The Radical Healer's House

"There is an Indian Belief that everyone is in a house of four rooms: A physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete."


Rumer Godden (House of Four Rooms)


Perhaps when we are younger we mostly live in the physical room, the room of

appearances and having things. As we grow older and experience life, and find

ourselves reacting to relationships and life, our emotions really come to the fore

to be examined. We realise too that our emotions have their origins in what and

how we think, the beliefs we formed at an early age, so visits to the mental room

become necessary. Why do I believe that things have to be perfect, that I don’t

deserve, that I always have to put others first? (Mental) How do such beliefs

impact on me and how do I feel about that? (Emotional)


There is a connection between the four rooms all the time, even if we are unaware

of it, or deny certain rooms exist.


In time, some of us will begin to realise a deeper meaning and purpose to life, a calling

to live a different more aware lifestyle, to look at things differently from perhaps a

religious or spiritual perspective. We may take on the study of A Course in Miracles,

or explore metaphysics and the metaphysical cause of illness. And so time spent in the

spiritual room will be needed, but again we shall need to explore our beliefs and thoughts,

our emotions, and perhaps even the deeper root cause of any physical illnesses or physical

negative circumstances we have acquired.


Is there any one room you avoid and if so why? Are you aware of how that leaves you

with a feeling of lack of completeness or fulfilment? And what you resist, persists.


Imagine you are in deep water, a swimming pool or the sea and you are trying to hold

down a large, air-filled ball. And it takes some stress to hold it down. And over time,

you become so exhausted pushing it down that suddenly it just has to rise to the surface.

Our denied room can be just like that. When we least expect it, it beckons for the stress to

go and for you to just allow it to naturally be there.


What we eat (the physical) affects our moods (the emotional) which in turn will affect our thoughts and beliefs (the mental) – or we may think (mental) or believe (mental) that we can eat or drink anything we wish and it is doing no harm. Overtime we feel out of sorts (emotional), our mood is regularly low (emotional) and we notice in particular that it is regularly low when we eat a certain kind of food (emotional and physical). The quality of our life suffers (spiritual)  and so we research, we inform ourselves and develop new approaches to eating (beliefs have changed, we life from a more spiritual dimension.)  However we look at it, we need regularly to be visiting all four rooms.

S o u l

There are many ways of defining "soul."

I choose to keep things simple.

My house has rooms for different functions - bodily ones, for thinking and feeling, and I see the spirit as the Divine energy, the spark that ignites every part of my being, lights up and energises all the rooms.

My soul is the part of me that is eternal and exists long after the need for the house and physical processes have gone. It permeates the whole house and extends beyond it, merging with the One energy of other souls.