we assume we know. But ask yourself The Four Questions in The Work by Byron Katie -

1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without the thought? )


All the above excuses are like stones just lying on the road. Well, it may be alright for a stone to just lay there; that is its role in life. But, really, is it all right for you and me to just lie down and allow ourselves to be trodden or driven over, saying, “What does it matter?” whilst the cracks and holes in the road get bigger or some road worker comes along and covers us over with another layer of tar?


If a situation is wrong, unhealthy, out-of-balance, don’t we owe it, if not to the greater good then to ourselves, to play our part in having it rectified? Notice the wording– playing our part! This is not about you having to fix it entirely on your own or have an answer let alone the answers; it is playing your part, whatever that may be but it starts with being curious enough to putting some energy into asking what is wrong, what outcome is needed, maybe how we can get it fixed.


When Mahatma Gandhi, at the peak of his political activity, was asked in a British court what his profession was, he said, “Resister.” In any wrong situation, he just could not keep quiet; he had to resist, nonviolently but very effectively, until the situation was set right.

Be bold - be radical


So, the message on this site is clear – you may need to resist (ie not put up with the way things are, when things are plain wrong) to play the role of Radical Healer, and that means


1. Being aware of what is not working, out of balance, wrong, unjust, ineffective etc

2. Informing yourself of what needs to happen, of a needed better outcome

3. Being prepared to take radical bold action


In practice that means


Being aware of signs and symptoms – they may be personal, on your body, in your life, or they may be broader and to do with what’s going wrong in the world – at least in your experience

Educating and informing yourself as to what changes are needed and in some cases how they can be brought about, and what within you needs to change, for all change begins within you and it may be ridding yourself of inertia

Committing to action – and often little tweaks here and there will not work, often it is only radical bold and often very different action that is needed

Being an advocate can be called for – for self or others


4. Count your blessings – the gifts and talents you have been given to play your part

5. Honour and celebrate the contributions of others, express gratitude

6. Celebrate your own successes, the joy you feel when things work out

7. Honour the Divine flowing through all life